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Blogging Vs Youtube – Which One Should You Use For Branding?

Launching a product might be a little tricky. How a simple part of our lives can become a product is praiseworthy. We are all familiar with brands like Bisleri, Aquafina, and Kinley. With proper branding, they managed to build a business from a basic necessity, water. The expected market value of Bisleri is calculated to be $60 billion by the year 2023. From the above data, it becomes very clear how necessary branding is for products. 

What is Branding? Is it Really Important?

When we speak of a makeup brand, most people will have L’Oreal and Lakme in their minds. If we talk about fashion brands, a majority of people will mentally think of H&M or Zara. McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks are well-imprinted brands in our minds. This is why branding is important. Branding helps in building an image in our minds when we think of any particular product. 

Product branding is a crucial part of the strategy followed by brands. Branding of a product enables businesses to announce the services they are providing. It is essential for consumers as well because it allows consumers to distinguish between different products. 

To set up a brand for business, there are many ways. From social media platforms to articles you read very often, anything can be chosen to use for the branding of your business. In this article, we will see blogging vs youtube, which is the better choice for branding. Before, we discussed blogging vs Youtube, which one is better, and why let us individually explore branding with blogs and youtube.

Branding with Blogs

Blogging Vs Youtube

Blogs are online journals that are devoured by the public. The content in blogging is provided in written form. Owners of businesses often are in doubt about whether they should start a blog for their business or not. If you can curate a high-quality blog, it can be very useful in helping with your branding. Not only does blogging help in branding, but it can also help you in creating connections with your readers. Let us see how branding with blogs is beneficial. 

If you are sharing information related to your brand that is easy to read and valuable to the readers, you are guiding the audience to believe you are an expert in the field. This makes it easy for your audience to trust your brand. Well, experts can be trusted easily. By gaining trust from your readers (potential consumers), you will also earn loyal consumers. 

Blogs are very useful in providing traffic for your website. Initially, focus on covering the trending and frequently searched queries in your domain. Build a good audience. Blogging helps in filtering your potential customers effectively. Hook your readers to your blogs by providing valuable content regularly. Once you have sufficient traffic on your blogs, you can add backlinks to your website and direct your traffic to your website

If you are blogging in the right manner, you will be able to increase sales exponentially. Through blogging, you are already attracting a lot of possible buyers as readers from your blogs. It is obvious you will see a rise in sales. Blogging helps you provide answers and information to your readers. In another way, you have an opportunity to get inside the minds of your readers. If you are successful in engaging your readers, you may get more blog visits by similar groups of people. 

Branding using YouTube

Blogging Vs Youtube

With the use of YouTube, you can set up a brand of yourself. Youtube makes it extremely easy. Using Youtube as your branding platform is the best way to increase the visibility of your brand. Let us unveil why marketing with youtube can be useful.

Youtube has the potential to drive heavy traffic. There are billions of videos streamed by people on a daily basis. With youtube, you have an option of increasing the number of your customers by promoting your services in other content. So even if you do not want to invest your time in creating content for your own brand on youtube, it still remains a better platform for advertising and building your brand.

Another interesting benefit of branding your business through youtube is that you also get better visibility on google. Videos happen to appear more than any other type of content when we search for something on google. Youtube has visual content in the form of videos. Content on youtube tends to be more efficient in adding emotion to your brand. Emotional branding uses the connection built with the consumer using his emotional state.

Blogging vs YouTube

Blogging vs YouTube, which one should you opt for? We have individually explored the benefits of both blogging and Youtube. Are you confused about whether you should start by building your brand by writing or you should take the leverage of the best search engine, i.e., Youtube? It is time we see which one of the two options suits best for branding, Blogging vs YouTube. Let us help in picking the best option for your branding. 

1. Costs

Blogging Vs Youtube

It is essential to have knowledge of how much each of the branding options costs. You can later choose the branding method that suits your budget. We all agree that setting up a business is a costly task, and hence we should invest smartly in branding our business. Starting a blog includes costs of web hosting and domain money. If you wish to hire writers to build quality content for your blog, an additional cost will be added. For starting a Youtube channel, financial investments are required. But you will require a high-quality camera and microphone for better video content

2. Skills

For both of the options of branding, Blogging vs Youtube, there is a different set of skills required. If you wish to start a blog, you must be excellent in writing, have the basic information about SEO, be good at photography, and have skills in graphic design. If you are considering branding your business with the help of Youtube, the skills required will be video shooting, video editing, photography skills, and basic knowledge of SEO & graphic designing.

3. Time investments

Blogging Vs Youtube

If we compare both the branding methods, blogging vs Youtube, both of them require a considerable amount of time. With blogging, you have to write a blog in a minimum of 1000 words, proofread it, and add some pictures for better presentation. 

Creating content for youtube is a tedious task. You have to select a suitable background, record videos involving multiple failed attempts, edit the recorded videos, and so on. How much you will have to invest in either of them depends on your skills and expertise. 

4. Are you the owner?

It is very crucial to understand if you own the platform or not in both the ways of branding, blogging vs Youtube. When considering blogs, if you own a self-hosted website, you own the website completely. You can fully control your blogs in your own ways. But, talking of Youtube channels, you do not own the channel; Youtube can make changes to your channel.

5. Text Vs Visual?

Sometimes the content is better displayed in the written form, and hence, blogging is more apt in such conditions. At times, videos are effective in delivering the content in the right manner. People find it easier to relate to videos, including the fact that videos are better for invoking an emotional attachment. But in conclusion, for different types of content, blogging or Youtube can be used.

6. Traffic

Blogging Vs Youtube

If you want faster traffic driven to your brand, youtube is what we recommend to you. Youtube offers faster traffic. If you have been attentive to the algorithm, maintained the required keyword additions, and provided high-quality content, your higher ranking is immediate. With blogging, the results are slower as compared with Youtube.

Wrapping It Up

We very often hear that blogging is no longer profitable. And we also hear how it is naive of us to expect traffic from youtube. But let us clear the rumors. Both can be considerately useful for building your brand if you understand how to put in the right inputs. If we start discussing which one is better, blogging vs Youtube, it will be a little foolish. 

Well, each of the tools has its merits and demerits. By properly understanding your business and needs, you can easily figure out which one of the two, blogging or Youtube, will suit your business the best. One of the best ways to decide which way you should use is to see what you are more comfortable doing. 

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