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Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

When issues develop on the project side, the account manager must identify and handle the process before the customer does. The accounts manager performs this task when he is cool, safe, and serene. Here are some suggestions about what makes a good account manager.

What Qualifies as a Good Account Manager?

1. Well-versed

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

A knowledgeable account manager would be aware of the organization’s goals and priorities. Only an experienced account manager can recognize and capitalize on actual value.

The accounts manager is familiar with the company and the product and service. The individual also learns about the industry’s rivalry and the battle’s strengths, flaws, and weaknesses.

They will also study and understand how to compete in the competition by articulating distinctive values.

2. Focused on customer relationships

A good and effective accounts manager values customer relationships. Clients must first trust the account manager to have an interest in their hearts. The client relationship must be developed and extended to the point where the client is valued.

The major aspects that contribute to an account manager’s performance are the company’s prices and business terms and the ability to maintain consistent quality at times. Although trust is the most important component in keeping customers loyal to a firm, competitors may offer a lower price.

3. Being an effective communicator

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

Effective communication is critical in developing relationships, giving presentations, communicating with others by email and phone, and writing informative reports.

A good communicator can effortlessly describe products and services to clients in a persuasive but non-compelling manner.

4. Results-oriented thinking

An accounts manager might be forceful, but he should always maintain sight of the organization’s aims and intentions when generating results.

The accounts manager maintains profitable accounts by knowing the clients’ demands, establishing flawless relationships, generating trust, and more.

With all this, the individual must also monitor sales activities and hunt for new ways to sell items and services. Account managers utilize a client retention strategy and participate in the creation of recommendations from current clients.

5. Having an impeccable business judgment

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

The accounts manager must also have a business understanding. There may be business trends and developments that occur in the industry that the individual must be aware of.

Account managers are the ones who seize new growth ideas and seize those possibilities. They can also weigh the pros and disadvantages and maintain a balance of data and decisions because they have the most expertise and can make the best decisions.

Good Account Manager Qualities

1. The investigational questions

Before selling something to a client, a skilled account manager must diagnose it. However, many account managers lack confidence while pretending to be confident. They work and try to replicate earlier projects without examining them. They also need to inquire about their clients.

Account managers must ask questions that facilitate their sales sessions. When they go in for an added solution or sales, they will be well-versed in the aspects of selling and what to advertise.

They can identify characteristics of earlier projects and apply them to current clients. They also understand who makes decisions on the client’s behalf and what transpires within them.

2. Excessive communication

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

Communication with a client is mostly done through emails and phone calls; there are just a few cases where the client and management need to meet. To compensate for the lack of face-to-face interactions, the account manager recognizes the significance and communicates with the client frequently.

As a result, the client is content and confident that everything is under control. As a result, the account manager contacts the production team. Even if they are not in the appropriate location or are delivered late, the account manager will be able to address the situation.

3. Industry insiders

In the industry, there is no replacement for competence. You are obviously aware of the industry and what is going on if you are over-communicating and challenging the account manager. An account manager should read news sites such as PSFK, Mashable, and other industry blogs to stay current.

Perfect accounts managers do not do the same things and read the same things as other managers; they have their manner of expanding their industry expertise.

They obtain information from sources other than the routine and share their knowledge with coworkers. To keep an eye out for specific traces in the business, they use Google alerts to gain sources that others are following.

4. Being overly prepared

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

Every account manager prepares for a pre-meeting. Account managers can assemble for a pre-meeting with the customer and production team before a large meeting or presentation.

Pre-meetings are required parts of the industry to establish successful project meetings. The accounts manager provides the meeting agenda and runs over if there are any issues or questions at the pre-meeting. There are certain advantages to doing things this way.

• Everyone was present for the pre-meetings; • Everyone boosted the accounts manager’s confidence; and • There were no surprises or shocks in the meeting.

Account managers are proactive, well-prepared, and show respect for everyone.

5. They have a high EQ

Account managers are fantastic at ego management; it’s fun to go around and handle things with them. They remember the client’s birthday and make the production team happy by purchasing beverages for them. They can handle situations where they are part of an inescapable million-dollar team with senior executives at the meeting.

When they find themselves outgunned politically, they use project management skills and emotional awareness techniques to keep moving forward. They understand when to take a step forward and take a step back.

6. They help their team

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

An accounts manager is knowledgeable, interested, and capable. They recognize that they are juggling two relationships and comprehend the predicament of the clients and the production team.

A skilled accounts manager understands when to push and back down the production team. They are aware that the agency team remains the same despite adding new clients and tasks.

Account Manager Must-Have Qualities

1. Management

Being visionary is a vital asset for the account manager; he should be someone who assists others and is amazed by what happens. The accounts manager must be able to maneuver on the client’s side and confront them respectfully.

They are the ones who are at ease with pressure. They can deal with stressful things. They also respect the team at times so that the team can work ahead of schedule for the management.

2. A thirst for knowledge

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

A good accounts manager understands the fundamental changes that occur in the workplace. As a result, they are prepared for any training and development program.

They are the ones that never stop learning, and the fact that others admire them reflects their ongoing desire to improve their knowledge and liabilities. They are the ones who look for opportunities to excel in areas that they believe are essential.

3. Business knowledge

A professional accounting manager seeks the best business management for their clients and also aids the client in company management. They understand that business is a win-win situation for both parties.

4. Organizational skills

An account manager must be well-organized to ensure services are delivered on schedule and without delay. They should be capable of properly managing them. They must be aware of task prioritization and the ability to rearrange aspects as needed.

5. Being an outstanding presenter and negotiator

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

The first responsibility of any accounts manager is to secure the contract. The accounts manager would pitch the clients and close the contract when possible. The accounts manager must also be able to negotiate contracts and steer the company to success.

6. Relationship expertise

The accounts manager must be able to read people and connect with them in meaningful ways. The relationship is the link that connects all success. The account manager understands when to take the lead in the relationship and when to let others take the lead.

Their main goal would be to create a network of many relationships between the clients’ individuals and the corporation. The wider the relationship web, the greater the partnership.

7. Having a working system

The workflow structure that an account manager adheres to is the fundamental criterion for any good account manager. They should have a system that plans how things will be completed. The system should make it apparent what has to be completed, where it needs to be met, and by whom it needs to be completed.

8. Listening more than speaking

Listening is a crucial talent that any account manager should have. The manager should make it a habit to listen to the entire session before speaking. When speaking with a client, listening to the client is critical.

Account managers learn by listening to what their clients want to achieve. Similarly, a vendor relationship necessitates listening to their thoughts and comments.

9. Holding someone responsible

Traits to Consider when Hiring an Account Manager

Accountability is seen as a crucial feature in both business and personal life. Retaining employees accountable for specific components is especially vital in the marketing environment.

There may be times when you need to keep the client waiting for a few minutes. You can also hold the client if you need specific things to complete or to accomplish any task. When dealing with an expert, the management must ensure that deliverables are delivered on time and as described.

Wrapping It Up

A few key characteristics should be present in a competent account manager. The accounts manager must multitask and be patient when performing any activity.

The account manager’s attributes, characteristics, and skills have already been highlighted. Those who want to become account managers can review the above guidelines to learn what to do. These suggestions benefit any accounts manager who wishes to advance in his job.

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