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12 Best Reasons Why People Decide to Start A Blog

12 Best Reasons Why People Decide to Start A Blog


Blogs are one of the most vital genres of the internet. It has become an essential part of many people’s lives today. Blogging was first introduced in 1994 with the purpose of letting individuals share their personal experiences online. As time went by, it has evolved from just being about an individual’s personal experiences to professional goals. Whether some want to share their personal advice or learn something new, there is numerous piece of writings there all over the web.

Today, blogging has become a means of publicity to promote brands and businesses.  More and more people are choosing to start writing these days. Let’s have a look at some common reasons why people are deciding to start blogging in 2021.

Main Reasons Why People Start Blogging

1. Interest/Hobby In Writing


This is the most common reason why people start this journey. There are so many people who love to write for themselves. Writing with pen and paper is now replaced by online blogs. Most people do this as it is an excellent way to share their passion. 

When you write about something you are passionate about, it opens the door to connecting with those around the globe who s have the same passions just like you. It does not matter which genre you write in, but if you are someone who likes to write then you should definitely start blogging

2. To Share Their Knowledge

Many people who have a good amount of know start writing these to share thor knowledge with others. Every single individual on this planet has got knowledge based on their experiences in life. Without knowledge, no one can succeed in life.

Through blogging, they will not only teach others but will also teach themselves more about the topic. No matter how much you know about the topic when you will start blogging, you will always get to learn a lot.

3. For Making Money Online


I’m sure this is the point why most of you are reading this article. Well, who doesn’t want to earn money? To my knowledge, there are none. There are many people who write for money.

There are some very popular bloggers who are earning a whole lot more than the typical 9-5 job. You cannot directly earn money by blogging, it takes time to set up, but you should have the potential to build up into a respectable collective income stream. Though I would recommend you to properly plan your writing to earn money out of it. 

4. Building their brand

Since they are spread all over the internet consumers, a lot of companies write to advertise their brands and products. Writing a blog regularly about the brand not only increases the sales of their products but also used to show current offers, display its features and reviews of their products.

Blogging not only helps them to create a brand name for themselves but also result in more sales of their products. 

5. To Connect With People Having Similar Mindset

People like to connect with like-minded people and blogging websites provide an excellent platform for them. When someone writes a piece of writing on a specific topic, the person pours out his thoughts in the form of texts then he/she can connect with like-minded readers through that blog.

Writing blogs allows them to expand their social circle, giving them a good chance to forge new relationships.

6. Networking

It is an excellent way of connecting with new people digitally throughout the globe. Being a blogger also benefits their social network since it is one of the best ways to connect with like-minded people. 

You can also find new people sharing your view and having different opinions through this.  If you are a person who is really into social networking then it can really help you in that.

7. Popularity and Prestige

The blogging industry has provided the world with some of the world-famous authors and website owners who earn millions. Some people start this journey to be successful and famous just as famous ones. They try to follow their footsteps believing that one day they’ll be famous too. 

There is no harm in following some famous bloggers but you should also understand that successful bloggers are writing because of their passion and not hunger for popularity. If you are a truly passionate writer and want to start writing then there are many famous bloggers out there from whom you can get inspired.

8. To Get their Voice Heard

There are millions of people who view blogs daily. With such an immensely high reader base, people can write their thoughts and opinions regarding a particular event or affair. Many blogs are issue-based, meaning these writings are specifically meant to provide a solid opinion and influence people’s thinking in a certain direction.

By writing these, you will also be able to know other people’s perception and also know who is right is who is wrong. You may even find people who are just like you. Therefore, you won’t be feeling oppressive and confined anymore.

9. Helping Other People


Yes, there are many people who write a blog to help others. Since they are well educated on a topic, they don’t just keep that knowledge to themselves rather share it with everyone through these writings. There are even some of them to help people going through some difficult moments of their lives or some certain sad phase. Such kind of blogs works as a therapy for many people, making them feel that they are not alone.

It has the power to educate, comfort, save other people time, money and mental health. Helping other human beings is one of the best privileges of this profession.  

10. To Express Their Creativity And Talent


It has provided innovative and talented people from all across the globe a wonderful opportunity to show their talent to the entire world. This not only allows them to share their ideas and get their work admired by the audience but also uplift their confidence. Also, it kills the fear of the idea’s acceptance.

It is the best available option to satisfy your creative thoughts and idea since none other than you can express yourself. By writing these, you make sure that your talent is getting the right platform. 

11. To Create A Record

Just like a diary, it can also be used to create a permanent record of all your activities and experiences. Though, the only difference is the blogs are digital records whereas diaries are physical. 

By writing and publishing open records one can make it as a document for tomorrow and can use it for personal use or for professional use hence, one can refer to it when needed in future.

12. To Gain More Knowledge

No matter how much knowledge a person has for a particular topic when they start to blog, there is always more to learn. Keeping their writing updated with fresh data is the best way to master any particular topic or domain. People will always be researching more things to share with others and hence this results in strengthening their knowledge.

By writing blogs, you can not only take pride in the knowledge which you’ve gathered but also can use it in money-making opportunities like conducting seminars, teachings and conferences.


The reason why you want to start blogging is totally your call. There are multiple benefits of this profession than just making money. Many good reasons why most people start blogging is listed above. 

It has become a fundamental part of many people’s lives nowadays. So, if one of the reasons form above matches your intension then definitely, you should give it a try. 


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