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Best Ways to Make Marketing More Effective in 2021

Best Ways to Make Marketing More Effective in 2021


Increased online competition, digital fatigue faced by our customers, and the need for real solutions are making our work more relevant than ever.

So if you’re ready to reboot and think big for the coming year, here are the best ways to make your marketing more successful in 2021:

Always Keep Your Eye On Your Goal


When it feels like things are constantly shifting, it’s important to have a long-term plan that holds everything together, but that’s a versatile way of marketing enough to allow you to adapt to current events and external factors.

When I learned how to do marketing years ago, I soon discovered that it wasn’t easy to get from one side of the lake to the other. At a moment’s notice, the weather could change, and all I could do was shift with the wind.

It’s the same thing in the company. The overall strategy of marketing keeps you in the direction of your desired goal, while your quarterly and monthly tactical preparation helps you to adapt appropriately to the winds of change.

Know Your Customer


Over the past 12 months, there have been major changes in consumer conduct from remote work and education, video messaging, online shopping, from supermarket to gardening products, and watching our entertainment remotely.

How did the customers adjust? Has this signaled new pressure points and challenges that you could face?

When you have this information, follow up with a survey that goes to your wider email database and social audiences to help you quantify the depth of your feelings. Be sure to change your plan on the basis of what you hear.

Become More User Friendly


Google’s Core Web Vitals is the latest in a series of changes to the search engine algorithm that prioritizes the personal experience of the website. The update coming in May will test the speed, responsiveness, and visual consistency of your website, which will affect your search engine ranking.

If you haven’t had a customer interface for marketing going in the past, now is the ideal time to get started. And you don’t need a big budget to update your entire online experience in one go.

Take that one move at a time. Map the perfect consumer experience and then watch to see if the customers are following it. You can install a tool like Hotjar or Crazy Egg to see how people access your web, ask them about the experience through a pop-up poll, and then take one patch at a time.

Maintain A Balance Between Existing and New Customer Activities


In a recent Gartner survey of CMOs, they found that 73 percent rely primarily on existing customers to drive their growth. And while your current customers are definitely significant, there are marketing opportunities to create a wider network in today’s landscape.

COVID has disrupted our habits and a variety of supply chains. Customers have been experimenting with new products out of preference or need, and many of these new buyer habits are likely to continue. It’s a good time to try out a broad-based strategy to bring your brand to potential consumers who may be searching for an alternative.

Invest In Yourself


The year ahead will continue to be unpredictable, with major changes in how we work, shop, play, communicate and have fun.

One of the easiest ways to train is to invest in your own skills and knowledge. Not only does this increase your confidence, it can also help make you more resilient and adaptable.

Learning a programming language like Python, improving your critical and strategic thinking skills through LinkedIn Learning courses, or simply reading and listening more widely to developments around you, is a great place to start.


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