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7 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Your Smartwatch

If somebody would have said to you almost 20 years back, there will be another big thing that will ultimately own the market to be a smartwatch. Unfortunately, nobody would have believed in you, but now when you look over the market, you can experience possibilities from impossibilities as it was there a few decades back. As human beings, you already admired watches much more than anything; that’s why we see so many luxurious brands are there only for watches when we see them now.

But the modern era of science, especially the boost up of contemporary physics, almost changed everything in terms of technology. It is pretty much soothing to see a small smartwatch is now more important than having a PC or any desktop computer. So you need to understand everything about intelligent watches if you are so concerned about it. Before going further, you need to understand everything from head to toe about watches because half knowledge is always dangerous, OK now, we proceed further.

What Is A Smartwatch?


A smartwatch is a digital clock, which offers a wide variety of added features. Examples include tracking your heart rate, monitoring your movement, and providing updates during the day. Like a smartphone, a smartwatch has a touchscreen display that helps you to perform acts by clicking or wiping on the device.

In addition to telling time, several smartwatches are Bluetooth-enabled. The watch becomes, in essence, a Bluetooth wireless adapter capable of expanding the functionality of the smartphone holder to the watch. In such situations, the user may use the watch app to trigger and answer phone calls from their cell phone, read emails and text messages, get a weather forecast, listen to music, dictate emails or text messages, or ask a digital assistant a question.

Modern smartwatches have several applications, equivalent to mobile and tablet apps. These apps have additional functions, such as displaying weather information, listing stock values, and displaying maps and directions. Most smartwatches can be used to make calls, send, and receive messages.

What Does A Smartwatch Do?

As you know that a smartwatch is a smarter version of a normal watch. It was more number of interesting features embedded in it. They have a standard number of features that will bring all your daily works to your wrist. Just a click, and your work will be done.

Inbuilt Applications

The smartwatch is almost as amazing as the applications it serves. The habitats of the software differ and are connected to either Apple or Google ecosystems. Smartwatches with a dedicated purpose, such as hiking or swimming, typically help applications that need to be used for that purpose without the ability to include other forms of apps.

Answer Your Message Via Your Voice

Modern smartwatches running both the watchOS and the Wear OS operating systems allow voice dictation.

Excellent Battery Life

Modern smartwatch batteries feature you all day long, with regular usage and some energy left to go. Battery use varies; the Apple Watch normally requires 18 hours of daily use at a single charge, while the Pebble takes two to three days.

Handling Notifications

Smartphones display alerts to alert you to crucial events or activities. The types of alerts vary; devices attached to mobile can literally replicate the phone’s updates on your hand, but some smartwatches show notifications that only the wearable might offer. E.g., the current Apple Watch has a fall sensor. If you slip when you’re wearing the device, the watch can feel the next movement; if it doesn’t notice some, it will send a sequence of escalating alerts. Failed to respond to the message, and the watch will presume that you are wounded and warn the authorities on your behalf.

Tracking Your Fitness

If you’re a hard-core runner, a dedicated workout tracker is definitely a better option than a smartwatch. Even many smartwatches feature a heart rate sensor and a pedometer to help you chart your workouts.

Market Growth Of Smartwatches

Smartwatches tend to have reached a steep growth curve at the end of the 2010s in terms of global consumer penetration. Statista figures indicate that sales increased from 5 million units worldwide in 2014 to an estimated 141 million in 2018. Apple’s market share grew from 13 percent to 17 percent from the second fiscal quarter of 2017 to the same time of 2018; Apple had a year-over-year increase of more than 38 percent for its Apple Watch Series 3—despite the fact that the Series 4, a big update, was already on the horizon. During the same time, specialist vendors like Garmin saw a 4.1 percent rise in year-over-year growth, while fitness tracker-only vendors like Fitbit saw a nearly 22 percent decline in the industry.

Conventional Watch VS Smartwatch

Smartwatches are very handy; they have far more features than a conventional watch. Traditional watches are complex, elegant, luxurious, and true craftsmanship. Many well-known firms that have produced outstanding premium watches have integrated smart features into conventional watches.

We’ll discuss the difference between conventional watches and smartwatches considering some aspects.

Manufacturing Material

The best quality materials consisting of sapphire stone, titanium body, and leather are used in conventional watch brands. Like jewelry, traditional quartz or automatic watches are rare and durable. You’re never going to get bored with the simplicity of your dial or the overall aesthetics. On the other hand, smartwatches come with low-cost material, mostly made of stainless steel, and plastic bodies made of mineral or gorilla glass.

Battery Life

The biggest downside of a smartwatch is its battery life, which is improving but currently lasts for a couple of days. Quite often, you’ll be charging smartwatches much like your mobile. Traditional watches based on quartz movement can run anywhere from 1 to 3 years on a single battery. In contrast, traditional watches do not need any battery since they are powered by kinetic energy transmitted to the watch’s movement system by the movement of the wearer’s hand.


Both kinds of watches display the time and date. Smartwatches offer more features than conventional watches; they can show you updates from your favorite media networks, they can show you who’s calling, who’s sending you a message or text. You can also be reminded of missed calls, tweets, and texts. It also provides fitness and wellness features based on the watch you purchase. A smartwatch will track and record your heart rates, count the steps you’ve taken, and inform you how many calories you’ve consumed today. You can monitor the music from the watch or even store the music from the watch itself.

Traditional watches don’t have these features; they tell you the time and the date. Certain watches have more complexities; sophistication implies functions like the moon phase, the eternal calendar, the chronograph, the meter of relaxation, and a few more. These watches do not have any electronic components. They are powered by hundreds of tiny bits working together in synchronization.

Best Android Smartwatch

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the all about best smartwatches you can purchase for Android. It’s not the nicest thing, nor does it have the greatest battery life. But the excellent revolving bezel is a fun and powerful spinning interface for applications and alerts, and Samsung’s Tizen operating system is also simpler and smarter than Google’s own Wear OS.

It also contains wellness and fitness sensors. It does all the normal stuff, including heart rate, ECG, and sleep tracking, and has the hottest additions this year, SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation level) and VO2 max (oxygen consumption during exercise). Put on water resistance to 5ATM and have a massive library of home fitness videos, and it’s hard to beat. Too bad the battery doesn’t work for longer than a day.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the Best Budget Android Smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a decent choice if you enjoy the thought of rotating bezel to power your watch and do not want to waste your kid’s college money on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This is a powerful, intelligent, and well-appointed watch priced in the middle of the pack somewhere. It has a heart rate monitor and ECG and max VO2 monitors; it is water-resistant and has a range of exercise capabilities, such as automatic workout detection. This is the one to choose if you don’t want to choose a certain style or set of functions. A watch that does a lot of things very well.

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3. TicWatch Pro 3


TicWatch Pro 3 is the Best Battery Life Android Smartwatch. Probably never heard of TicWatch Pro 3 in Mobvoi if you don’t closely follow the smartwatch market. However, it’s a shame not considering this watch, because in a smart wave, like very generous battery life, it has all the necessities you hope. You can use it for up to three days, then in the extended mode for up to 45 days, which disables the non-essential.

However, not everyone is about the battery. The huge OLED panel is vibrant and bright and contains a cardiovascular monitor and an SPO2 sensor. It is also waterproof (capable of monitoring swimming training) and has a range of personalized health and workout applications to support the many functions of the Wear OS.

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4. Moto 360 (3rd Generation)


Moto 360 (3rd Generation) is the Most Stylish Smartwatch. We’ve been fans of Motorola’s Moto 360 since the very first generation when round watch faces were still very uncommon in smartwatches. The new third-generation is getting away with the irritating notch at the bottom of the frame, but now you’re getting a perfectly round and smooth view. The entire set—including the trendy bezel and leather strap—means that the watch doesn’t look like a smartwatch. It just looks like a watch. (The watch comes with an easy-to-use silicone strap and a more refined leather strap.)

It’s not about a nice look, though. The battery can be fully charged in around an hour, and the Wear OS has all the applications you can need, like Google Pay for mobile payments. You’ll also have the normal wellness features, including a heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring.

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5. Honor Magic Watch 2


Honor Magic Watch 2 is the Best Smartwatch for Runners. Honor is Huawei’s halo brand (like the way Lexus acts as Toyota’s premium line), and its phones have seen some problems in the US lately. That may be why Huawei leans on smartwatches like Magic Watch 2—and, if so, no complaints from us. This watch loads many features into a really affordable case that comes in at half the price of a model like the Galaxy Watch 3.

Given the low price, it has outstanding exercise programs that can be navigated using a second, dedicated crown, along with a stunning, brighter-than-average monitor with a rich color thanks to AMOLED. You get many exercise modes, particularly for running, and the watch monitors a wide variety of stats. It’s all going on for almost two weeks at a time before it wants a fee.

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Best Smartwatches For iPhone

1. Apple Watch SE


The Apple Watch SE is the latest, cheaper iteration of the Apple Watch, and you still don’t miss out on a lot by investing less. There’s no always-on show that’s a shame, so it’s still business as usual.

The efficiency is quicker and much superior to that of the Apple Watch 4 and earlier. You also have robust tracking features, including heart rate control, sleep tracking, and GPS, as well as the regular fitness equipment. It’s usually quite reliable, but not the same as dedicated workout equipment like the Garmin series.

Still, as an enticing mix of good looks, good features, and a high price, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Watch SE.

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2.  Apple Watch 6


The Apple Watch 6 is Apple’s new gadget, and while the SE is relatively cheap, the Apple Watch 6 is the top model of the brand, if you can reach that far.

Although this isn’t a major update to Apple Watch 5, it does have some useful new features and upgrades, such as blood oxygen tracking, better battery life and screen, and an updated chipset.

It’s now available in some different colors and is the first Apple Watch to ship sleep monitoring – though this feature is now available in older versions as well. It’s not maybe the most thrilling update of the moment, but it’s one of the best smartwatches for the iPhone and one of the best smartwatches in history.

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3. Apple Watch 5


The Apple Watch 5 is the third best Apple Watch, but it’s getting close. While it’s been replaced now, it’s still not a cheap choice. The big upgrade here relative to the previous models is still on show. This doesn’t sap your battery life as much as you would think the watch would dim its screen and send you updates on your wrist at all times, rather than having to lift it and wake it up to see your stats.

And although it ships with WatchOS 6, it can now be upgraded to watchOS 7, so the program is completely new even though the hardware is no longer usable.

If you own Apple Watch 4, there’s not much incentive to update here, so if you own an older Apple Watch or try to get your first smartwatch, this could be a decent choice for you.

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7 Things You Need To Know About Your Smartwatch

So here are some aspects of a smartwatch which you need to understand-

1. Connectivity with the internet and Bluetooth


Almost one decade back, we didn’t have that much fluent technology for our mobile phones to provide with good connectivity. Still, here we are now, with the capability of providing you with the connectivity of the internet and Bluetooth in your smartwatch, from which you can connect any smart device through Bluetooth. That would be pretty good if a smartwatch like a tiny device has. 

2. Compatibility along with your phone 


It means that your smartwatch will be compatible with your phone. You just have to pair your smartwatch through Bluetooth with your phone, and after that, you can manage almost every kind of notification related to any application. If you are a morning walker, then you surely will like this feature because it is good to go with a tiny device that is easily portable with your wrist.

3. Display of your watch 


Yeah, it is quite unfair with a watch if you have expectations of FHD+ display, so in terms of display, you have to deal with an LCD or an AMOLED display, which will be much more than enough for your smartwatch. It’s quite good because servicing the FHD display is quite too much; that’s why having an LCD with a smartwatch is extremely efficient as per your need.

4. Touch and buttons 


I will say it is only up to you, what kind of keypad you want, if you want a touchpad that is also good and if you want a conventional touchpad (keyboard) that will also be quite useful per the need of your smartwatch. You will face one discomfort with buttons that will be you won’t be able to experience top-quality security as the touchpad has, which is known as finger sensor lock.

5. Features of smartwatches 


Smartwatches provide a good amount of features but not like mobile phones because smartwatches do not contain any big microprocessor still you will get a rotating camera, anti-lost function, fitness tracker along with calendar and calculator. So yeah these are the things which you will get but don’t expect a lot from the smartwatch because whatever it is doing is already way too much. Because if you will be having too many features then at one stage it will be so complicated for you to handle your smartwatch as it will be having so many bugs and glitches.

6. Battery life 


Yeah, it is pretty much obvious that you need to be on the repetitive mode in terms of charging your smartwatch because continuous use of it will require a good amount of battery life. Battery life varies from model to model as some companies claim the duration. But it is quite good for limited use; it will be working with all its power when you do any physical exercise. Battery backup will be there for 5 to 6 hours if you are using it continuously.

7. Fit for your wrist 


This is the most important part for you because if a smartwatch will not fit in your hand, then there is no point in buying it, so you should be keen and clear about the model and the watch you are buying. You will be provided with some models while choosing your smartwatch, so you shouldn’t be worried because if your watch is not fitting in your wrist, it can be made up again as per your wrist’s size.


In the end, I will only say that it is the most wonderful technology with some basic features which you use in your daily life. That’s why smartwatches always remain in demand and somewhat own the market after mobile phones. So, what do you think? We’ve touched on what smartwatches and connected watches can generally do, but take note that not all models come with all functions. If there is a particular function you’re interested in, be sure to check whether the model you want has that function before making your purchase.

Even when choosing between the touchscreen and analog types, think first about the situations you’re going to use it in and your points of consideration before deciding.


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