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11 Offbeat Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during winters. Nature-loving people often visit Hill stations, one of the most favorite and crowded hill stations in Himachal Pradesh for many travelers and adventurers. The Winter season is the Ideal travel time for snow lovers, especially since the place becomes a romantic aboard for honeymooners and couples.  

The season of wintry weather starts in Himachal Pradesh in the month of November and lasts until March. Experiencing snowfall, the state gets covered with a thick blanket of snow at some point of this season, making it a super tour vacation spot for snow fans. October is the month that first begins to look the dip inside the temperature, and by using December and January, the nation develops into the place from the film Narnia. The temperature keeps on varying, between 0°C and 13°C in Himachal Pradesh. At excessive altitude places, the temperature drops below zero°C, and roads to popular vacation destinations get closed due to heavy snowstorms.

Let’s Brush up our knowledge with some of the less known and offbeat locations.

01 Malana in 11 Offbeat Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during winters.

Malana is one of India’s most beautiful and historical religious Villages, rich with tradition and culture. The unique facts about this offbeat place are that the great Alexander’s descendants were direct or considered his person. The village tends to follow the greek management system and culture, which is unique in its way and has sets of administrative laws. There are many unknown beautiful stories about this place that you will come to know once you visit this place. There is a temple of Jamuna Devta situated in this place.

02 Pabbar Valley in 11 Offbeat Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during winters.

The Valley is a Combination of nature and scenic beauty; it offers a beautiful and fresh atmosphere for everyone to walk their way. The Pabbar Valley is wide enough, which allows you to pass through small villages that are relatively quiet and untouched. British Viceroy is the main attraction of the Valley who had camped and recovered here, it’s beautiful habitat fruits orchard, and sharp brooch Are some of the attractions for the tourist. The police include outdoor activities, including rafting and paragliding, and there are several activities one can enjoy, like camping and walking. People can enjoy Tracking some new routes in India and experiencing the unexpected beauty of the Himalayas, green forest of oak and cedar lushed. You can also enjoy their unrivaled beauty and vast expanses of Apple orchards And many other adventure sports like skiing and also to explore the natural parks that give you a taste of urgent nature and reserved Forest. If you really want to try to do something different, then you must visit Pabbar Valley for once. Chandernahan Trek and Saru Trek are The most attractive points of the Valley.

03 Khajjiar in 11 Offbeat Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during winters.

Also popularly known as India’s Switzerland, it is famous for its aura and landscape. This winter, while visiting the best Place in Himachal and experience the unique snowfall. This is a place full of temples historical places like golden Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Manu Temple, Sankatmochan Temple, Trek on Rohtang Pass, Jhaku Temple, and many others. The main tourist attraction is Khajjiar Lake, which allows you to smell some Deodar trees in the small meadows, experience the unrivaled beauty of the lake.

04 Solang Valley in 11 Offbeat Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during winters.

This one is for the people who are adventure lovers as well as Snow lovers; Solang Valley is a popular destination for skiing as tourist get many things to do here, including horse riding, paragliding mini-open jeeps; this place provides an alluring aura for any age group of tourist. One can also go jogging as the snow melts or skiing on the snow-covered Solang Valley. Nehru Kund, Hidimba Temple, Manu Temple Vishisht temple are some of the tourist places to indulge in.

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