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Top 5 Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

Health care is one of the highest expatriate goals. But what are the best health systems in the world that offers the most affordable healthcare services? We are looking at the industry of medical tourism and countries abroad with the best clinics and doctors.

Medical Tourism

Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

The fast-growing industry is medical tourism. The industry figures are among $45.5-72 billion worldwide in recent estimates. In 2017, nearly 1,4 million Americans were going abroad for the most affordable healthcare. Although the 2018 estimates are not in effect, the 2017 figures are likely to increase by 25 per cent.

A new trend is to go abroad for healthcare. The idea was almost unheard of a few years ago. Today, Americans discover that they can better fulfil their health needs abroad with the most affordable healthcare services.

This new market is powered mainly by lower prices. Prices are still strong in the United States without any signs of decline. Going abroad, savings in Asia of up to 90% and Mexico and Central America of up to 65% are produced.

How Are International Countries Capable Of Delivering The Most Affordable Healthcare Services?

Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

U.S. health care has been impacted severely. Two main factors generally justify this. The over-control of large pharmaceutical firms and their influence.

Regulation is needed and useful, but it is detrimental to over-regulation. The U.S. has gone too far with some of its laws relative to other nations. For instance, the US has a limit on how much you can operate a surgeon in one day. Just one open heart Chirurgie can be done each day. This is a valid logic to ensure that a surgeon is not too exhausted to do his job.

This law does not apply to other countries. A doctor is free to work during his shift more than once. Interestingly, in India, the rate of success is higher than the quality of success in US surgery, where a surgeon can operate more than once a day.

Top 5 Countries With Most Affordable Healthcare

Millions of people go every year to health and medical quality destinations at a lower cost, and most destinations are listed in the most affordable healthcare countries!

It almost sounds too good to be true. However, believe us, medical tourism is a legal undertaking!

It is an additional bonus that you can save money, get better care and relax as you recover in some beautiful destinations.

Here we’ve listed the top 5 countries with the most affordable healthcare services.


Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

The government of Colombia encouraged medical tourism as part of a campaign to get more visitors. Perhaps the best in South America is the healthcare system in Colombia. The most popular destination is Medellin. Medellin is widely known worldwide for offering the most affordable healthcare. This draws medical visitors from all over America. New hospitals are being constructed outside of Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena. They want to help meet Colombia’s rising demand for medical care.

Colombia is a cosmetic operative expert with some of the finest surgeons and most affordable healthcare. There are also some of the most affordable healthcare rates everywhere. More specialised cancer therapies are also available in Colombia. Hospitals collaborate for research and development with U.S. counterparts. In this way, Colombia must remain a technical pioneer for the future.

Costa Rica

Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

Costa Rica is quickly becoming the home of luxurious medical care abroad. It’s clear to see why, on average, 50%-70% savings relative to the US. It has new state-of-the-art operations and hospitals in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica patients save a lot of money, with healthcare rates between 45 and 65% lower than those in the United States.

Besides lowering prices, some exceptional Costa Rican hospitality is being treated to patients. The best place for dental tourism in the world is probably Costa Rica. Several services are available. Transportation to and from the airport can be expected. The rivalry is fierce enough for several providers to keep rates down.


Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

Singapore has become the first country to welcome medical tourism. It also has the absolute advantage of being on the market first and has a good reputation in the industry. Other countries enter the rush to medical tourism, however. Singapore hasn’t all its way anymore. Malaysia and Indonesia develop their services quickly and deliver more affordable rates. Indonesia and Malaysia are good alternatives to some of the best providers of health care in the world. Singapore will possibly soon be overtaken.

Singapore is the most affordable healthcare service provider in all Asian countries in the World Health Organisation. Moreover, Singapore ranked in 2014 among the top three countries with the world’s most successful and most affordable healthcare systems.


Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

Brazil has been the third most visited country after the United States and China for cosmetic and plastic surgery. But more visitors fly every year for the most affordable healthcare to Brazil. Brazil provides high-quality procedures at reasonable prices, in particular.

Moreover, 43 JCI- accredited hospitals will guarantee you good quality service and care. Tourists from the US to Brazil save about 20 per cent on their medical bills for a medical procedure.


Countries With The Most Affordable Healthcare

India is one of the most visited healthcare countries. The enormous savings in healthcare costs in partnership with India’s high-quality facilities and state-of-the-art technology. India also provides virtually zero time for operations, which appear to be conducted immediately after the diagnosis has been confirmed.

People travelling for medical purposes are granted a 30-day visa. Visiting India is convenient and straightforward, with a wide range of flights. The major cities, such as Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore, are home to medical tourism.

In India, a variety of alternative treatments and medicines can be offered. In this area, the country has a rich history. In Indian medicine, the old and the modern live together, and India is at the cutting edge of robot activity.

There are more than 300 robotic surgeons in the world. Some surgeons use robotics to conduct some of the most critical and complex procedures. The prices for these processes remain high, but in future years, as the demand grows, this is expected to become a significant industry.

The Bottom Line

But a word of warning. It’s enough to go overseas for a bargain. Don’t try and save even more money by taking the cheapest treatment. It’s worth remembering the adage, “you get what you’re paying for.” Pay for the best treatments and make enough savings.

If you think that we have missed out on any country in our ‘most affordable healthcare’ list, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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