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Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

Every business people want to make their business popular among all people. You can make your product or service more popular with the help of social mediaFacebook business pages are public-facing accounts that allow local businesses, international brands, and public figures to engage the Facebook community. 

Once you have created your business page, you can publish content and share important company updates, new release3s of the products, ad promote events. Otherwise, connect with your audience through the largest social network in the world, anywhere, or any corner. To create and optimize the Facebook business page, you need to follow simple steps. Let’s see how to do it without any problem.

Before that, you need to know how to create a personal profile. You can change your Facebook page into a business whenever you want. You must update the Facebook business page frequently to get more product customers

Step 1: Navigate to a personal profile 

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

Open the Facebook application in the browser and tap the flag icon on the top menu bar. Then find the create new page button in the left-hand menu. After clicking this icon, you will get directed automatically Facebook create page pop-up.

Step 2: Enter the information

The next step is to add the basic information about your business. You have to enter the name and indicate that you see a green check. This will confirm that the name you entered follows Facebook page number rules. For illustration, the page can’t include inappropriate capitalization or punctuation. You have to choose the categories in the list that describe your business. Type a keyword related to the business containing two or three words to start your browsing option.

In the description box, you have to write the best introduction about your business. But you have only 255 characters to write about your business introduction that attracts your Facebook business page. It will increase your product sales with a great place to feature with unique selling proposition. Your description will get displayed in the about section at the top of your page. You have to click the create page button when you finish the job. You can update the description anytime you want to do it.  

Step 3: Updating image on Facebook

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

After you have created the Facebook business page, you now have to see some choices to upload your image. You can add a profile photo that your customers can easily recognize and associate with your business. You can load photos like a log of your business, the product you are selling to customers, your business location, and details. This detail will be displayed on your business profile and Facebook page. The Facebook team will suggest you add your image in good quality with the square image in 170*170 pixels. You have to remember that it displays as a circle, so you have to cut the corners of the image to be cut off. 

Next, you have to upload your cover photo, which tells about your customers as a single image can tell your business activity, so you have to be very careful in uploading the image. You can edit many images into a single image to upload in the cover photo. The photos may show some of your products, or you can view your internal place, which shows your product, a snapshot of your team members or your current product offers. The best idea is to keep your profile photo consistent, and you can change your cover frequently. 

The cover photo must be the size of 1640*856 pixels. But it is important to note that your cover photo display different dimensions on the smartphone or the desktop. You must use the toggle in the right corner on the upper side to preview your cover image on both. When your work is completed, click the save button to complete the basic page in the setup procedure. 

Step 4: Link your Facebook page with WhatsApp

Next, you can connect the Facebook business page to your WhatsApp business account. You can complete this optional step now or return later. If you do connect your WhatsApp business account, note that anyone who visits your Facebook account can make it visible in your WhatsApp on your mobile number. You have the better option to add the WhatsApp button to your Facebook business page. You must include a button in certain posts or run WhatsApp ads to get more messages. 

Step 5: Choose your username for your Facebook page.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

Once your page is set up, the initial step is choosing your business username. Your username must include all or part of your business name or domain name. It must also be consistent across social media channels so consumers can easily know about and tag your Facebook business page. Click and enter the username you want to use. 

Yet usernames must be unique. You will see an error message if the handle is already taken. Once you have found one that works, click the create username button. Note that your page’s username appears in your Facebook URL.

Step 6: Call to action button, adding.

You must decide on that call-to-action button to add to your page. Click the add button in the upper left corner and choose one of the available calls to action. This helps in the accomplishment of business depending on what. This helps grow your customers and make them follow or sign up. 

You can start a conversation with customers, choose call now, contact us, or send a message. Send an email or send a message through the WhatsApp application. You have to engage the customers with your website or app, choose to learn more, or use the application. You have to drive sales, choose shop on the website, start ordering, or book now.

Step 7: Provide business details

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

You may write a description of your Facebook business page; you should also add contact information so consumers can learn more about your business. Scroll down to the provide info and preference section or click edit page info in the left-hand menu. Then you must add details like your website and phone number on the business page. If your business has a physical store, just explore it with the people about it. This creates more support from the business

Step 8: Select the Facebook page template

Facebook always uses the standard template for their users, but everyone can change it to market their business more effectively. In the left-hand side menu, you have to select the settings option. Then click templates and tabs under this section and click the edit button. Then browse the available option to find the best fit for your business type. 

Step 9: Introduce your Facebook page

Once you can start growing your audience and using your Facebook business page, scroll down the page, introduce your page section and click the create welcome post button. On the other hand, press the create post button at the top of your page. On the other hand, press the create post icon at the top of your business page. 

Use the best opportunity to welcome followers, and customers, introduce them to your business, and tell them about the expectation. And start inviting people to your business profile page. This option will be available in the invite friends’ option on the Facebook page. You can invite friends, co-workers, and other personal connections to follow your page. But the fact is your Facebook page will not invite the page automatically.  

Step 10: Additional admin

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

You have to add the additional admin for the page you’ve created. You have to frequently visit the page and update your Facebook business page. To add the admin, you must select the setting option from your page in the left-hand menu. Select the roles on the page. In the assign a new page role section and change the setting admin. 

Step 11: Move your Facebook page to the business manager

You can continue your Facebook business page from your account. But if you want to separate personal from professional activity, you can move the page to the business manager instead. For that, open the business settings by clicking the gear icon next to your business account in either business manager. Then open the account drop-down and click pages. 

For this, you must press the add button, select add a page, type your page name, or copy and paste the URL. Confirm that you have chosen the correct page and select add page. If you are both the page and the business manager admin, the page will instantly move to your business manager. 

Optimization Facebook business page tips

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up And Optimize a Facebook Business Page

1. Link your business Instagram account

You can connect the Facebook business page to your Instagram account. Then click the connect account button. Choose the option to show your Instagram messages to appear in your meta inbox and click continue. 

2. Set up service and appointments and orders

To promote the service, choose the Facebook business page template and switch to the services tab. Then go to your page, click more in the drop-down menu and select the service tab. You can write a description for each service, list a price, and show timing. 

3. Use the business suite to post regularly

Always try to update your Facebook page regularly to meet your goals. 

4. Check business suite insights

Use the business suite insights to set goals and track progress for your page. Then you can reach the audience goals to reach any key performance indicators you want. Then you can monitor reach, audience growth, and content metrics to ensure that you are on the right track.

Wrapping It Up

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself on how to set up a Facebook Business Page. After you have established your page, maintaining coherence in its content is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to spend all that effort personalizing your page and building up your following just to post inconsistently after you’ve spent all that time doing those things.

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