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15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

It’s easy to feel alone when running a successful small company because proprietors have many responsibilities and put in a lot of extra hours to ensure the success of their businesses.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had access to brainstorming sessions, virtual meetings, and professional advice from your peers whenever you needed it? In a word, that’s why Microsoft Teams is a great choice for any business, no matter how big or small.

Microsoft Teams

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

The newest addition to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 services, Teams, is marketed as a chat-based office environment. Its core focus is on facilitating user-to-group connections.

“Teams” refers to your online communities to facilitate communication and cooperation. A channel is a chat room-like space used by each team. Not only can you have a wide range of people working together on the same project or in a single online conference, but the same team may also split off into several communication channels.

It paves the way for collaborative efforts by providing easy access to data stored centrally. Online discussions are organized hierarchically, with the most current posts appearing at the top. Individuals in the team are alerted when there are changes. VoIP calls may also be used within the context of teamwork.

Microsoft Teams serves a variety of markets and is translated into 19 languages.

Microsoft Teams is focused on enhancing interaction between team members. There has never been a better time for businesses to adopt this cloud-based platform, which includes a suite of Microsoft applications designed to work together seamlessly. Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration platform that eliminates unnecessary communication channels.

Microsoft Teams has many uses and advantages. Many have to do with being more efficient with one’s time and working together as a team. Some benefits stem from software’s improved safety and security in the modern setting. Microsoft Teams has various uses for businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Teams Internal Tools

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams’ remarkable feature is the way it consolidates useful business tools to facilitate real-time data exchange and productive teamwork. While working together in Teams, your team can rapidly discuss and compare schedules and move between text, audio, and video chat. The team may also edit information.

T-Bot is available in team channels and provides quick responses to common inquiries.

Besides Word and Excel, SharePoint, OneNote, PowerPoint, Planner, Power BI, Delve, and cloud storage is all a part of Microsoft Office’s integrated services. The latter has several advantages, including that all team members always have access to the most recent data versions thanks to real-time content synchronization and storage.

What are Microsoft Teams advantages?

With COVID-19 on the horizon, teams need to communicate effectively while being spread across multiple departments, regions, and even time zones. To what extent do you all feel a part of the greater mission that your company serves?

More importantly, how can you move quickly as if everyone were in the same room?

These days, it’s not enough to talk to one another in person or online to be productive on a team. It’s about getting the word out as soon as possible so everyone is up to speed and the job can continue.

Microsoft Teams’ strengths lie in its capacity to act as a hub for all kinds of communication and collaboration, whether between members of the same team or between members of other teams and with external stakeholders like customers and suppliers.

To answer your question, Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration platform. Learn more about Microsoft Teams by clicking here.

1. Powerful one-on-one interaction

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams’ ability to provide specific team communication is among the platform’s most notable advantages. Neither time nor words are frittered away. The most important feature is that it facilitates real-time communication in subject channels between predetermined team members. 

The Microsoft Teams app eliminates the delay while team members wait for each other to receive their emails. It ensures that just the people who need to be engaged in a specific job participate.

2. Productivity Increased

Consider the time that is wasted between email exchanges. Just consider all the wasted hours spent arranging meeting times for dispersed teams. Meeting follow-ups are notorious time sinks, especially those that include assigning tasks. 

The aggregation of documents and monitoring of their versions is equally troublesome. Microsoft Teams’ ability to keep the proper individuals involved in productive, laser-focused interactions while providing easy access to relevant documents is a major perk.

3. Neither software- nor hardware-dependent

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams’ accessibility from any device, at any time, is a significant plus. It removes any barriers posed by specific hardware or software configurations. It works well on Macs, PCs, iOS, and Android. 

4. Microsoft application integration 

Microsoft Teams is now a part of Microsoft 365, the new name for Office 365. The whole suite of Microsoft Office applications is at your disposal. Indeed, this is one of Microsoft Teams’ most appealing features. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Yammer are just some programs that can be accessed.

5. Methods for organizing meetings and events

In collaborative projects, the syncing calendar is a major source of wasted time. Existing appointment information may be synchronized with other team members using Microsoft Teams. Meeting-specific discussions may occur in a separate conversation after it has been set up. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to collaborate on agendas and share files.

6. It’s a “Kickstarter” for the “digital transformation.”

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Your company may have many data storage sites if it hasn’t undergone digital transformation. Inconveniences may arise while trying to get access to necessary papers. Microsoft Teams is helpful since it guides you through the steps of digital transformation. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, data may be accessed anytime from any device.

7. Microsoft Teams’ Voice Chat

Telephone capabilities have been improved in Microsoft Teams. High-quality voice calls, including those to international destinations, are available round-the-clock for up to 250 users. These chimes may be heard on both a computer and a mobile phone. There is no longer any need to purchase costly phones since a headset or the device’s internal audio may be used instead.

8. Bots designed to help humans are introduced

Bots powered by AI will do your mundane work for you, freeing up your time to focus on more important matters. The ability of a Microsoft Teams bot to blend in and give assistance, much like a human colleague, is a major perk of the platform. T-Bot, a bot designed to answer commonly asked inquiries, is one example of a bot. Polly Bot facilitates office voting. Hipmunk is a valuable tool for organizing trips.

9. A platform for Microsoft Teams Developers

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Teams Developer Platform is helpful if you need to connect an external business process. Apps for social networking platforms are a good illustration of this. There is no difficulty in putting these into action. Through this, third-party software may be used inside the Teams environment.

10. Documentation in Real Time

One of Microsoft Teams’ most useful features is the simplicity with which teams can work together to modify documents. This may happen simultaneously with any number of other users inside the company. Within Teams, docs are stored automatically. This ensures that no data is lost.

11. Alerts

With Microsoft Teams, you’ll never have to worry about missing a crucial email with an associated assignment because your inbox will be too full. The Activity and Chat tabs will always show you a bright highlight whenever someone likes or mentions you. A significant fraction of the emails that may have been sent to you has been eliminated this way.

12. Security in Microsoft Teams

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is safe because of its multi-factor authentication and encrypted guest access. The solution provides the high standard of data security required by major organizations.

13. Customize Your Office

Microsoft Teams’ ability to transfer settings from non-Microsoft apps is a major plus. You may adjust how your office space functions to include things like Twitter. You may also choose to get localized news updates. Other cloud-based storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, may be integrated.

14. Instantaneous communication to all employees

Not a single person is ignored. Video conferences may make important corporate announcements to as many as 10,000 people. In addition, executives may quickly email all participants in the call with a button. Thus, just one meeting is required, rather than a series of sessions where the same material is relayed to each participant individually.

15. No extra cost for Microsoft 365 subscribers

15 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

The fundamental Microsoft Teams functionality is free of charge for businesses that already have a Microsoft 365 subscription. However, you may request more Teams features, which may incur additional fees. However, alternatives like Slack must be acquired brand new. If your company currently subscribes to Microsoft 365, this will be an unnecessary investment.

Wrapping It Up

Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use program that fosters collaboration and efficiency in the workplace. Microsoft Teams is available to both in-office and remote employees in various locations. As a whole, Teams simplifies teamwork by dividing your business into different Teams, Channels, and modes of communication, so that you can keep your email clutter-free and focus on getting things done inside of Teams. 

It’s easier to connect with coworkers and achieve more positive results. Can’t be persuaded? Consider writing lengthy emails for simple inquiries instead of instant messaging, switching back and forth between “productive” applications, etc. Are you refusing? I didn’t think so. Indeed, this is a good life. Enjoy.

One of the greatest advantages is that it helps to simplify and concentrate efforts on individual projects. No data is lost. Microsoft Teams provides a vital 21st-century workplace tool using the powerful suite of productivity apps in Microsoft 365.

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