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10 Big Features And Changes Around WhatsApp And How We Can Effectively Use WhatsApp In Personal And Business Fields

10 Big Features And Changes Around WhatsApp And How We Can Effectively Use WhatsApp In Personal And Business Fields


Although it was a tough time due to Covid-19, to say the least, there are a few moments of respite that make the year a bit more bearable. Considering the majority of discussions that have passed online this year, it’s no wonder that some of these ‘respiratory moments’ have arrived in the form of new functionality and experience updates on our favorite apps. Instant Messaging Platform WhatsApp launched several big changes in 2020. Let’s just take a peek.

Here’s a list of the top features released this year on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Payments


WhatsApp developed a payment function in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and India-first, a real-time payment system that facilitates transactions with more than 160 supported banks. Now, with this new update, making purchases has become as simple as sending a message to WhatsApp.

Disappearing Messages


Although it’s nice to hang on to the memories of friends and relatives, much of what we’re sending doesn’t have to be permanent. With the missed messages turned on, the new messages sent to the chat will vanish after 7 days. The messaging platform believes that this not only serves to minimize the clutter; it also helps to make the conversation more private.

Redesigned Storage Management Tool


Users can access their WhatsApp chats, email, images, and videos, using a new storage management tool that was introduced earlier this year.

‘Always Mute’ Feature


Users can mute WhatsApp groups or personal chats permanently using the latest ‘Always Mute’ feature.

Customizable Wallpapers


Users can render chats personal and distinguishable by custom wallpapers for important chats and favorite people using custom wallpapers.

Advanced Search Option


With this option, users can now filter the search with photos, audio, GIFs, videos, along with documents and links.

Animated Stickers


As WhatsApp stickers do a better job of communicating feelings and are among the fastest-growing ways users connect on WhatsApp, the app rolled out animated sticker packs as a more fun and expressive way to communicate.

QR Codes


WhatsApp has recently made it easy to add a new contact. You will soon be able to scan your QR code to add them to your contacts anytime you encounter someone new.

Group Video Calls


Now users can video call up to 8 people at once. In addition, recent updates make it easy to concentrate on one person by encouraging the user to press and hold to enhance the video of the participant to the full screen. In group chats of 8 or fewer, users can quickly launch a group video call with a single tap.

Dark Mode


The extremely famous Dark Mode theme that gives your eyes a little respite when giving your phone a fresh look is now extended to your computer/desktop.

Business Through WhatsApp In 2021


As companies around the world re-open and grow online, customers will continue to search for easy ways to get in contact with them to ask questions, get information, or find something they would want to purchase. In a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 77% of adults in India decided that they choose to give a business message when they need to reach them rather than they did before the pandemic. In order to satisfy this need, the app has given two options for traders and service providers to help their clients and expand their business—both of which have seen substantial adoption and success in 2020.

WhatsApp For Small Businesses

Smaller Businesses should use “WhatsApp for Business,” a version of the app developed especially for small businesses and Kirana shop owners. By way of WhatsApp for Business, shop owners can build catalogs and ease ordering for their customers. Today, more than 175 million people are reporting WhatsApp Business every day around the globe, and we expect this figure to continue to rise as companies continue to focus on flexible digital channels to connect and sell goods. More than 15 million small business users are now using WhatsApp for Business to communicate with their clients in India.

Approximately 81 percent of the adults surveyed agreed that messaging is a fast and simple way to connect with a business, and 76 percent were more likely to do business with a company that they might contact via messaging.

Business Through WhatsApp In India


India is the biggest market of WhatsApp, and the lively micro and small business community are one of our key sources of input on our product roadmap. We also recently announced the introduction of new features such as a shopping button and a cart that will make the shopping experience more responsive and seamless for both consumers and companies. With the Shopping button, we’ve made it easy for people to explore the company catalog, search for the items, and start a conversation about the item they like with just one simple press.

Our newly introduced ‘Carts Button’ will now allow customers to pick several products they want to purchase and then deliver them as a message directly to the company. I’m sure this is going to be a game-changer for business messaging and a big move forward towards our vision for the development of conversational commerce.

Whatsapp For Large Businesses

For larger businesses, the WhatsApp API is a method of automating their support and sales processes. Customers can now “Say Hi” and get in contact with them to ask questions, get details, or find something they’d like to purchase from their favorite companies through automated conversational workflows and bots. This makes business as easy and relaxed as “Saying Hi” to your family every day on this app. The API has been embraced by many of the leading private sector firms, ranging from financial services to state-of-the-art companies to retailers.

In addition, we agree that the WhatsApp Business API will play a vital role in accelerating financial inclusion, education, training, and health services for the underserved. Pilots are in the process of allowing people everywhere in the world to explore and decide to purchase micro-pensions and health insurance, connect with government services, and control all of WhatsApp’s banks.

New WhatsApp Update


WhatsApp has also announced that it will update its terms of service and privacy policy as of 8 February 2021. Having faced a lot of user backlash over privacy issues, the Facebook-owned messaging app has now made it clear that your privacy would not be compromised if you do not use its two optional features. In its FAQ portion, the application claimed that the new privacy policy would not change the privacy of your communications with your friends and relatives. As per the company, the update would only impact messages sent to the WhatsApp business accounts, which it adds is an optional feature.

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