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Best 10 Appointment Scheduling Software You Must Try in 2022

Appointments and meetings are very crucial for any business. Appointments are not restricted to any particular sector; every sector requires scheduled appointments to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their work. Manually setting appointments can be a tricky task, and you can also lose a lot of potential clients because we are humans, after all.

The appointment scheduling software is the best alternative to reduce any demerit of manually fixing the appointments. A good appointment scheduling software should be able to sync multiple calendars and allow rescheduling or canceling of appointments. Using scheduling software makes the management system more systematic. We bring you the list of the best ten appointment scheduling software you can’t afford to miss in 2022.

1. Appointy

Appointment Scheduling Software

If you are looking for simple scheduling software that offers a variety of functions with a simple user interface, we will introduce Appointy to you. This scheduling software allows you to list your meetings and schedules. You can send messages that are automated and customized by using this software. It is free software, but the software charges $ 19.99 per month for availing of all of its services using the premium account.

The software can integrate and sync different social media accounts and calendars together. The software also presents an analytical report that shows the data about audience engagement and other details. Using this software, you can elevate the productivity of your organization by multiple folds.

2. Calendy

Appointment Scheduling Software

If you want to eliminate hassles and make scheduling appointments an extremely easy task, Calendy is the best option for you. Calendy has free plans, where you get most of the services. If you want more specific services, you can opt for different plans provided. The software integrates calendars from different platforms and makes your schedules more organized. The user interface provided by the software is very easy with no technicalities. 

Calendy allows you to send automated messages and reminders. Working with Calendy is very convenient. All you have to do is fix your schedule and set your availability, generate and share the link, and then let your clients book appointments with you. The integrated payment pathway allows payments during the booking itself. The primary features are put under the free plans, whereas the premium plans cost $8/month and the pro plans cost $12/month.

3. Appointment

Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment understands how crucial is the organization of appointments and bookings for the growth of any business. The clients can book an appointment and also reschedule or cancel it if required. The software provides an efficient integration with other applications that renders an effective and productive outcome. 

The bookings can be made without any website at any second of the day. The software offers certificates and rewards to your clients. The software offers a 30-day free trial and has a variety of paid plans that suit your business.

4. 10to8

Appointment Scheduling Software

One should consider using an appointment scheduling software as it provides flexibility during booking appointments concerning both the client and the organization. Organizing the team better, 10to8 helps the organizations to attain maximum efficiency in their productivity. With branding, 10to8 offers an easy protocol to the clients for booking appointments. The appointment scheduling software also has an inbuilt feature that provides the data of your clients, which further helps in tracking the performance. 

The dashboard of the software provides intrinsic data that promotes the growth and management of the organizations. For small businesses, all the services of the software are free. The basic plan will ask you to invest $9.6 per month, while for the grow plan, the price is $20 per month. The costs are $40 per month for larger businesses.

5. Doodle

Appointment Scheduling Software

This appointment scheduling software is optimum for scheduling meetings for, both smaller meetings and larger meetings. You can easily schedule a one-on-one meeting with your client or employee, and if you want to address a crowd as big as 10,000 in numbers, Doodle will do the work for you. By using this appointment scheduling software, you can avoid chaos in your appointments and bring a strong sense of clarity. 

The software is ultimately safer for the user as it does not extract any information from the user’s calendar. To gain an insight into the features offered by the software, you can choose a 14-day free trial plan. The price of a premium subscription is $6.95 per month, whereas, for teams, the costs are $8.95 per month. 


Appointment Scheduling Software lets you display the services offered by your organization and the availability of your services. The software easily integrates with the website of your organization. Considering integration here, the software allows bookings from any social platform. You can easily reschedule and edit the appointments, and your clients and staff will be automatically notified regarding the alterations. You have the liberty to customize your booking page as per the requirements of your organization. 

When you use this platform, you develop better marketing strategies as the clients are offered memberships, gift vouchers, and coupons. has a free plan that covers all the necessary features. The paid plans acquire considerably more features. The cost of the basic plan is $9.9 per month; for the standard plan, the price is $29.9 per month, while for the standard paid plan, you will have to pay a total of $59.9 per month.

7. Setmore

Appointment Scheduling Software

For all your troubles and hassles in terms of bookings and appointments, Setmore makes it easier for you. Setmore notifies you regarding every meeting automatically. If you are a premium account user, you can manually edit the reminders, notifications, SMS, or emails. Setmore automatically sends notifications for confirming the appointments and reminders for the booked appointments. 

One of the very important features of setmore is that it has inbuilt google analytics. It is of great help to analyze the traffic on your website. You can now book multiple appointments in a single go without having to go through the boring booking procedure for every single appointment you book. Setmore can sync multiple calendars allowing you to easily access the appointments. Setmore offers a free plan for four users; if the number of users is increased, you will have to upgrade your opted plans accordingly. 

8. Bookafy

Appointment Scheduling Software

Bookafy has 25000+ people and businesses satisfied with its services and features. The appointment scheduling software can integrate various virtual meeting platforms like zoom, google meet, skype, Webex, etc. The free services of the software include limited features. The pro plan of Bookafy costs $9 per month, whereas the pro plus plan of Bookafy costs $13 per month. Adding to it, the software allows a seven-day trial of the paid plans. 

Bookafy allows scheduling of all types of meetings is it one-on-one meetings, group events, or regular group meetings. It also has an integrated secure payment method that allows receiving payments while booking appointments. You can set to display the specific dates for appointments according to the availability of your team. You can always customize the texts or emails using Bookafy.

9. Appointlet

Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointlet makes scheduling meetings, and events eliminate all the hassles. With ease, you can set your schedule and your availability for future meetings. A link can be easily generated that has your information about your meetings and availability, and further, you can easily share it with potential people. The link can be an easy way to book appointments. 

You can also add your schedule on any particular website very easily. Pre-existing appointments can be altered, reviewed, and the updates are easily shared amongst the required team or person. Appointlet offers a free plan that has important features. For more specific features, you can opt for its premium subscription ($8 per month).

10. Acuity Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling Software

Acuity scheduling is another appointment scheduling software that offers multiple benefits and features to its users. It is scheduling software that suits the best freelancers and small businesses. The software is extremely easy to use and accommodates calendar syncing from multiple devices. Acuity scheduling software provides customization in reminders and texts. You can set automated texts as reminders using this software. 

It also allows the scheduling of group appointments and events. The software is inbuilt with notifications via SMS and emails. Acuity scheduling provides a very convenient procedure for booking appointments for its users. It is a perfect tool that can also be integrated with social platforms to encourage better reach. It also tracks the activity.

Wrapping It Up

The advantages of using an appointment scheduling software are numerous. It eliminates delays and improves precision. Using the scheduling software will grant you profitability. The work is reduced to multiple folds, and it becomes more convenient to book appointments. 

Multiple softwares allow you to computerize your appointment scheduling, but we brought you the best appointment scheduling softwares. We hope we have helped you in choosing the best appointment scheduling software for your business.

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