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Best Keyword Research SEO Tools In The Market in 2021

Best Keyword Research SEO Tools In The Market in 2021

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Whenever I dream of a home improvement project for my house, I end up working smartest and quickest when I have the right tools at my disposal. It’s incredible the difference a decent tool can make – and the additional time it takes to get the job done without a helpful tool.

How do you work with SEO smarter and faster?

I have compiled a broad sample of the best keyword research SEO tools in the market—tools with a wide range of applications and covering a number of different needs. These tools are simple and easy to use. You will get all the basic features absolutely free with these best keyword research SEO tools but for the advanced insights and some more premium addons, you have to go for the paid version. I hope you’ll find the right one on your website.


SEO tool

In today’s economy, business enterprises have a range of ways to know where they perform internationally. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 start-ups have fallen in the middle and closed in the first 18 months due to a number of reasons, such as small business strategies, competition, and lack of proper customer engagement.

Basically, every company holds an eye on other big companies in the same market. Manually handling all of the digital media sector activities is pretty cumbersome.  The new wave of technologies is so quick that they are actually upgrading themselves with innovative developments and doing well in the industry. Small and medium-sized businesses, which do not use digital media techniques successfully, are unlikely to compete on the market.

Instead of delivering strategic results, the successful execution of the digital marketing strategy also helps the brand expand. There is a range of online marketing resources available on the Internet, including SEMRush for digital marketing needs, an open and handy web-based SEO marketing platform for digital marketers.

Why It Is One Of The Best SEO Tools In The Market?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best digital marketing tool to boost efficient web traffic and expertise. Any SEO process should include the detection and handling of technical problems on the website. A wide variety of excellent SEO software can make difficult tasks possible and guarantee a happier working life. While SEO is difficult to learn, resources like SEMrush SEO make it easier for people without SEO expertise to navigate.

Everything You Need To Know About SEMRush

SEMrush Digital Marketing Tool is a platform for businesses that promote digital marketing, such as SEO campaigns. The digital marketing platform is an important part of SEO management, pay-per-click promotions, social networking, and content marketing. SEMrush initiated an online competition in 2008, intending to be open and fair.

Such a platform is planned to be set up where everybody will operate on an appropriate basis. It tracks your strategic keyword plan, runs your SEO audit blog, searches for back-linking prospects, and more. SEMrush is an SEO audit service, and many Internet marketers around the world invest in SEMrush. A huge range of large and small companies use SEMrush.

Why To Choose SEMRush and Benefits of Using This Tool?

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SEMRush for digital marketing is an all-round platform that will help you detect trends in your niche industry with the SEMrush SEO tool kit. Tests and strengthens your SEO on your website. As a consequence, you can grasp your page for better lead generation and customize it for SEO. SEMrush’s magic keyword feature also helps you to find keywords that are important to your program.

It would be best to figure out what keyword phrases the opponent uses and how search engines rank such keywords. It offers you a wealth of insights into how you compete. The SEMrush platform is tailored for those in need of digital marketing assistance. SEMrush SEO tool lets you grasp and use SEO whether you have little knowledge or experience.


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Check the complete pricing here.

How to Use SEMRush for SEO?

The first doubt for each starter is how to use SEMRush for SEO. SEMrush SEO tool is a great tool to use if you want to run your SEO campaign on your own. The use of SEMrush has many benefits.

Performance of the site

You would have an understanding of the performance of the campaign with SEMrush. SEMrush SEO tool tells you how the website operates. You’re going to see how much traffic you receive by organic and paid means. You will also tell if the website traffic increases or decreases. You’ll also see how keywords score. SEMrush will let you know whether the keywords are nice or bad and help you improve your campaign to keep the keywords in the ranking or raise your campaign to a higher ranking.

Campaign Keywords

The keyword collection is a core component of SEO. You should do keyword analysis to find the best keywords for your campaign. The SEMrush tool helps you to create a list of keywords that your organization can use. You may also identify the keywords of the competitors by using SEMrush. It offers information on keywords that your organization can lack so that you can produce useful results.


When you conduct an SEO campaign, the study of competition is a large part of your approach. If you know and understand your rivals well, you will develop a more successful approach. With the SEMrush initiative, you will realise what your rivals are doing with SEO campaigns. It helps to increase the productivity of your SEO project. It’s still helpful to learn about the competition.


You can monitor individual positions, manage keyword positions, connect to Google Analytics SEO tool with SEMrush, and manage your current traffic. SEMrush provides you with all the resources you need to please your existing guests when moving new traffic.


With the SEMrush SEO tool, you will get more useful backlinks. This tool lets you see where to get backlinks if you don’t hear from a certain website. It’s also a perfect way to learn how the rivals profit from backlinks. You’ll know how many backlinks they have and will use to build a stronger business plan.


SEO tool

Many digital media marketing analysts are now using digital marketing analytics tools to obtain a faster and more reliable website analysis report. These tools are intended as a reference guide for monitoring the website’s current state and undertaking a comparative analysis report.

A comprehensive analysis of the website can be carried out using a digital marketing platform, starting with keyword research, backlink analysis, content analysis, and SEO on-page analysis. This definitive guide to the Ahrefs SEO tool lets you know how to remain competitive in this digital world.

Everything You Need To Know About Ahrefs

The Ahrefs SEO tool is one of the best tools on the market and one of the most popular approaches for planning an audit report, analyzing backlinks, URL ranks, comparative analysis, and much more. It is commonly used in SEO analysis. In addition to the SEO backlink research, it is well established in the digital marketing sector and is also useful for keyword analysis and website rankings.

To test and produce quantitative findings for every website study, the Ahrefs SEO tool uses various SEO approaches. Ahrefs offered a free version about a year ago. It doesn’t exist anymore. As a digital marketing tool, Ahrefs only started backlink analysis in 2011. But things have changed over the years.

Advanced Ahrefs developers have defined ways to use detailed data and optimize websites, including keyword ranking, keyword research, content analysis, and Ahrefs SEO audit.

Top Features of Ahrefs SEO Tool

SEO tool

Let us look at how Ahrefs can make it easier for you to analyze your website accurately.

Website Traffic Analysis

Ahrefs Traffic Checker comprehensively analyses the website using the site browser feature, which provides you with information and an explanation of what to do to boost your website’s popularity and rank in the different search results. Ahrefs strategy is useful for supplying you with comprehensive traffic analysis, including the number of backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic, and traffic value of the website.

Backlink Analysis

Ahref’s backlink checker SEO tool is the bread and butter characteristic of Ahrefs. This offers a full stack of all links available on different third-party websites. You can also use the competitor’s backlink research report on the website. The Ahrefs SEO tool gives you an idea of how many backlinks you actually have and compares your major rivals over the previous months.

Keyword Analysis

In the Ahrefs keyword analysis SEO tool, you get the best idea of which keywords you need to optimize to improve your website’s ranking. This tool uses a crawler to collect search volume data from the keyword planner. Keyword optimization helps your website use similar keywords or variations to improve your site rankings. They also provide analysis reports or paid keywords.

Content Explorer

Content promotion is the backbone of SEO for any website. Advanced search operators are available for Ahrefs content explorer. With the right combinations, you can easily detect connection building challenges, low-efficiency issues, and partnership potential.

Rank Tracker

Ahrefs rank checker is available from the dashboard and allows you to examine the tracked keywords more closely, allowing you to filter them differently. Ahrefs rank checker is a special tracker that you need to apply the keywords you need to watch manually.

Domain Rating

Determines the domain rating that directs a webmaster that fits best with the URL. In other words, it informs you which URL receives more links, both in terms of quantity and consistency. It aims to improve URL output by adding a keyword-rich title tag, meta description, and content.

Site Explorer

Defines the Domain Explorer function that can be used to optimize the page rating. The Site Explorer also has a range of other features that will improve the website’s rating across all sites. It is important to have a few access points to your organization’s website. It enables Google to direct more traffic to the website of your company.


SEO tool

Check the complete pricing here.

Benefits of Ahrefs SEO Tool

  • The key benefits of Ahrefs are its detailed backlink-checking solution, which lets you dig into the search traffic of your rivals and recognize which content produces better earnings.
  • The Ahrefs SEO tool provides the best and largest backlink assessment platform in the business. You can get a comprehensive website profile or URL with a simple click.
  • Ahrefs SEO checker examines everything you need, from anchors and ties to backlink strength. You can also map and monitor backlinks repeatedly, upload advanced reports, and powerful search filter tools to easily find the related information.
  • Through the Ahrefs SEO tool, you can also view your competitor’s search traffic through the Positions Explorer tool.
  • You should know what keywords the search engine uses and decides and the keywords they use for their ads and marketing campaigns. You can still see the organic and paid traffic data they receive.
  • It’s known that quality is the king that dominates the digital marketing world. So, Ahrefs makes sure you know the sort of material that produces revenue. You will see which information is always shared and which pages are related to common content patterns.
  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) need to see the keywords are placed and failed. Ahrefs lists your keyword rankings and lets you monitor how mobile devices operate in any location and language.

Google Analytics

SEO tool

Google Analytics SEO tool is a web analytics tool that any professional website owner should have. It helps you monitor a wide variety of data about your site results, traffic, and even user behavior. It’s a free app that has the potential to change your online marketing campaign absolutely. All you need is a Google account to get you started. 

We’ll look at the fundamentals of how this useful tool operates, how to use its setup, and understand some of the key analytics reports involved.

What Does The Google Analytics SEO Tool Do?

This is a wonderful SEO tool with multiple features. Still, essentially, it gives you a fast and convenient way to figure out all the vital metrics of your website, such as how many users you’ve got over a given amount of time, how many of those users have become new visitors also their geographical spread.

The way that the Google Analytics SEO tool provides these metrics is largely automatic, whatever is the case. In reality, there’s so much that this tool has to deliver that the only real limitation when it comes to critical website analytics is your imagination. Other things that you will find out using Google Analytics include:

  • Your metrics for social media (for example, from which social network is all this traffic coming from).
  • Whether or not the website is easy to access to mobile devices.
  • Which other websites connect to yours, and how much traffic you get from them.
  • The amount of traffic you produce from other pages relative to search engine queries.
  • Google Analytics SEO tool will help you assess your digital marketing campaign’s success by telling you where your traffic comes from so that you can identify important goals for your marketing activities.
  • You will also figure out where your visitors are headed when they leave your website.
  • The SEO tool also lets you assess your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who become paying customers).
  • You might also use these measures to help you identify the number of users who are signed up for your email list.
  • It will also help you streamline the layout and coding of your website to increase load times.

Why You Need To Use Google Analytics For SEO?

SEO tool

A strong understanding of the Customer Value Journey is essential to any effective marketing strategy. The customer experience is essentially the path that the customer is going through from their first encounter with the brand to their last one. This includes the following stages:

  • Acquisition: This requires creating brand awareness for interested consumers.
  • Behaviors: This involves increasing the effort to get people to engage with your company.
  • Conversion: This step includes turning these prospects into real paying clients.

This is the essence of the marketing funnels, and the monitoring and evaluation of these metrics are critical. Google Analytics SEO tool helps you quickly collect all the data so that you can see which of your campaign strategies are successful and not. Now that you have digital analytics that is so readily available, you can make better-informed business decisions.

The details captured by the Google Analytics SEO tool are easily accessible in various files that can be accessed inside the user interface. You will also review these reports to appreciate the clients better as they reach your marketing enclosure and continue down the customer’s path. In the end, this will help you make the right strategic choices for your company.

How The Google Analytics SEO Tool Works?

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The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Google Analytics account. When this is done, you need to set up your website in the right way (the details of which we will cover a little later on). The next move is to install the JavaScript monitoring code for each page on your site. This basic code will capture anonymous data on how people communicate with the sites on your site. These data will then be curated and presented to you in the related reports based on the pre-existing parameters.

For example, how the user got to your site (via a desktop device or mobile). But there are ways to modify the settings to customize the data. You may use it to segregate or remove details, for example, if you are only interested in seeing visitors’ actions to your site from a certain area. If that is the case, you might use a quick filter to remove all traffic data from certain regions that your company does not need to enter.

All You Need To Know About Your Google Analytics Account

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It is important to understand your Google Analytics account so that you can monitor the data you want and make sense of it so that you can use it to boost your marketing activities. Your GA account is structured in a hierarchy where each account has the ability to have several properties. Any of these properties may have several views as well. This ensures that you have the ability to handle data efficiently when it is needed.

Below is a list of the levels in this hierarchy:

  • Accounts: It helps you monitor and arrange how data is obtained from multiple websites, and this is also where you set user access thresholds.
  • Properties: The account has at least one property that uses a special tracking ID located within the JavaScript web tracking code. You may have several assets on one account, which is handy if you choose to gather data from, say, a smartphone app in addition to your website.
  • Views: You could have several views on your Google Analytics SEO tool account. They decide how your data is interpreted. You will customize this using specific filters in the Views tab. This is the level at which you can set your expectations to collect performance details such as leads and other KPIs (key performance indicators) on your overall digital marketing activities.

How To Use Google Analytics For SEO?

In case you handle several profiles, properties, and views, it’s easy to work through all of these elements either from the Google Analytics SEO tool homepage or through the account GUI. Read on to find out what kind of information your GA reports are going to provide you and how to make use of those measurements so that you can turn them into actionable intel to help you make smarter business decisions.


SEO tool is a purpose-built SEO tool that doesn’t have a large toolbox associated with the winners of our Editors’ Pick, Moz Pro, and SpyFu. Although the roles it works on are very well handled. As you may have guessed by his name, the KWFinder SEO tool, beginning at $29.90 a month, is laser-focused on ad hoc keyword analysis and suggestions.

Identifying the correct keywords and search results to the target is one of the most critical aspects of a successful SEO strategy; so while the KWFinder SEO tool does not have all the bells and whistles of our Editors’ Choice winners, it is the strongest tool we’ve tested when it comes to stand-alone SEO-driven keywords.

Plans And Pricing

SEO tool

Check the complete pricing here.

Price was a small drawback when we revised our analysis recently. KWFinder SEO tool, operated by SEO and online marketing solutions provider Mangools, launched a free plan when we first tested the app. Since then, however, the firm has somewhat increased its paid service rates and has discontinued the free plan in favor of a free 10-day trial that allows for 5 searches over a 24-hour period.

The search cap also involves searches using the SERPChecker program, one of the three methods in the Mangools suite. This is primarily for the study of keywords in the Google search engine results pages (SERP).

After entering a query, the SERP results appear right next to the KWFinder SEO tool results. Mangools now has a third tool, SERPWatcher, which brings a rating monitoring component to the app. Mangools has three simple price tags. The Basic Plan of this SEO tool begins at $29.90 a month billed yearly ($49 per month) and ups keyword and SERP queries at a total of 100 per day, with 200 associated keywords per search.

You’ll also get 200 tracked keywords with SERPWatcher and unrestricted domain monitoring. At the Premium Rate, starting at $39.90 a month billed annually ($69 per month), the search limits increase to 500 combined KWFinder, and SERPChecker searches with 700 associated query, and 700 tracked SERPWatcher keywords.

The company has added an Agency plan ($79.90 per month, billed annually, or $129 per month) to raise the limit to 1,200 keyword searches per 24 hours of 700 related keywords per search. You also get 1,200 SERPChecker queries, and 1,500 SERPWatcher tracked keywords. This plan will be publicly available by the end of August.

Mangools is wise to package all of its tools together and earn extra points to keep its price down relative to the rest of the tools in this roundup. Either way, you cut it, KWFinder is the cheapest platform we’ve reviewed, making it handy add-on value for targeted keyword analysis in combination with some of the other SEO tools in this roundup.

User Experience of KWFinder

SEO tool

You don’t need to be an SEO specialist in any way whatsoever to use KWFinder. The user experience (UX) is just as easy as it gets since the question of the KWFinder always begins with a simple search box. No other configuration is needed.

When testing each tool, I used the same set of five keywords to see how the SEO metrics, results, and keyword recommendations differed between the optimization tools. I checked the five keywords: internet marketing, digital marketing, online shopping, IT consulting, and small business accounting. I have chosen these terms to simulate the terms that real businesses might be looking for and find the related search results and competitive spots that are ripe for targeting.

When entering keywords, the search feature gives you the option of selecting a particular language or drilling results for specific countries or even towns. For SMBs looking to move the needle in local search traffic, city-specific results are an extremely useful parameter that I haven’t found in any other SEO tools, most of which the only filter by country. You can also import a list of keywords by entering them manually or importing them from a CSV file.

After running a keyword search in the KWFinder SEO tool, the first thing you see on the results tab is the dashboard’s left side metric map. It begins right away with a search-based list of recommended keywords. For each keyword proposed, the KWFinder SEO tool shows a small bar graph showing how that search phrase has been trending over the past year, the average monthly search frequency, the average cost per click (PPC), the level of competition from other pay-per-click (PPC) ads on a scale of 100, and most notably, the SEO difficulty rating on that keyword. – Keyword Search Results

SEO tool

Difficulty score is an all-in-one, 1-100 number that factors Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) SEO metrics in other data such as keyword search volume, how high paying search ads affect the outcome, and how heavy the competition is at each position on the current search results page. Mike Levin, Senior SEO Director at PCMag parent company Ziff Davis, who worked on this roundup, said that (for big publishers such as Ziff Davis at least) the perfect complexity score target you’re looking for is below 50. Still, any higher than 60 is usually a tough spot.

After looking for the keyword “digital marketing,” I found that its total difficulty score was 65. Few recommendations with lower difficulty scores at the top of the results were “digital agency” and “digital marketing agency,” with smaller search volumes but with more realistic difficulty scores of 54 and 51. Those associated keyword complexity scores were the average of the entire search results list. Still, if you click on that result, the SERPChecker tool on the right side of the results dashboard will send you the drill-down details of the URL occupying each spot on the “digital marketing agency” results page, for example.

The third-place URL on the page had a PA/DA breakdown of 31/23 and a cumulative SEO competition rating of 41, according to the results of the KWFinder. KWFinder’s SERP findings have also been drawn from other data points such as Facebook and Google+ shares (though not Twitter) and MozRank and MozTrust metrics provided by Editors’ Choice Moz. Altogether, KWFinder helped me easily discover a location where my company might use SEO diagnostics using a platform like SEMrush or Ahrefs to start designing a strategy for targeting optimization.

Long Tail Pro

SEO tool

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research SEO tool. Long Tail Pro helps users to produce hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in minutes based on 1 single root keyword or numerous root keywords at once. The need for Long Tail Pro was born from the experience of spending endless hours searching for low competition keywords. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating an Amazon partner platform, trying to market it.

Good keyword collection is the backbone of a good SEO strategy – no matter whether you’re using Squarespace, Weebly, or WordPress, picking the correct keywords, will make a difference between traffic development and deflation. Long Tail Pro SEO tool helps you to produce more than 800 keywords using the Google keyword app. Long Tail Pro SEO tool is a product developed by Spencer Haws from NichePursuits. He has been active in Internet Marketing for about five years and has created hundreds of long-tail websites.


SEO tool

Check the complete pricing here.


Hope you have enjoyed our blog on ‘Best Keyword Research SEO Tool In The Market in 2021’. If I talk about my own opinion then SEMRush is my personal favorite keyword research tool according to me.

If you are looking for a free alternative for keyword research then Google Analytics can be the best option for you.

We hope after reading this blog, all your doubts will be cleared. I hope you can find the best keyword research SEO tool for your WordPress website. Also, do not forget to mention in the comments that which is your personal favorite keyword research SEO tool and why.

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