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Binom Review: Best Affiliate Tracker For Your Campaigns

With the expansion in the global market, the competition in the marketing industry is rising as the days pass; therefore, managing your marketing campaigns is becoming more challenging. To tackle this situation, you need an efficient marketing campaign tracker.   

If you look out for these trackers in the marketplace then you will get an abundance of tools, and all will be claiming to be the best in the industry. Therefore, it becomes tough for marketers to decide which tracker is best for tracking their marketing campaigns.  

Let us assume that you are an affiliate marketer who manages multiple affiliate programs, runs various marketing campaigns over different social media platforms, works with many third-party landing page owners, or handles a bulk of digital marketing tools. We all know that it is the standard set up for an affiliate marketing business that works with a team of professionals.  

But in case you are a solopreneur who is willing to save up on additional charges for hiring a digital marketing team, then an affiliate tracking software such as Binom will be the best possible option for you.  

Binom provides you with an innovative centralized dashboard to eliminate the hassle of managing multiple accounts at different places. Its dashboard connects all your affiliate marketing accounts, website landing pages, product deals, and promotional details in one place.  

By offering all the popular and in-demand features at a reasonable price, Binom has become a very popular tool in the affiliate marketing industry. Many marketers and affiliate businesses are using this tool to enhance the performance of their marketing campaigns.  

In this Binom review article, we will put some light on the most impressive and helpful features of this affiliate tracking tool, and we will also explore its installation and pricing in the later section of the article. 

What is Binom?


Binom is basically a self-hosted affiliate tracker that enables its users to manage and monitor their marketing campaigns. The Binom software is designed with a robust structure and offers a lot of features that are easily accessible from its user-friendly dashboard and interface.  

Binom came into the industry in the year 2017. Since then, it has become a widely popular and most favourite tool for affiliate marketers. It was developed by a team of professional affiliate marketers who were trying to fill the gaps present in the market. Therefore, we can say that Binom is the ultimate affiliate tracking tool that was designed by the marketers for the marketers.  

Most Authentic and Powerful Features of Binom


When any marketer explores the SaaS market to find the best campaign tracking tool, they seek three features: efficiency, convenience, and accuracy. If we talk about Binom then it passes all these three criteria that a marketer usually looks for.  

Binom is undoubtedly a feature-packed and phenomenal affiliate tracking tool. It allows the users to choose from 30 different parameters such as bot filters, user location, user details, and many more such options. It also helps you in avoiding page redirects, empowers post-back functionality, and also allows you to import all the click cost directly from the traffic source.  

It also enables you to create unlimited domains, transports conversions back to their original source, along with boosting the conversion rate of your incoming traffic. Apart from this, Binom has a lot more features to offer you. Let’s discuss them one by one.  

1. Exit Point Tracking


It is quite common among landers to operate with multiple exit points to the offer of a deal. The exit point tracking feature of Binom is very useful to understand the user behaviour.  

With this feature, you can easily identify that which CTAs are getting a greater number of clicks by the users. For an instance, let’s assume that you are an affiliate marketer who wants to test his traffic source for filtering out the bot traffic. 

For doing this, you can add an invisible hyperlink to your landing page and with help of exit point tracking, you will be able to track the source IDs of the bot traffic coming on your landing page. 

These source IDs will help you determine from where this fraud traffic is coming. Therefore, Binom’s exit point tracking feature allows you to track that which of your CTAs are performing good and also enables you to track their CTR. 

2. Integrate your landing pages

Binom helps you integrate all your landing pages, which means that you will get an option to upload all your landing pages to your tracker so that all of them are located on the same server.  

By doing this, you are avoiding an extra redirect which improves the load time speed and the tracking performance altogether.   

3. Estimated Approval Rate

Now, let’s move on to another fantastic feature of Binom: the estimated approval rate, which is really very helpful in keeping track of your marketing campaign performance.   

It allows you to set an expected approach rate and projections for every lead to estimate the profit revenue and return on investment. If you are running longer funnel marketing campaigns just like cash on delivery then this feature will work like a magic stick for you.  

4. Free SSL certificates + Lander protection

By using Binom, you get the lander protection that adds an additional layer of security to your landing page. For example, if anyone has a direct link to your lander then this feature will prevent that person from accessing the lander page directly, and all your prospects will land on your ads only.  

Along with lander protection, Binom also offers a free SSL certificate which is the primary identity of all secured platforms over the web.  

5. Zero Loss Guarantee

In order to optimize your marketing campaigns, your tracker must operate with 100% accuracy. But the fact is that not every affiliate tracking tool provides you with an accurate count of clicks, especially in the case of high-volume campaigns.  

Binom comes with a zero loss guarantee which ensures that as soon as your link gets any click, it will be immediately sent to the affiliate tracker and will be marked registered. Hence, by using Binom, you will not lose any data.  

6. Grouped Statistics

Binom is an unbeatable affiliate monitoring software that offers 26 valuable metrics that will assist you in boosting the performance of your marketing campaigns. Also, if you want to combine all these 26 metrics then also you will face no hassle. In this way, you can study and analyze your marketing activities and campaigns from different viewpoints and adjust favourable filters to improve the process of optimization.  

7. Instant Click Processing


As we know that, website loading speed plays a very crucial role in online marketing. Your prospective leads don’t like to even wait more than 8 to 10 seconds for the page to be loaded entirely; therefore, every millisecond is critical. In the affiliate marketing industry, every second counts; consequently, you must have a fast tracker that can save you a reasonable amount of time.  

Binom is one of the best affiliate tracking software that comes under the list of the fastest affiliate trackers in the industry because it takes less than 5 milliseconds to process your clicks no matter how large is your traffic volume.  

8. Domain Checking for Google Blocking


A lot of affiliate marketers are highly affected with a common issue that is Google blocking their marketing domains. But when you use Binom, you are free from this headache. It is because Binom has integration with the Safe Browsing API of Google.  

This implies that you have the option to manually check that how your marketing domains are actually performing. The domain checking feature of Binom will tell you if there is any problem with your domain, how it will impact your campaign, and will also provide you with effective solutions on how to fix it.  

9. Additional Users

Affiliate marketers mainly seek collaboration-friendly tools to operate in a better way, and Binom gives them an edge over here. With Binom, you can create an unlimited number of additional user accounts.  

With this feature, you will also get the ability to manage access to your campaign’s data. For example, you can manage the limits and restrictions of your team members so that your data remains secure.  

10. Fast and Accurate Reports


When you are in the affiliate marketing industry, you may need to export hundreds of campaign records and marketing reports almost daily. The founder of Binom has targeted this problem area and designed this affiliate tracking tool in such a way that it can create in-depth analytics reports in just a few seconds.  

You just need to make a few simple clicks, and all your detailed marketing reports that include different metrics along with your traffic statistics will get generated. In this way, you can get well-defined insights into your campaigns.  

11. Traffic Distribution


With Binom, marketers and affiliates can decide that how do they want to distribute their traffic volume. If you want to test your landing pages or marketing links then you can define different testing paths. While defining these paths, you must set unique and different distribution parameters, analyze the reports loading and make the smart rotation for getting more conversions.  

12. Group Categorization


If you are an affiliate marketer and you want to succeed then a chaotic or hefty approach will not work out for you because managing and keeping track of different campaigns at one time is very challenging.  

But if you are a Binom user then you must not worry about it because this affiliate tracking tool offers you the feature of group categorization where you can easily divide all your efforts in terms of landers, campaigns, and even offers by category. This ultimately allows you to organize your campaigns in a structured way to avoid confusion and mess.  

13. Offers and Landing Page Storage

Being an affiliate marketer, it can be are a very daunting task for you to upload landers and create new offers every time when you launch a new marketing campaign.   

But Binom works in a way to reduce your efforts by letting you save the deals on landing pages on your tracker. Once you create and upload any new campaign, you just have to access your data and landing pages from your database, and you are done!  

Binom Pricing Plans and Support


As many professional affiliate marketers are aware of the fact that an efficient affiliate tracking tool is very hard to find at a reasonable price, but it is not valid in the case of Binom.  

Binom offers free customer support service, but for accessing all the notable features, you have to buy the Binom license that is worth $69 per month for an annual subscription. You will get one server along with unlimited domains, clicks, and lifelong updates.  

If you buy the premium plan of Binom then you get free installation of tracker on your server. This plan eliminates the need to replace the previous files with new ones as you get the automatic update feature to keep your server up to date.  


Binom offers customer support over Skype and even in the web panel. You can get in touch with their experts regarding any query or concern within a few minutes. The premium plan comes with a 14 days trial period. Their support team installs the tracker at the time of purchase and also helps in fixing third-party glitches. This makes the whole installation process a breeze.  

The support and tracker training are available 24 x 7. If at all, at any point in time, you feel unsatisfied with the support or the plan, Binom also gives you the option to terminate the plan at the exact moment.  

Installation Process of Binom


Many people feel concerned regarding the installation and setup while switching to Binom since it is an affiliate tracking tool that is hosted on the user’s server. But there is nothing to worry about because the support staff of Binom does the installation and set-up for you, that too in less than 15 minutes.  

There is one thing that you must keep in mind that before signing up for Binom, you need to have your own server along with the necessary prerequisites. But if you don’t have any then you must go for a dedicated server with 2 cores and 2 GB RAM storage.  

The type of server you use will play a crucial role because the affiliate tracking tool will not work for shared hosting. Once you are done with your server set-up, you can contact the Binom staff, and they will install the tracker on your server and will also provide you with the required training of the affiliate tracker.  

The Final Verdict: Binom

If you are an affiliate marketer then equipping the correct marketing analytics tool plays a huge role in your campaign’s success. An affiliate tracker tool assists you in optimizing your marketing efforts and campaign performance. Binom is a phenomenal software that comes with plenty of useful features that will ease down your campaign management process.  

In this detailed review of Binom, we have explored all the valuable features offered by this affiliate tracking software. These features will indeed serve as your helping hand in making informed decisions for your marketing campaigns.  

Besides these features, you can improve the performance of your campaigns by collecting user insights, conducting split tests, and landing page comparisons. Binom helps you do all this at a centralized dashboard and leads to maximize your profit margins.  

But there is one thing that you must consider, that Binom is an advanced tool for experienced affiliate marketers. Therefore, if you’re a newcomer who is just starting his/her affiliate journey then this tool might look a bit complex to you. But in case you have worked on different free affiliate marketing tools before then you’ll not face any discomfort while using Binom.

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