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6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

Grammarly is one of the industry’s most well-known writing products. But just because something is popular doesn’t imply it’s the best option for everyone. Even said, selecting this service is easier than going through all of the Grammarly options to discover your ideal fit.

Thankfully, you don’t have to individually test every spell-checker program on the internet; we’ve made an effort for you. By learning about the top Grammarly alternatives, you can select the best product that meets your demands and your budget.

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar and plagiarism programs, with over 55.50 million monthly visitors and 6.9 million daily users.

In this blog, we’ll look at six excellent Grammarly alternatives. We’ll discuss how they vary in good technology and which characteristics they share.

We’ll also go through which types of people would be interested in each application. In that spirit, let’s begin!

Why Should You Be Using a Grammarly Alternative?

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

While Grammarly is an excellent program for teaching you how to write like a pro, there may be times when you’d prefer to utilize an alternate proofreading software.

1. Grammarly might well be lacking the necessary app integration

Grammarly integrates with a variety of programs, including Microsoft Word and Outlook, as well as a desktop and online apps such as Gmail, Slack, Discord, and others. Some spell chequers may, however, function better for you and the applications you use.

2. Grammarly does not rewrite your paragraphs

Grammarly’s goal is to provide you with useful suggestions for ways to enhance your writing, but it does not rewrite sentences for you. If you’re a newbie writer in need of more basic language assistance, you’ll need to search for a different checking tool.

3. Grammarly only supports English

If you are ever required to compose a text in another language or convert something from a language other than English, Grammarly will be useless to you. The app is completely dedicated to the English language and its variations.

4. Grammarly’s premium plan is crazy expensive

If the free plan does not satisfy you and you want to unlock additional features, you’ll just have to pay at least $11.66 each month. If you opt to pay a monthly fee, the premium version will cost you $30 each month. Other cheaper choices on the market provide comparable functionality.

Grammarly Alternatives that will make your writing stand out

1. ProWritingAid

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

If Grammarly isn’t for you, ProWritingAid is a great option. Grammarly lacks certain features that ProWritingAid has, such as a guidebook, which is extremely useful for fiction writers such as novelists and screenwriters.

ProWritingAid also provides feedback on your work, highlighting problems with passive voice, accessibility, sentence length, and grammar. Furthermore, ProWritingAid provides a free plan that includes all of the aforementioned capabilities. Nevertheless, the professional edition includes extra features such as plagiarism detection software and a language editor.

If you’re looking for a complete writing tool, ProWritingAid is a solid alternative to consider. ProWritingAid has a terrific free edition!

ProWritingAid Premium costs $79 a year and includes no word limits, desktop download, and compatibility with MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome.

Grammarly is the ideal option if all you need is a dependable grammar, spelling, and punctuation analyzer. ProWritingAid is the best tool for assisting with tone and basic structure (considerable for fiction authors).

2. Hemingway

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

Everyone who wants to improve their writing should acquire Hemingway. It is a free Grammarly alternative that offers a variety of features to help you write more clearly and concisely.

Hemingway’s “readability score” is one of his greatest traits. This allows you to assess how easy your content is to read and make any necessary changes. Hemingway also highlights complex phrases and overused terms so that you may avoid them in your own work. Also, if you’re working on an extensive paper, the “word count” feature might be useful.

Hemingway is absolutely free to use when you download it online. If you want to use it offline on a desktop or laptop, there is a one-time cost of $19.99.

Hemingway is one of the best free Grammarly alternatives for creators who don’t make a lot of grammatical mistakes and are more interested in writing stuff that is easy to read (likely content marketers and bloggers). Grammarly is also preferable for those of us who want a thorough proofreading tool to help with grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary suggestions!

3. WhiteSmoke

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

If you’re looking for Grammarly alternatives, WhiteSmoke is an excellent option. This program provides features comparable to Grammarly, such as grammar and spelling checks, as well as style advice.

It outperforms Grammarly, though, by offering translations in over 50 different languages. WhiteSmoke is recommended to everyone who needs to communicate in many languages or who requires extra help with their grammar and spelling. WhiteSmoke is a very affordable annual purchase of $59.95 (less than $5 per month! ), making it ideal for individuals who just need to use the application on internet browsers.

It costs $79.95 to access the software on both browsers and apps such as Windows, Microsoft Office, and Gmail.

WhiteSmoke is a fantastic choice if you need both a proofreader and a translation tool. Because of its style of writing, it is also particularly useful for authors for whom English is a second language. Otherwise, Grammarly is definitely your best bet!

4. StyleWriter

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

StyleWriter is an editing tool particularly intended for business, technical, and journalistic writers. It focuses on supporting you in writing in plain English by reducing jargon and compressing vocabulary.

StyleWriter’s editing tool includes features used by professional editors, such as a graded word list. In terms of functionality and user interface, StyleWriter lags well behind the other analyzers on our list.

It’s difficult to see what’s needed to be done to go forwards. Countless alternative programs employ the same resources and generate relevant reports.

StyleWriter’s basic version is $90, the standard version is $120, and the professional version is $190. Following that, each year’s software upgrade will cost you $30. Technical assistance is also charged a fee. This software is integrated with Windows desktop apps.

5. Outwrite

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

Outwrite is designed for authors of brief information. Outwrite’s free plan includes vocabulary, spelling, and grammar analyzers and writing analytics (including readability and grade level). When you subscribe to premium, you can utilize a paraphrasing tool, style tips, and passive voice rephrasing.

Outwrite, compared to certain other analyzers on this list, does not give in-tool reasons for its recommendations to help you comprehend why you’re considering alternatives. The free trial hides several ideas as well as not displaying all of Outwrite’s connectors.

Outwrite Pro costs $19.95 per month or $19.95 per year.

This utility is compatible with all Web, browser extensions, Microsoft Word, and Web apps. This Grammarly option is less functional than others that are less priced.

6. LanguageTool

6 Best Grammarly Alternatives That Every Writer Must Know

LanguageTool is an excellent online editor if you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative. It’s a fully accessible, free grammar analyzer that may be used online or offline. This tool is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and over 20 more languages.

LanguageTool has compatibility with personalized dictionaries, style checking, and spell checking, among its many features. Moreover, it allows users to create custom rules. It may be used as an independent desktop application, a Microsoft Word add-on, or a web browser extension, among other things.

LanguageTool is capable of checking for style as well as detecting lengthy sentences and spelling problems. LanguageTool is a free alternative to Grammarly, with pricing starting at $1.12 per month.

If you write in languages other than English, LanguageTool is an excellent alternative! It is a solid writing tool that includes grammar and spelling checks in a variety of languages. If you write in English most of the time, Grammarly could be a better alternative.

Wrapping It Up

With so many Grammarly alternatives on the market, it might be difficult to pick the editing application that best meets your needs. Thankfully, it does not have to be a matter of trial and error. You can make a better knowledgeable selection about which writing tool to employ if you understand the distinctions between your alternatives and your individual needs.

As you can see from this blog, some of the alternatives were better than Grammarly in specific areas, while others had possible negatives, depending on what you’re looking for in a Grammarly alternative.

Finally, the Grammarly alternative you select should be determined by the type of text you’re analyzing, your requirements/ goals, and your cost estimate.

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