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Artificial Intelligence – Everything You Need To Know

“AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to humanity.” 

~Stephen Hawking

Why had such a renowned modern world theoretical physicist said this about a branch of computer? Let’s find it out by first understanding what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Computer technology has drastically improved over time. They were diverse, fast, and contained much more data, but they could not learn all this on their own or imitate human beings. But now, Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science, has made it possible. It is the technology that helps the computer or machine to think and learn like an actual human being. 

Artificial Intelligence uses many different algorithms and complex computer programs to behave in a certain way, perform a particular task, and learn from it. It also stores a huge amount of data with fast processing speed to take the right decisions on its own in an ethical way. 

Why Do We Need Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

The importance of Artificial Intelligence can be compared to that of machines in the 18th Century. The intervention of machines had a tremendous impact on the whole world, leading to the Industrial Revolution. Now, In the 21st Century, human civilisation is experiencing another global revolution known as Technological Revolution, which will again have a significant influence on mankind. 

Just like how machines replaced the physical labour of human beings in the industrial revolution, it is believed that  Artificial Intelligence will replace the cognitive part of humans as well in the ongoing Technological Revolution. Artificial Intelligence will be the most vital instrument of this revolution to change the future of humankind. 

If we talk about an individual’s aspect then, Artificial Intelligence has made the user’s life much more effortless and secure. If we look at the market share, AI is almost equally distributed in all the options and is drastically increased by 40% over the last 4 years. The AI market is also believed to grow at a colossal rate. 

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Types Of AI

There are mainly two types of Artificial Intelligence-based on their workability and capability. These are:

Weak AI

Artificial Intelligence

Weak AI or Narrow AI is the most commonly found AI at present. This type of AI has some limitations and can’t perform tasks beyond its capability.  It operates with a limited and predefined range of functions. For e.g., Voice assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Samsun Bixby, and Google Assistant are good examples of Weak AI.  Also, self-driving (autonomous) vehicles like the top-end versions of Teslas are also built on weak AI.

General AI

Artificial Intelligence

This type of AI has intellectual capability like that of a human. It is a much more powerful system than the weak AI and acts, thinks, and learns like a human being. It takes a lot of development and algorithms to develop such kinds of AI. Researchers from all around the globe are working to make the first General AI. The best example is of how close we could reach to General AI is Sophia (a social humanoid robot). 

Super AI

Artificial Intelligence

Super AI is that level of the system that will be capable of surpassing human cognition and intelligence. It will be better than humans in almost all the intellectual aspects. This system will be able to learn, think, interpret, solve and communicate on its own. Super AI is also considered to be a myth by many Artificial Intelligence developers and researchers. Though, the development of Super AI is not possible anywhere soon. 

How is Artificial Intelligence Helping Us?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has spread in almost every field and made our life better. From unlocking a device using the Face id to being assisted on your journey by Google Maps, it is everywhere. And it is needless to say that we will totally be dependent on Artificial Intelligence in the near future

Here are some of the advantages of AI at present:

  • Eliminates human error
  • Always available 
  • Faster in most cases
  • Improves security
  • Provides virtual assistance
  • Helps in reducing repetitive work
  • Increases accuracy in decision making

How Does AI Work?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence uses Machine Learning to mimic human cognitive thinking. The machine uses algorithms and previous data to create new data models. These models are used to give the output or make predictions. 

Artificial Intelligence can do much more than just predictions; it can also provide high accuracy using deep neural networks. It finds structures and patterns in the data so that the algorithm keeps on self-learning and intelligence to the existing products.

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The advantages of having Artificial Intelligence in our present-day are just the beginning. With billions of dollars spent by tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft on AI research and development, universities making Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a significant part of their computer curriculum and defence system of all the superpowers worldwide adopting this technology, as said earlier, Artificial Intelligence is going to change the have a massive impact on mankind in the near future

Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of every enterprise in the future. Many believe that AI will disuse human work in many fields; no doubt that’s true, but it will also diversify many existing sectors and, side by side create new job opportunities. Hence, it will compensate for the loss. Still, as per researchers and developers, there is a very long way to reach the point where artificial intelligence will be comparable to human intelligence and surpass it.

Wrapping It Up

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not only impacting the future of mankind and industries but also acting as the designer of the emerging new technologies like IoT, big data, and robotics. As a 21st Century modern humans, we are currently experiencing the most tremendous advancement in our history. As this technology is counting to grow, its impact on our life will keep on increasing and shape our lifestyle. In conclusion, I must say that all this is just the beginning, there are tons of things more to come.

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