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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Worth Investing?

Advertisements, in layman’s language, are meant to gain the attention of customers with respect to a service or a product provided by any small or well-expanded business. The sole purpose of advertisements is to gain an increased engagement and interest of potential customers, which ultimately leads to exponential sales. The old method approach to advertising individual products and services was by means of television, radio, cinema, newspapers, or broadcasts. 

Humans have progressed in every aspect. With the development of technologies, most of the traditional methods of advertisements have slipped away from our minds. We do not say the old established methods have completely vanished from the market. 

But the hold of modern advertising techniques has gained more prominence. Online marketing can elevate the sales and revenue of your business exponentially. Businesses are exploring online marketing to a great extent. 

Why is Online marketing crucial?

Online marketing is a synonym for success for business if done efficiently. Some of the ways how it is affecting businesses are discussed here. Online marketing confers a greater reach. You no more have to worry about having a limited and local audience for your brand. Most of the traditional methods of advertising are costly. 

If you do not want to invest millions just for the advertisement of your products, online marketing tools are the best choice for you. Online marketing is convenient, fast, user-friendly, and easy to learn. This way of marketing allows you to gain potential audiences filtered by their interest, needs, and various other factors. 

While online marketing has a long list of benefits, it has created competition among different businesses. It is very tough to gain recognition in such a crowd. 

Two majorly used and very important marketing platforms used by businesses and marketers are Google ads and Facebook ads. Both of the marketing platforms offer their own advantages over the other option. Let us discover both advertisement platforms in the following blog

Advertising in Google & Facebook: Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Worth Investing?

1. Google Ads

Whenever you search your question or query on google, the result page shows a number of products, plans, or services related to your search. What you see is what google advertising is. Google ads are basically paid advertisements that appear on its (Google) search engine

Google advertisement is an advertising model or program, you can say, offered by Google. Google displays the products by matching them with the search done by the user. 

Google ads are based on the model of PPC advertising. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising means the marketer has to pay only when the link is clicked by a user. A higher quality score is essential for lead generation for gaining higher engagement and sales if you are using google ads. 

If you wish to invest in Google, you should be aware of strategies of bidding, SEO integration, and keyword research. While you create ads, make sure they are interesting and engaging for the audience. 

2. Facebook Ads

When online advertisements are created and displayed on the platform Facebook, it is referred to as Facebook ads. The advertisements are targeted at users that share similar interests.

As per theoretical statistics, Facebook ads can help you reach nearly 37% of the population of the world in just a month. The widespread usage of Facebook is an advantage here. Facebook ads can elevate your profits and improve the visibility of your business and products. 

One of the very important features of Facebook advertisement is targeting. The algorithm that Facebook ads use will let your products reach customers that are more likely to buy them. This is done by monitoring the online activity of potential clients and by filtering the topics they are interested in. 

It can be done on the basis of various parameters like age, gender, location, etc. You can also customize the aspects you want when you filter your target audience. How does targeting benefit you as a business? Targeting potential customers allow the discovery of your services. Which otherwise might have stayed in the crowd unexplored. 

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: The Comparison

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Worth Investing?

The individual marketing platforms provide expertise in their own manner. For deciding which platform is best suited for your business, it is crucial for you to understand both advertisement methods. In the following section, let us discover how both the marketing platforms, i.e., Google ads vs Facebook ads, are similar and distinct. 

1. The audience of both the advertisement models

Without a doubt, both of them (Google ads vs Facebook ads) have an extended reach over the audience. Google is successful in approximately 5.8 billion searches on its search engine per day. While mentioning Facebook, the number of active users on the platform reached a count of 1.7 billion. 

Both of the platforms are good options if you are exploring the advantage of an expanded audience. But it all depends on the type of audience you will help in generating sales for your business. Two important factors before you finalize your advertisement choice are mentioned below. 

The first thing to consider is understanding your target audience. You have to be careful about where your potential buyers will be more active. Another thing to keep in mind is if your product is search-oriented or not. Let us understand it better with an example. 

Supposedly, a group of audience members does not require your product. In this scenario, the fact that Google has an enormous reach will not be beneficial. The reason behind this is the audience is not looking specifically for the product or services you are offering. 

2. Understanding how both the advertisements work

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Worth Investing?

Both the advertisement channels, google ads vs Facebook ads, are based on the methodology of the bidding system. Another similarity is that they both follow the model PPC (PAY PER CLICK). They are alike in the points mentioned above, but there is a distinction in how each of them works. 

Facebook advertisements show up on people’s networks. It chooses its audience in three ways, i.e., saved, custom, and matching audiences. By easily setting up a monetization manager, you can create a network for your Facebook ads. The targets of facebook’s advertisements use their location, activity, and profile information. 

Unlike Facebook advertisements, google ads are shown when a related or similar search is done on google. If you have paid for google advertisements, your products will be displayed when products or services you provide are searched. This model acts in pre-defined use of keywords linked to your business

3. Investments: Google ads VS Facebook ads

To expand your business through advertisements, investing is an important factor to consider. A new protocol or marketing channel poses a threat of investing a lot of money yet not gaining the expected outcomes. Investing a budget-friendly amount in advertising is essential. It is important because the sales and revenue generated through advertising channels are calculated as the growth of the brand.

The average investments associated with both advertisement platforms offer a great variation. But on average, Facebook ads are more cost-effective when compared with google ads. One thing to be noted is that google ads allow a consumer to make a purchase when he has pre-decided what he has to buy. But if you are focusing more on spreading awareness about your services, Facebook ads might be a better choice for you. 

4. Selection of target audience in both the advertisement platforms

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Worth Investing?

Google ads vs Facebook ads are both excellent in targeting the audience by using their own categories. Google ads allow you to target your audience based on different parameters. The audience is filtered using the interests that have approximately 80 categories. These categories include interests like gaming or sports etc. 

Other than that, the targeting can also be done by integration of keywords and according to the in-market audience. Google ads also help you in audience targeting by using demographics like age, gender, etc. 

When both advertisement platforms are compared, we can jump to the conclusion that targeting Facebook is somewhat more efficient than targeting the audience with the help of Google. Facebook can be efficient in targeting an audience in accordance with your required niche. 

A very intriguing feature aided by Facebook ads is gaining a lookalike audience. With the help of data, Facebook advertisements can link new audiences with existing audiences who share similar interests. By optimizing your techniques of targeting, the Facebook advertisement can be a triumph. 

Wrapping It Up

Without proper advertisement, you are compromising a huge number of customers. While online marketing has made it more convenient, it gives you a lot of options in choosing a marketing platform for your business. Factors like budget, services, marketing tools, and the costs of advertisements determine which advertisement is the best for you. Amongst the different choices present, it is very necessary to choose the right tool for the marketing of your products.

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