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How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

Do you know what Google plugins are? 

(Hint: Chrome extensions)

Specifically, do you know what Google Analytics Plugins are?

Would you be interested if we told you that there is a tool that can help you know what content your audience likes? 

And, not just that. You get a variety of helpful add-ons with such a tool that will only help your site grow!

In this blog, we’ll be diving into what a is google analytics plugin and why MonsterInsights is the best fit for you.

Let’s begin!

What is Google Analytics Plugin?

How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

Google Analytics Plugin is an integration tool that will integrate your Google Analytics profile into your WordPress profile. 

This will enable you to see crucial information such as tracking website traffic, comparison with past data and performance, etc.

This plugin is introduced only to make website management a simpler and self-reliable task as no developer is required for it.

It is simple to set up as well and very user-friendly.

Do You Need Google Analytics For Your Site?

In a dilemma about whether you should add GA to your website(s)?

Google Analytics is not a mandatory tool.

However, it is highly recommended by most businesses and blog owners if you’re serious about your site.

This free analytics tool helps to track how many visitors viewed your site and from where that organic traffic is coming.

Along with that, there are a host of other features as well:

  • Figures and information about visitors
  • Visitors brought in by referrals
  • Keeping track of inbound and outbound links
  • Examine the pages and posts with the highest number of visits
  • Real-time statistics on your site(s)

Don’t you think all of this data is worth having at the tip of your fingertips?

We think so too. 

GA is free to use and super easy to set up.

Refer to this blog to learn how to add GA to your WordPress profile.

Why Should You Have A Google Analytics Plugin?

How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

Google Analytics can be used by you without any assistance if you learn how to utilize it. 

However, if your website runs on WordPress, then you can use a Google Analytics Plugin like MonsterInsights.

What this plugin will do is integrate your Google Analytics account into your WordPress profile.

The plugin will make tracking your visitors and obtaining site data very easy and manageable.

Such plugins will obtain your Google Analytics tracking ID from your account and add it to your plugin settings.

Instead of manually linking your website to GA, this plugin will do the task for you.

You will not be required to keep switching between GA and WordPress dashboards for stats.

Although there are many GA plugins available on the web, we have sorted out the best one for you.

And that is- MonsterInsights!

The Best Google Analytics Plugin For You: MonsterInsights

How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

Did you know that with MonsterInsights, all you require is just a few clicks?

Yes, it’s that easy!

MonsterInsights is trusted by more than 1 million businesses all over the globe and has over 16 million downloads.

MonsterInsights provides you with features like:

  • Visitor information like- gender, country, device, number of visits, and more.
  • Tracking site referrals, source of major traffic, and user activity on site.
  • You can see stats and figures right on your WordPress dashboard without the need for your Google Analytics webpage.
  • It connects your site to Universal Analytics as well as Google Analytics 4(GA4). With the dual tracking feature, integrating both versions simultaneously is possible.
  • You can also track Ads and forms. this will let you see who clicked on the ads of your site and whether visitors purchased products, submitted forms, and more.
  • You can connect eCommerce tracking with other WordPress plugins like MemberPress or WooCommerce.
  • Author tracking is another cool feature. This lets you track data about authors on your website such as which author gains the most visits.
  • File download tracking feature lets you see which are the most popular files with maximum clicks and downloads from which page and country.
  • Regular post tracking feature will allow you to see which are the top blogs on your site.

Do you now see how powerful and useful MonsterInsights is? 

To explore MonsterInsights, head on to their official site here!

How To Install MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin?

How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

So, the process of installing MonsterInsights is straightforward and quick.

Follow this short guide:

  1. Create an account on MonsterInsights or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Go to Downloads at the top of your account page and click on “Download MonsterInsights”. 
  3. Now, go to the site where this plugin needs to be installed.
  4. Then log in to the admin dashboard of WordPress. Then go to Plugins, then Add New, and select Upload Plugin.
  5. Then click on Choose file option to upload the downloaded file. Then click Install Now.
  6. Once it has been installed, click on Activate Plugin button. 
  7. Once activated, go to your dashboard again and find your License Key. Now go to Insights, then Settings and enter this license key and click Verify Key

Done? Yes, that’s how simple it is.

Your plugin is now activated. 

How To Connect MonsterInsights To Google Analytics?

How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

After installing MonsterInsights, your WordPress site needs to be integrated into your Google Analytics profile.

For this, you require 2 things:

  1. MonsterInsights installation
  2. You either have a Google Analytics property or a Universal Analytics property

If you haven’t created a GA property yet, follow this blog.

And if you have created a property but don’t know whether it’s UA type or GA4 type, follow this short guide.

Are all of the above steps completed? After this, we suggest following this blog by the website itself, which further guides you on how to integrate your GA account into WordPress.

Tips To Boost Traffic Using MonsterInsights

How To Boost Website Traffic With MonsterInsights?

1. Alterations in Settings

In this section, we’ll see what all alterations are required on the Settings page of your MonsterInsights profile.

General Settings:

  1. Go to the General Settings section and click on “Authenticate with your Google account”. 
  2. Now, we shall customize some basic settings for top plugin functionality.
  3. Under Analytics profile, choose the correct profile in your GA account.
  4. Click on the following settings options: 
  • Track Outbound Click and Downloads
  • Allow Tracking of Anonymous Data
  • Anonymize IPs
  • Ignore Users
  • Disable Analytics Dashboard

Universal Settings:

Tick the boxes for the following features:

  • Enable Universal Tracking
  • Turn on Demographics and Interests Reports for Remarketing and Advertising
  • Enhanced Link Attribution

Advanced Settings:

Enable the following features:

  • Track downloads As: keep the default setting as it is, or you can select “Event” from the drop-down box.
  • Extensions of Files To Track As Downloads: keep the default settings here as well
  • Track Full URL of Outbound Clicks or Just The Domain: you can either keep the default setting or choose the “Full Links” option to see the full URL of any outbound clicks

2. Analyze Google Analytics Reports

You will get detailed reports of a variety of sections under this plugin.

The reports displayed are:

  • Audience Report
  • Content Report
  • Publishers Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Ecommerce Report
  • Site Speed report
  • Search Console Report
  • Forms Report
  • Custom Dimensions Report

3. Utilize WooCommerce Integration

You can easily utilize the WooCommerce platform for selling products online through WordPress on your website.

For this, you need to simply enable WooCommerce tracking on your MonsterInsights profile. 

The WooCommerce dashboard will show you metrics like WooCommerce conversion rate, top referral sources, total revenue, total transactions, and more.

4. Easy Link Tracking

This plugin also offers link tracking through event tracking for all outbound links.

This link-tracking feature also works seamlessly with other WordPress affiliate plugins like Pretty Links, which is a link management plugin.

5. Use all Custom Tracking Features

You also have this feature of custom event tracking to track file downloads, hashmark, outbound links, and track telephone lines, etc.

MonsterInsights also offers a Custom Dimensions addon, which helps with additional WordPress analytics features.

6. Tracking GA3 and GA4

With the Dual Tracking feature, you can easily make use of both Google Analytics 3 and 4 without having to code!

7. Weekly Email Summary

A complete Google Analytics report of your website will be sent to our email address every week!

This will help you as a site owner to keep track of all the activities and progress going on your website.

8. Best Plugin For Multisite Network

Multisite networks mean having a collection of sites sharing the same plugins and themes.

So, if you have a network of multiple sites that you need to manage and applied Google Analytics, you can do it all from a single MosnterInsight dashboard.

It has all the permissions and controls features that one requires to operate GA on a multisite network.

Wrapping It Up

Now, do you see why MonsterInsights is considered the best plugin?

So many features and more! 

However, do not feel intimidated by this plugin as it offers a ton of features that might seem confusing at first.

When you will start using this plugin, every feature will be put to use at some point. 

With grasp and understanding, it will seem simple to use.

Stay tuned for more such blogs!

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