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AISEO Vs WriterZen – Which is the Best AI Writing Tool?

AI copywriting software is gaining popularity as companies and bloggers understand its potential to improve their content. As artificial intelligence advances, there is a growing desire for technologies that can assist individuals in creating content automatically.

AISEO is one such tool that is meant to assist you in creating 100% unique and high-quality content. Another software, WriterZen, is intended to assist users in automatically generating the short form of SEO-optimized content.

Among the most prominent AI writing tools are AISEO vs WriterZen. However, as more technologies emerge in the market and content makers and YouTubers give positive assessments, it’s getting more difficult to determine which assessment is truly impartial.

A simple Google search of the top-ranking pages for these evaluations reveals that they are largely unclear and provide inadequate aid in deciding which one to choose. Most of the time, they promote their qualities without relating them to benefits and define their goals in the most general terms possible.

In this in-depth AISEO vs WriterZen comparison blog, we look into why these two AI content creation tools exist, who they serve the most, their primary benefits, and their drawbacks.

AISEO Overview

AISEO Vs WriterZen

AISEO is a writing companion that allows you to quickly create an SEO-optimized blog post. The long-form assistant can produce a paragraph for you with a single click, making the procedure incredibly quick. With a single click, it also improves the readability of your blog. With AISEO’s writing assistance, you can rewrite content and blog articles 10x faster.

AISEO streamlines the process of optimizing, rewriting, summarizing, and upgrading blog posts. Overall, AISEO is an Al-enabled application that assists marketing professionals in generating marketing blogs, essays, articles, and product descriptions.

AISEO provides you the ability to write with artificial intelligence. It facilitates the conversion of your thoughts into blogs with the click of a button. With Al’s ability, you can grow much quicker than you thought possible. With Al, you can complete your task in a fraction of the time it would have took you if you did it alone, saving you not just time but also energy.

AISEO is tool that has helped hundreds of businesses find success by ranking on Google’s first page. It enables creators to discover new opportunities and push their boundaries. AISEO assists you in understanding the requirements of people attempting to contact you. AI has the ability to collect data from which it can forecast what people desire.

As a result, businesses can better understand their consumers’ needs and provide appropriate recommendations. Since AISEO can be expanded to cover practically any niche market, it is a great marketing method, particularly for small enterprises. It also enables more detailed keyword research and cost savings.

WriterZen Overview

AISEO Vs WriterZen

WriterZen is a pioneer toolset that combines all types of content research into a single platform to tackle the most critical creative difficulties. WriterZen serves as a one-stop shop for all of your content requirements.

However, many people would just use Writerzen for keyword research only.

It gathers the greatest information from around the web and presents them to you in a single, flowing interface that only takes a few minutes to understand. There are several AI Copywriting Software options on the market, but WriterZen stands out for its Keyword researching capabilities.

WriterZen was created on the premise that all content production is enhanced when it occurs within a community. It has a nice interface, but its true beauty is in how it fosters collaboration by allowing numerous individuals to work on articles at the same time. WriterZen does not offer team features in their Basic plan. If you want to work in collaboration with your team members, you can get that in the Standard and Advanced plan.

WriterZen makes it simple for anyone – marketers, designers, programmers, writers, consultants – to collaborate and create beautiful results.

What’s the best part? You can use WriterZen’s tools without spending lots of money on software or employing top-tier staff. Spend your time doing what you do best: producing excellent content.

WriterZen believes that the word “write” merely refers to putting words on paper; successful writing also necessitates thorough study. WriterZen encourages you to conduct research before writing, and it makes both processes easier than ever.

AISEO Vs WriterZen: What’s The Difference

Both AI writing tools allow you to produce content with AI, and share many capabilities.

AISEO is more oriented toward generating high-quality long-form content; on the other hand, WriterZen majorly offers AI features to optimize your content for SEO!

Whether you’re attempting to generate a blog post, an email, or even a sales page, these two content creation tools can assist you in completing the task quickly and efficiently.

Here are the major differences between AISEO vs WriterZen:

1. Features

AISEO Features

AISEO Vs WriterZen
1. Copywriting Templates

Are you looking for a tool that can help you write copy that’s effective and resonates with your audience? Look no further than AISEO. It offers a wide range of copywriting templates powered by AI that can help you write copy that’s on-brand and relevant to your audience.

With these Copywriting Templates, you can quickly and easily create copy that’s both engaging and persuasive. The AI-powered templates will help you write copy that’s both effective and memorable. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, the copywriting templates can help you write copy that’s on-brand and persuasive.

2. Readability Improver

Are you tired of trying to improve the readability of your content by hand? AISEO has the solution for you! With the Readability Improver, you can automatically improve the readability score of your content without any effort on your part. Simply add your content to the tool, and it will handle the rest of the work.

The AISEO Readability Improver uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to analyze your content and improve its readability score. This way, you can be sure that your content is easy to read and understand for both your current and future readers.

No more struggling with outdated content or difficult-to-read pages – use the AISEO Readability Improver to improve your content today!

3. Long Form Assistant

Do you spend hours writing articles but dread the thought of having to proofread them for mistakes? With AISEO’s Long Form Assistant, your worries are over. The AI-powered assistant will help you generate long-form content without any errors or plagiarism.

The long-form assistant takes your input and turns it into long-form content that is error-free and plagiarism free. You can also use our assistant to create engaging articles, blog posts, or any other kind of content you want.

AISEO long-form assistant is fast, easy, and reliable. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this assistant is perfect for creating high-quality content

4. Article Generator

Do you want to write a high-quality article that will rank well in search engines? If so, then you need AISEO. It is the best tool for creating SEO-friendly and high-quality articles. With its AI-powered article generator, you can create beautiful and well-written articles in minutes.

The article generator uses a variety of templates to make writing an easy task. You can choose from one of our pre-made templates or write your own unique article. Once you’ve finished writing your article, you can publish it directly. Stop struggling with article writing and get started with AISEO today.

WriterZen Features

AISEO Vs WriterZen
1. Topic Discovery

The Topic Discovery function allows you to find ideas for your articles. It displays multiple clusters with numerous headlines to consider. You have the option of selecting any of them depending on their relevance. 

You may use this to choose a topic that is both relevant to your target audience and has a high search volume.

With WiterZen topic discovery, you may learn about the latest trends and headlines, fully understand client problems, and identify the optimal title based on content gap research. 

Writerzen does provide Google NLP data and there are different pricing for it.

2. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is one of WriterZen’s most useful tools. Without research, relying on intuition might hurt your SEO ranking. You’ll need to know which keywords will help you rank higher, which is where Keyword Explorer comes in.

Writerzen Keyword Explorer offers filters like KGR, Golden Ratio, volume etc.

You can also use wildcard entries as well.

You may begin your keyword search by utilizing the country and language criteria.

You receive numerous data and insights for all the keywords after searching with a single term. Writerzen’s keyword explorer tool aids in the discovery of keywords for which you wish to rank. Simply choose the desired term, specify the location, and select the language, and you’re ready to begin your keyword research. 

3. Keyword Data

When you conduct keyword research on Keyword Explorer, you will also see the Keyword data on all the keyword ideas. It shows a complete list of keywords with a trend chart, volume, CPC, word count, and PPC competition. Once you click any one of the keywords, you can see the keyword difficulty, search volume, and overview SERPs.

You need to understand that it is easy to rank for those keywords that have low keyword difficulty. If you choose a keyword with high KD, you will have a hard time ranking your content on the first page of search engines. There are a lot of filters available to see the specific result in the keyword data section. There are four classifications of keyword data: Total, Phrase Match, Having same terms, and also search for.

4. Content Creator

The content creator feature of WriterZen is straightforward to use, but the content we’ve created using it is nothing compared to AISEO. The quality of the content is not as good as AISEO. They need to improve their algorithm because it primarily suggests irrelevant keywords. To use this tool, you need to enter a keyword in the content creator and select a location and language.

Now you need to enter the seed keyword, writer’s name, turn on Google NLP, set the priority & date, and a bit about the article. Once you do that, click on the ‘Add’ button. Now its algorithm will compare all the top competitors for that keyword and show you the outline of the article. Now you can start writing the complete article from scratch, and the AI assistant will help you in writing.

2. AI writing capacity

AISEO’s AI writing capacity is far greater than WriterZen’s content generator. AISEO can create human-like articles that are realistic and accurate, while WriterZen’s content generator produces articles that are less accurate and lack the realism of AISEO’s articles. 

This means that people who read the articles written by AISEO will be more likely to believe them, while people who read the articles written by WriterZen may be more likely to think the article was written by a person using a computer program.

WriterZen’s AI content generator is not as good as AISEO’s, and the difference is very clear. 

3. SEO purposes

WriterZen is a powerful SEO tool that offers more features and benefits than AISEO. With WriterZen, you can get more traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and track your progress over time. In addition, WriterZen offers a variety of other features that make it the perfect choice for any website owner looking to improve their SEO.

But AISEO is restricted to a limited set of SEO features such as SERP outline and SEO keyword clustering. Therefore, if you’re looking for an AI writer that can assist you with SEO, you must go for WriterZen.

AISEO offers you a set of keyword suggestions for your topic. It also helps you in creating your blog outline as per the top SERP results. You can select the subheadings of your choice and import them into your blog editor.

4. Team Mode

AISEO offers team mode with WriterZen does not. This is because AISEO is designed for teams of writers, and WriterZen is not. AISEO allows you to share your workspace with other writers, so you can collaborate on projects.

This is one of the major drawbacks of WriterZen for businesses that has a dedicated team for content writing and SEO purposes.

5. User experience

Now let’s move ahead to the user experience metrics. The dashboard of WriterZen looks more interactive though overwhelming as compared to AISEO. But the AISEO dashboard looks cleaner than WriterZen as it displays the most important features and user documents on the front.

6. SERP Tracking

SERP tracking is one of the most valuable features offered by WriterZen, which is not present in AISEO. This feature allows the user to input keywords and tracks the SERP results in order to give an idea of which keyword has the potential to rank in the future

7. Pros and Cons


  • It is an excellent AI solution for producing high-quality content quickly. I’ve been utilizing the AISEO Chrome addon, SEO Description, Blog Ideas, FAQ Ideas, and Niche Content Ideas the most.
  • It contains a decent number of unique and helpful templates for various ad platforms that are extremely convenient and beneficial.
  • A fantastic AI writing tool that can assist you in generating better content and gives suggestions on how to enhance it.
  • It truly creates high-quality texts on its own and provides a plethora of diverse use cases in which you may let the AI generate your messages content.


  • The dashboard should be more intuitive.
  • They should introduce more SEO-based features

WriterZen Pros

  • The UI is simple to use and navigate.
  • WriterZen is a quick and effective writing tool. It can help you convey your message swiftly and effectively.
  • The capacity of the Keyword Explorer tool to undertake keyword research in seconds is its distinguishing characteristic.
  • Offers an in-built plagiarism checker for determining text originality. You can easily download plagiarism reports and share with your team.

WriterZen Cons

  • WriterZen is not appropriate for lengthier projects like novels or research papers.
  • WriterZen’s free version is very restricted.

8. Pricing

AISEO Pricing

AISEO Vs WriterZen

AISEO offers 3 different pricing plans to meet the needs of every business regardless of its scale and size:

  1. Starter Plan: This plan is ideal for beginners or individuals and cost $0. By choosing this plan you will get a 3 days free trail of AISEO along with 120 credits that can generate around 12,000 AI words. Apart from this, you will receive 5 credits per day forever.
  2. Grow Plan: This plan is especially for small or medium scale businesses and cost $15 per month (if billed anually). It offers 500 credits that can generate around 50,000 AI words along with 30+ SEO documents. It also offers a rich set of features including paraphrasing up to 50,000 characters, readability improver, blog post generator etc.
  3. Scale Plan: This plan is designed for large scale businesses and cost $29 per month (if billed anually). It offers unlimited credits for AI content generator. Apart from this, you will access to all the copywriting templates and tools available in AISEO.

WriterZen Pricing

AISEO Vs WriterZen

WriterZen offers flexible and personalized pricing plans for different business sizes:

  1. Basic Plan: This plan is great for individual users who work on smaller projects. It costs $27 per month under which it offers 25,000 keyword credits, 5,000 AI words, and many more. Apart from this, you will also get access to SERP overview, content briefs, topic look ups etc.
  2. Standard Plan: This plan is best for small scale teams that work on multiple projects. It costs $41 per month under which it offers 40,000 keyword credits, 8,000 AI words, and many more. Apart from this, you will also get access to all the features under Basic plan.
  3. Advanced Plan: This plan is a go-to option for agencies and large-scale digital marketing companies. It costs $69 per month under which it offers 1,00,000 keyword credits, 15,000 AI words, and many more. Apart from this, you will also get access to all the features under Standard plan.

Final Verdict: AISEO Vs WriterZen

Both AISEO vs WriterZen are excellent solutions for automated content generation. They both include a variety of features that can save you time and help you better your writing.

However, there are some significant distinctions between the two platforms that you should be aware of before making a choice. WriterZen is more suited for writing short content, whereas AISEO is ideal for creating extensive content.

So, which do you prefer: AISEO vs WriterZen? Which tool are you going to use to create content? Do you have any questions? Tell us in the comments.

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