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How To Develop A Website In WordPress? – Complete Guide

How To Develop A Website In WordPress? – Complete Guide


Are you planning to build a website in WordPress?

If yes!!! Then what are you waiting for? 

Wait! Do you know how to develop a website on this popular platform?

Are you looking for guidance to build a website?

No need to worry more! Your hunt is over here. Today we’ve come up with a complete guide on how to develop a website in WordPress

Building a website may sound to be a very complex task to the non-tech-savvy person. If you’re one of these then don’t worry! You are not the only one. WordPress is the best solution for you to build a website

Note: According to a survey conducted by Netcraft, it was estimated that there are a total of 1.3 billion active websites on the internet out of which 35% are developed on WordPress

In this blog, we’ll talk about all the steps using which you can develop your website on this platform. Let’s get started with the discussion.

Step 1: Select a Perfect name for your Website.


Before starting with a new website, deciding an efficient name for that is one of the most important steps that you need to follow. For deciding the name for your website either you can take the help of online tools such as website name generators or you can decide by yourself.

While deciding the website name by yourself, keep your website niche in your mind. Your website name should reflect the entire theme and niche of your website. Ask these questions to yourself while deciding the website name.

What is the niche of my website?

What my website is all about?

What type of content I’ll publish on my website?

Try to find the answers to these questions and you’ll get an efficient name for your website. Try to keep your website name unique and catchy, such that people will always remember your website name.

Step 2: Buy a Domain and Hosting for your Website.


Let’s understand this with an example. If you’re planning to buy a home for you then what will be the first thing you’ll keep in mind?

It will obviously be the location/address where you want to buy the home. Then after this what will be the second most important thing?

After deciding the location, you will surely find the vacant land space/area on that address or location. 

Consider this example, just replace the home with a website, domain with the address, and hosting with the land area. Now you can understand how important it is to buy the domain and hosting before starting a website

So, to buy a domain and hosting there are a lot of platforms available on the internet from where you can buy a domain and hosting for your website. Simply go through those websites and buy the deal which suits your pocket the best.

Step 3: Install and Setup WordPress for your Domain


Installing WordPress on your domain is free of cost. Simply enter your domain name on and install WordPress

The next thing is the WordPress setup. Let’s discuss the WordPress setup process in some basic points.

  • Set the permalinks from the sidebar of your dashboard.

Settings → Permalinks

  • Make your site public on Google by simply going to 

Settings → Reading

Simply uncheck theDiscourage search engines from indexing this site’ option.

  • Set the title and tagline of your website.

Settings → General

  • Customize whether you want to enable or disable comments on your website.

Settings → Discussion

  • Deactivate the pingbacks and trackbacks

Settings → Discussion

  • Set your timezone correctly

Settings → General

Step 4: Set The Theme For Your Website


A website theme decides how your website is going to look to your audience. So, while deciding the theme for your website always think about the content that you’re going to provide to your audience and choose the theme according to that.

WordPress offers you a wide collection of themes. For installing any theme simply go to the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. 

Appearance → Themes

Simply click on the ‘Add New’ section and choose the theme you like. Also, if you don’t find any theme suitable for you, then WordPress also provides you with the option to upload your theme by simply clicking on the ‘Upload Theme’ option at the top of the page. 

After installing your theme on WordPress, you need to customize it according to your website. For customization, simply go to

Appearance → Customize

This way, you can customize the appearance of your website at your convenience.

Step 5: Choose Proper Plugins For Your Website


It is the last and the most important step while creating a website in WordPress. Plugins are the specialty of WordPress. WordPress plugins offer you a wide range of functionalities using which you can customize your blogs beautifully and make them responsive and attractive as well.

There are hundreds of plugins available on WordPress, so we can’t discuss each of them, but for you, as a beginner, we’ve listed some of the most important WordPress plugins that everyone must-have.

Apart from this, there are hundreds of prominent plugins in the WordPress directory.

Step 6: Make A Habit of Updating Regularly


You might have the prettiest WordPress website in the world, but we really can’t stress this enough if you don’t keep up with your theme and plugin updates, it’s all going to be in pointlessness. Not only will your site probably just stop working properly once the major WordPress update changes, but you will also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses. It’s really not that hectic.

From here, it’s easy to believe to update each one by one, or set it to update automatically (either all or individually). Also, don’t neglect that when the time comes, you will need to renew your domain and host agreements.


So, this was all about how to develop a website in WordPress. Follow all the steps mentioned above systematically and your WordPress website will be completely ready to run. Do mention in comments if you are stuck at any step. We’ll help you with the perfect solution to your problem. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Go and get your website ready today with this strategy!


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