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What should businesses do to achieve an exceptional customer journey in the post-COVID-19 world?

We are living in extraordinary times as companies and customers are learning to navigate the complexities of COVID-19. Everyone is adapting their habits and learning to work together to get over this difficult time. 

With the appropriate adjustments and measures, your business will have an outstanding customer journey that builds trust between you and your loyal customers through this challenging period. 

Here are four things that every company should do post-covid for offering an amazing customer journey.

1- Eliminate the manual customer service experience

Customers want fast resolutions to their issues in today’s modern era. However, speed is often hindered by manual tasks that make it impossible for employees to solve challenges or complete tasks. 

Sometimes offering excellent customer support requires proactively resolving issues before consumers can realise they have them. Automation is necessary in this case. Retailers must automate digital workflows in order to efficiently organise and complete customer requests.

2- Reach to Your Customers To Enhance Customer Journey

Customers are always online, so customer service should be as well. This anytime-anywhere attitude has driven the introduction of self-service technologies, which provides customers with more service options. Retailers must communicate with customers through their preferred channels of communication, such as voice, web, smartphone, chat, and email, and also provide automated self-service through AI and chatbots so that customers can quickly answer questions on their own online.

3- Be Transparent To Your Customer For An Excellent Customer Journey

If the customers don’t understand the rules or the logic behind them, they’re less likely to follow them. That is why, before a customer enters your store, you must maintain total authenticity and transparency with them.

To avoid problems or complications with the customers, be completely honest with them. This transparency principle also extends to any potential delays or supply chain shortages that you might be facing.

Your customers deserve to know if you’ll continue to serve them, what’s fresh or different, and whether there will be manufacturing or service problems. They value reality. This means you have to be truthful when you perceive a possible challenge rather than apologising afterwards.

4- Bring innovation to Customer Communication Mediums

Although people remain socially isolated, taking offline encounters online would mean that they continue to engage with the brands with which they associate. 

Despite the fact that digital media has become a priority for CPG businesses, more emphasis must be put on using new-age communication platforms to build deeper interaction with customers to enhance the customer journey. 

As opposed to conventional marketing channels, some social media sites have also helped CPG businesses gain momentum by personalising conversation.

Furthermore, influencer marketing, YouTube channels, blogs, and so on are all being used to generate interest in brands, product launches, and so on, and to push end-users to purchases. 

Companies are continually coming up with new ways to communicate with their customers. Adopting technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can fundamentally alter how companies interact, promote new launches, and connect with customers, all while maintaining customer safety.

Wrapping It Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has developed what many assume to be permanent changes in the customer journey. However, CPG businesses that accept this new reality and follow evolving trends, such as agile supply chain strategy and creative ways to connect with customers, will achieve a strategic edge.

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