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Comparium Review: Website Tester For Cross-Browser

Comparium is a web application that performs website testing over a cross-browser. A powerful tool that can work as your assistant that will track the performance of your client’s website on various browsers and platforms. It will increase the traffic on your website and help you monetise your website with the speed of light.

Comparium Review

If you’re looking for an automatic website testing application that can save money and time both, then Comparium will be the best platform for you. It offers you their services of automated website testing over the cross-browsers. Let’s have a look at Comparium’s features.

Feature of Comparium

As you know that there are already so many website testing services available on the internet but what makes it unique. So, here are some of the points from which you can understand why this is so very popular among all of them. Let’s talk about the features of Comparium.

  1. As Comparium gives us the privilege to perform cross-browser website testing, a new feature is added in Comparium, which is to select the required resolution that will be automatically filtered according to our needs. This feature makes cross-browser testing more comfortable for the user. 
  1. It supports the most number of operating systems and almost all web browsers with their latest versions. So, it is nothing like that this is not going to run on your browser or operating system.

Comparium supports these operating systems and web browsers. 

Operating Systems

Comparium Review
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X Mojave
  • High Sierre
  • Linux

Web Browsers And Their Version

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 10.0
  • Google Chrome 81.0, 80.0, 79.0, 78.0 
  • Mozilla Firefox 75.0, 74.0, 68.0
  • Safari 13.0, 12.0  
  • Opera 67.0, 66.0

Comparium has come up with a new tool called ‘Side-By-Side Comparison Mode’, which provides you with the feature of comparing all the screenshots of web resources on numerous browsers and operating systems all at the same time on one screen to make it easier for you to compare and get the desired result.

With the help of the new feature of ‘Live Testing Mode’, you can perform live testing of web resources on different browsers and operating systems in real-time according to your need.

Comparium gives you the advantage to upload your mockup as a separate file and using it as a template to compare it with the screenshots taken from the different browsers and platforms. It supports .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, .gif formats.

Description Of Interface And How To Use Comparium

Comparium Review

This platform has a very user-friendly and easy to use to interface to test your website; you just need to enter the URL of your website, operating system, along with the browser. After that, click on the test, and you’ll get the screenshots highlighting the comparison modes to facilitate your work of testing.

A new feature of LIVE testing is also available now, which can perform website testing over cross-browser LIVE. 

Guest And Pro Plans And Their Pricing

Comparium Review

Comparium has served its uses with two plans, i.e., Guest and PRO plans.

The Guest plan gives you the benefit of using: Win & Mac platforms w/o Dark Mode, latest Chrome and Firefox in 1024p width, completely FREE of charge. 

The subscription for the PRO plan costs $15 per month, which gives the availability of unlimited screenshots for web testing.

Comparium: The Final Verdict

Comparium takes care of its customer’s needs and tries to provide them with satisfying services as Comparium has its motto that the entire company’s success depends upon every member of the team, whether these are their specialists or their customers. 

They take customers’ needs and suggestions into their consideration and ask their specialists to upgrade their website testing tool accordingly so that it’ll meet the customer’s requirements successfully.

If I talk about the overall review so, this application deserves a five-star rating because they are providing everything necessary for the people and at the same time, they are quite supportive as well as, as far as I’m concerned about Comparium, for the website developers, it is the best application which is being developed. So, what are you waiting for? You should go and start using it.

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