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Best 7 Website Builders To Start A Website in 2021

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Are you looking forward to getting a website built?

But don’t have any idea that how to should you start!!!

Your worry is over now. We have brought this article to help you out!

You don’t need to be a web developer with many resources, time, and coding expertise to build a simple, professional-looking website. Well-known website builders make it possible for a newbie to bring something finished together in a short time, even though they require specialized features such as an e-commerce portal or email marketing.

Finding the right website builder depends on the individual needs of website owners—the process can be challenging because there are so many choices, from free website builder solutions to basic eCommerce website builder systems to more complicated business websites. But the growth and sophistication of the website building industry also mean that you have more options than ever before, and you can quickly find the right website builder suited to your wants and needs.

The best thing about website builders is that they provide templates for a lot of various enterprises. You chose the one you want, and you only add your own text and photos. You don’t have to begin with a blank slate, which makes it super quick to produce amazing results in no time. Website builders are suitable for small companies, portfolios, photographers, internet retailers, restaurants and hotels, as well as clubs and organizations.

Reasons – Why You Should Use A Website Builder?

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Building a website is not meant to be a difficult job. With a good website builder, you can get a website up and running in no time. In this blog, we will look at the advantages of using site builders.

1. No Programming Skills Required

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No programming or technical skills are required. Website builders are built for users with little to no technological expertise. Website builders use drag-and-drop technologies and user-friendly interface design, allowing the ordinary person to type in a text, upload images, or alter and shift any feature with a quick click and drag of the mouse – all without having to write or edit a line of code and no FTP handling and any other technical things.

2. Design Attractive Websites Very Easily

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Designing a website that draws users requires at least a simple skill to create graphics. But if you’re not sure where to start or don’t feel secure in your design skills, you can only pick a professionally built prototype and go from there. Templates are one of the best features of a website builder, and best of all, you don’t have to adhere rigidly to the template design since virtually any website builder lets you modify the template to suit your needs as well as style.

3. Edit Your Website Easily Anywhere

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You can change your website from any device at any time. Since site builders are online, the web files are hosted on the service provider’s server – not on your own computer. You can log in to your account, make a change, press saves or post, and your changes are live – all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, at any time and from any computer.

4. Easy Maintenance For Website

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Website builders make it convenient for you to maintain your own website. Regular maintenance of the website is a must if you want the website to be profitable. Visitors are still searching for new items, so you must provide them with new and exciting knowledge, news, products, or features. With the website builder and a simple, easy-to-use GUI, making improvements and enhancements to the website is easy with the drag-and-drop editor of the website builder.

5. Good Collection of Libraries

Libraries and application collections. Every website builders come with a library of free software and tools that you can use to add features to your website. Free and paid apps are available; some are incorporated into the website builder, and some are completely developed third-party tools. comes with a long list of built-in applications that you can conveniently integrate right from your drag-and-drop editor.

How to choose the best website builders?

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There are more than 1.8 billion domains and about 200 million active websites on the World Wide Web. It is more important to note that hundreds of thousands of new websites are being launched worldwide every day, which adds to the fight to rank the search engine rankings. Only getting a website and any SEO initiative is not going to help you accomplish your goals.

If you want to make your company website visible and pay more attention, you need to consider the latest developments in web growth and why you need to incorporate them. It is important to keep future developments in mind when designing a business-grade website. And while some of India’s largest website production firms are now incorporating these developments, most of them are not.

We will be discussing the best website builders in this blog. Before comparing the top website creators, I would suggest that you write down what you want to do with your website? What are your priorities, and what services would you like to see on your website?

Examples include a blog post, photo gallery, eCommerce shop, reservations, email type, SEO features, social media features, etc. You should write down items, for example. If you’re not sure what you want, check out your competitors or other websites for inspiration.

Best Tips To Choose The Perfect Website Builder For Your Website

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Most website builders provide an elegant drag-and-drop user interface to create a modern website. It would be best if you take advantage of the trial accounts (free plans) or the generous money return guarantee to test your drive before making your final decision.

Next, you need to weigh your options for progress. Are you planning to add daily updates to your website? Do you need a segment of the blog? In the future, will you be selling more items on your website? It would be best to make sure that the website builder you select can fulfill your demands as your company expands. We look at a variety of different parameters when evaluating the best site builder options for each use-case, but our top five components are:

1. Design & Features Offered

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You should ensure that the website builder provides plenty of experienced website templates and keeps it versatile to install extra functionality such as Google Analytics, third-party marketing software, etc.

2. Ease of Use

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You should make sure that the website builder is easy to use for total beginners. It has to come with a drag-and-drop designer, versatile editing tools, and additional features.

3. Customer Support

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Although the website builders should have an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI, you should make sure that 24/7 customer service is appropriate.

4. Pricing

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As it’s a competitive space, you should look for which website builder provides the best value for the price. It would help if you asked questions like providing a free domain, free SSL, free business email, free eCommerce features, etc. If not, how much does a small business owner have to pay on added extras/hidden costs?

5. Portability

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Many newcomers don’t think about it, but being in the business for over two decades, we pay special attention to service terms to make sure you own your info, and it’s flexible if you need to move.

Top 5 Website Builders In 2021

Let’s discuss the best 7 website builder platforms by which you can build your website without hiring a web developer.

1. WordPress

website builder (also known as WordPress self-hosted) is the most common website development platform in the world. Over 38% of all websites on the Internet are WordPress driven. There are two available variants of WordPress. and are self-hosting.

WordPress tops our list of the best website builders due to its success, powerful features, scalability, and ease of use. WordPress is a free and open-source website builder. This means that you have the most power over your website relative to any other website builder on this list. Unlike other website builders, you would need a WordPress hosting account and manage your own website.


Get Complete Control On Your Website
website builder

WordPress helps you to monitor your website and your online presence at any level. It can be used to create a website of any type. For example, eCommerce shops, online forums, social networks, subscription pages, personal websites, and more. There are thousands of high-quality pre-made WordPress themes that you can use to build your website. It also has incredible drag-and-drop page builders like SeedProd, Beaver Builder, and Divi that allow you to design your own page templates using a drag-and-drop editor quickly.

Dozens of Plugins Available
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More than 57,000 free WordPress plugins will also be available. These are like WordPress applications that bring additional features and functionality to the website, such as shopping carts, communication formulas, Google Analytics, photo galleries, social media tools, live chat, CSS Customization, etc.

One of The Cheapest Website Builder
website builder

WordPress is the least expensive website builder in the world if you take all of the above advantages into account. It also comes with strong SEO tools that search engines appreciate, and this means that the website has the highest ranking for search engines at all times.


You must run your own website, so you need to get acquainted with a new method. Most users quickly conquer this small learning curve, but in the beginning, it seems a little complicated. It would help if you also manage alerts, plugins, and back-ups for WordPress.


website builder

Although WordPress is a free website builder, you would need a domain name and web hosting to get your website online, which normally costs $14.99 per year and $7.99 a month. With this unique pricing, WordPress is one of the cheapest website builders on this small business list.

WordPress deals for all common web hosting providers and is currently recommended by several other businesses, including GoDaddy, SiteGround, Dreamhost, etc.

2. BigCommerce

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BigCommerce is the best eCommerce website builder on the marketplace. If you’re trying to build an online store that scales, BigCommerce is the best platform for you. It comes with all the critical features built-in, so you can keep your overhead down and your margins high.

BigCommerce comes with several built-in tools to manage conversion rate management, such as cart abandonment, enhanced product searching, product reviews, discounts, and more. You can connect to third-party apps from their app store for additional functionality. The best part of it is their dashboard that lets you see the measurements to expand your company with confidence.


Good Backend Support
website builder

BigCommerce is a hosting solution for eCommerce where you do not have to think about your website’s speed, security, or updates. They’re handling the server and the logistical side for you, so you can concentrate on growing your company.

Integration With All Payment Gateways
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BigCommerce connects with all common payment gateways like PayPal, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Ayden, and more. Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce does not charge a processing fee for you to use these payment gateways.

Integration With WordPress
website builder

Unlike every other hosted eCommerce solution, BigCommerce has native WordPress integration to improve WordPress usability while benefiting from BigCommerce’s headless eCommerce strength. Your website becomes fast and safe in clear terms, irrespective of the traffic you get.

You can start with one of their many pre-made website templates and customize them to meet your needs using their simple drag & drop website builder.


If you’re starting, you’ll find BigCommerce prices a little higher than other site builders in the chart. As it’s a proprietary network, it’s going to be tough to switch from BigCommerce.


website builder

BigCommerce comes with a 15-day trial free of charge for all plans. Their standard plans cost $29.95 a month and come with all the key functionality you’ll need. You will upgrade to a plus package that costs $79.95 per month with extra conversion enhancement functionality. Their pro package costs $249.95 a month and includes all the specialized functionality you may need.

Compared to Shopify and other eCommerce sites, the great thing about BigCommerce is that it has a smooth integration with WordPress that can be a significant bonus if you want to combine WordPress versatility and BigCommerce strength. This is one reason why we have ranked high on BigCommerce on our best website builder list.


website builder

Blogger is a free blogging website builder for ease of use. Since Google owns it, users can connect it to a range of other Google apps, such as Picasa’s photo-sharing platform and Google+’s social network. Using easy web design options, you can get a new blog up and running in less than 10 minutes.

However, the simplicity of the blog does not restrict what more advanced users can do about it. Deepening your customization capabilities helps you to create a totally new blog template while retaining the ease of use that the Blogger backend offers.


website builder

Blogger is free to use the * subdomain for a website. You’ll practically get infinite resources to run your blog. You also get a free SSL certificate that comes pre-installed. There are no installation fees or upgrade charges.

You don’t get any advertisements on your blog until you opt-in. In fact, you’ve actually already got a Blogger account because it’s bundled with your Google account. There’s a tiny ecosystem of 3rd party Blogger customization options, but they’re all voluntary and out of the Blogger network.

Simple To Use
website builder

Blogger is very easy to use. If you’re using Gmail or YouTube or any of Google’s other initiatives, you don’t even need to sign up. Go to the Blogger and sign up with your Google username and password.

Integration With Google
website builder

Google is the creator of Blogger. And while Blogger is not Google’s brand or classiest product, Blogger is squarely inside the “Google ecosystem” as a whole. If you are using a Google product, you already have a Blogger account. And this convergence makes a lot of small tasks simpler.


The platform’s functionality is very simple – you can’t do anything more than build a regular blog and post content. Your choices for customizing your blog’s appearance and functionality are very small, as is the possibility for adding custom code. You don’t fully “own” the stuff since it’s all sitting on Google servers.

Pricing is completely FREE of cost.

4. Shopify

website builder

Shopify is a software framework for building your own online shop.
It gives you a wide variety of themes and can be customized for your own desires for branding and helps you to market goods and services. The main purpose of Shopify is to enable users to create their own online store without coding or design skills.

However, people who know HTML and CSS are delighted to learn that the platform offers all services. Shopify runs on its own servers, and you don’t have to buy any web hosting or install any application. You can run the shop from anywhere as long as you have access to the web browser and the Internet.


Secure and Reliable Platform
website builder

If you have an eCommerce shop, you’ll be working with confidential customer records, including credit card numbers, plus impatient customers. This means your site needs to be quick, safe, and always up-to-date. One of the main benefits of the hosted approach is its reliability. Shopify will take care of all server updates and improvements to keep your store and shopping cart open at all times to ensure the pages are loaded easily.

Mobile Responsive
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With mobile visits to websites now higher than the desktop, it is necessary, not optional, to get a mobile site optimized. Luckily, Shopify knows that. All of Shopify’s themes are mobile-friendly, and the app offers a free built-in mobile shopping cart, which ensures that your store looks fantastic on all platforms, and your customers can shop freely wherever they are.

Easy Customization
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There are 160 themes to pick from in the Shopify Theme Store, all of which are web responsive, plus hundreds available on platforms like ThemeForest. Each theme is also entirely customizable by modifying the code. So building a beautiful and exclusive online shop that suits your brand name is quite simple.


Shopify GUI is a bit old-fashioned, so it doesn’t allow you to use a drag-and-drop method when editing pages. If you upload pictures to Shopify with different aspect ratios, they won’t automatically be cropped to the same ratio. If you use a third-party payment gateway, you cannot stop processing costs. When you use a dropshipping app, it’s hard to be sure that your selling products are ethically made.


website builder

Shopify offers the following pricing plans: 

  • Shopify Basic plan – costs $29 per month, with 2.9% + 30¢ per online transaction. 
  • Main Shopify plan – costs $79 per month, with 2.6% + 30¢ per transaction.
  • Advanced Shopify plan – costs $299 per month, with 2.4% + 30¢ per transaction. 

The fully hosted Shopify Plus platform starts at $2,000 per month, and Shopify Lite costs $9 per month.

5. Gator by HostGator

website builder

Gator is one of the world’s biggest website builders, the iconic maker of online websites, HostGator. The Gator Builder is a total solution for web building and hosting, making it a great web builder for small enterprises. Gator is a fully hosted platform, meaning you don’t need to think about plugins, updates, or backups.


Easy Website Builder
website builder

You’ll get an easy and convenient website builder that lets you pick from 200+ professional design templates. Every specification comes with basic customization options that can be customized by the builder itself. With a quick point and click interface, you can edit any object on a list. You may also drag and drop widely used objects such as photos, videos, photo galleries, text, columns, maps, and communication types.

Efficient Website Builder
website builder

Gator also offers you access to an integrated photo archive, so you can search and upload stunning images to your website. All of the paid plans include a free personalized domain name for your website. The eCommerce package also provides the opportunity to set up an online shop and sell the items online. Since Gator is a paid app, it does not sell your data or view any advertisements on your website.


Unlike some of the other choices on the list, Gator doesn’t have a free account. They don’t give a free trial, though. Like other popular website builders on the list, you cannot employ a developer to help you dramatically change your website design or add new functionality to your website.


website builder

Gator paid plans to begin at $3.84 a month, $5.99 per month for the package, and $9.22 for the eCommerce plan. It’s certainly one of the cheapest website builders on the list. Gator may be used to create a small business website, a limited object store, or a photo gallery. However, it doesn’t meet the strength of WordPress, the most common website builder.

4. Constant Contact Website Builder

website builder

The Constant Contact Website Builder is an intellectual A.I. Driven website builder that lets you create your custom website within minutes. This is a fantasy come true for non-technical small business owners.


AI Driven Technology
website builder

Constant Contact is renowned for being the world’s leading service for email marketing. They have also chosen to create a world-class artificial intelligence-driven website builder after listening to small business issues, which allows you to create a website in minutes (without writing any HTML code). To build a fully custom web template with customized images and content feedback, you can use their driven ADI (artificial design intelligence), the wizard.

Feature Rich Website Builder
website builder

Their intuitive drag-and-drop website builder makes it easier for the website interface to be personalized. To make the website look visually beautiful, you can select over 550,000 free photographs of professional quality from their library. Both design formats are user-friendly, so both desktop and mobile computers can look fantastic on your website.

It’s an absolutely hassle-free website builder because it’s a hosted website solution. They still offer 24/7 live phone support and chat support for small companies, which is awesome. Logo Creator, lead capture modes, website analytics, eCommerce, and more are other app tools.

Free Website Builder
website builder

Constant Contact’s best aspect is that it’s a free website builder. This means that using their free plan, and you can create a website, blog, logo, and even an online shop. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan when you can make your website live or start selling.

Constant Contact is undoubtedly one of the best-experienced website builders in this list, which is user-friendly, comes with decent editing capabilities, and SEO functionality at a fantastic price, given the features.


At present, the developer ecosystem is limited because there are no add-ons from third parties that you can install on your website or add additional functionality that Constant Contact does not bring.

If you wish to connect a custom domain name, much like any other website builder, you will have to move to the paid plan. The positive thing is that they provide you with multiple resources and integrations from third parties on the website to make your ads more effective at a reasonable price to attract new and current consumers.


website builder

A powerful free website builder that helps you create a website, blog, and even an online shop is supported through Constant Contact. You can, at no extra expense, add unlimited web pages. You will need to buy their website builder plan, which costs $10 a month (or $8.50 a month if pre-paid annually), to get a domain name, make the website live, and begin selling.

Both plans come with live chat 24/7 and assistance from the phone. If you want to add email marketing, you might want to suggest their plans for Email Marketing or Email Marketing Plus that come with all the website builder features combined with all the advanced marketing automation features.

For small corporations that don’t want to use WordPress, Constant Contact is a perfect alternative.

5. Website Builder

website builder is a simple website builder that helps you, with only a few clicks, to create a small business website, blog, and even an eCommerce website.

If you’re looking for a competent website builder, an outstanding choice is the website builder. If you want advanced functionality and more control over your content, though, then nothing beats WordPress self-hosted (#1 choice in our list).


Easy Interface
website buider

To create your website, provides a simple drag and drop website builder. Using a simple drag and drop GUI to fit your brand, you can start with one of their hundreds of professionally designed templates and customize it.

Optimized Templates
Website Builder

For smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, all website builder templates are optimized. This means that, on all platforms, the website will look fantastic.

Comes With Powerful Features
website builder

It comes with all the strong features you expect from a well-known website builder, including website analytics, eCommerce features, the option to link a blog to every website, and all plans with a free SSL license.

You also get inventory management, tax management, coupons & discounts, and many more powerful functions with their eCommerce strategy. For technical assistance, they also provide live chat and mobile customer service so that you can get started quickly.

Cons website builders do not have a free website builder option, unlike other common website builders. Even they do not give a free trial. However, they do offer a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the service.

Their extension community is tiny, and since it isn’t open-source, you won’t employ a developer to create advanced features like WordPress. Since it’s a proprietary framework, it would be impossible to move the website away from the builder of the website.

Finally, you are limited to just a 6-page website by their starter plan. It would be best if you had their business strategy for infinite pages, at least.


website builder

Website Builder plans for start at $1.99 per month for Beginner, $6.99 per month for Business, and $12.99 for an eCommerce plan per month. A free SSL license, unrestricted storage, blog functionality, and support service come with all plans.


You have now seen our summary of the best website builders on the market, and we hope you have a clearer understanding of which builders fit your requirements best.

Many of our suggestions are focused on in-depth analysis and reviews from individuals like you, not just pulled out of thin air, so you can be sure that the knowledge we have given you in this article is fair and correct.

So what are you waiting for? Please choose the best website builder as per your requirement and try them out!!!

Also, let us know in the comment section that which is your favorite website builder?

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