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13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

In 2022, are you wondering how to get more Instagram stories engagement? As a company, Instagram is a great way to showcase your brand, establish a dedicated following, and develop a community that supports your efforts.

Where does the importance of user participation in Instagram Stories come from? On the other hand, Instagram Stories provides a unique content format that allows you to post information rapidly. You can remain in touch with your followers via Instagram Stories when you’re not publishing to your feed.

Additionally, the number of people that see and engage with a user’s Instagram Story is included in the algorithm. You read it correctly: using Instagram’s stories style may help you increase your overall reach. Get ready for a surge of followers!

By planning for your Instagram Story content, you may publish stories relevant to your account’s aims and your audience’s interests. By interacting with your audience on a personal level, you may increase your brand’s recognition and loyalty. Isn’t it amazing?

Engagement in Instagram Stories: The Basics

To increase your Instagram Stories engagement, a few crucial components work together. People and relationships are the most crucial aspects of watching. The number of individuals who have clicked on your Instagram Story, tapped through to see more, or clicked away to leave stories and return to the Instagram feed may be seen in the story view stats.

Data from interactions may show you how your narrative material is making an impact. Links clicked, profiles visited, poll votes cast, and followers followed and unfollowed may all be found in this report.

Keep an eye on your Instagram stories, engagement Insights, and statistics page to ensure it’s on track. For example, demographics, reach, and viewing analytics may all be seen here.

The more you learn about your audience, the better your material will be in the future!


With a good Instagram Story plan, you’ll be on your way to creating excellent story content right away. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Instagram Story engagement ideas to assist you. Regularly post Instagram Stories to your feed.

1. Regularly share Instagram Stories

13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

Social media is a lightning-fast environment. The first step to success is to keep up with the pace! Instagram Stories engagement may be improved by posting on a regular basis.

A prominent position at the top of the Tales stream will be yours if you contribute stories often. Only by updating frequently can you keep your material alive and well when it expires after only 24 hours.

Once a day is a good rule of thumb for the greatest effects. Including a daily narrative post in your social media marketing strategy is essential.

2. Add location tags and hashtags to your posts

You’ve seen the advantages of using hashtags and location tagging on Instagram. But wait, there’s more! Instagram Stories may benefit from the same considerations. As a result, your Instagram Story material is more prominent and more likely to be found by others searching for similar things in your speciality or area. A tag’s story collection includes all tales tagged with that tag.

Instagram stories may include up to 10 hashtags. Hide tags behind another sticker or picture to avoid overcrowding your design.

3. Ask a lot of inquiries

13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

You may use questions as a traditional call to action, encouraging your followers to respond. Your Instagram Stories should have a clear call to action that encourages your followers to engage with your content in meaningful ways. Question stickers are a simple and effective method to interact with your audience and perhaps unobtrusively do some unofficial market research.

Using a Question sticker is the most excellent method to have a conversation on Instagram stories. You may answer immediately in your DMs or use their comments in your next tale!

4. Make use of polls and stickers to gauge public opinion

Using polls and stickers is another beautiful technique to encourage involvement and engagement on your Instagram page. Polls, quizzes, and other Instagram Story stickers are a goldmine for interaction and allow you to get to know your fans more personally. Invite your followers to participate in your Instagram account by using interactive stickers in your stories.

Trying to find the results of a poll or quiz you recently took? You can see who has watched and engaged with your Story in the lower left corner of your screen.

5. Drive visitors to your website with the link sticker

13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

The link sticker, a new feature to Instagram Stories, is a great way to direct your Instagram followers to your other social media accounts. The link sticker replaces the former swipe-up link functionality on Instagram Stories, allowing you to share external URLs conveniently. Your blog, website, or even an e-commerce site may all benefit from the use of this sticker.

Link wording should be edited to determine where the link will take you online and ensure it aligns with your brand and content objectives.

6. Try collaborating with others

The strength of a social media community is critical to its success. You may increase your Instagram followers and engagement by collaborating with other Instagrammers.

It’s much easier to get new followers who will be interested in the material you offer when you collaborate with other accounts in your industry.

There are various ways to work together on Instagram Stories, from challenges to account takeovers to co-hosted Instagram Lives. Make as many notes as possible to develop a fun and original idea!

7. Share the content of other users with your audience

As with collaborations, you are posting other people’s photos is a terrific method to draw attention to the Instagram community.

When you’re running out on story ideas, Instagram photos that feature your product, service, or another related subject might help you fill in the gaps. User-generated material may be approached in a story-based manner!

Using your account’s hashtags and any branded hashtags or campaigns, look for material that may be shared. Customer-generated content (UGC) from in-store visits, product use, and product reviews may all be reused.

8. Create story batches

13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

We’re big fans of foresight (it’s the cornerstone of our brand, after all!). Instagram Stories may be planned, designed, and even scheduled ahead of time to save you a lot of time and worry.

We propose planning out a month’s worth of articles in advance rather than attempting to come up with ideas on the fly. You can guarantee that your Instagram stories appear regularly by recording, creating, and scheduling them in advance.

Engaging users with well-thought-out Instagram Stories strategies is an excellent first step in building a successful brand presence on the platform.

9. Be aware of your audience

All of your social media material should be centred on your audience! The same is valid with stories. With Instagram Stories, it’s easier to learn about your audience and find out what kind of content is most popular. Monitor your engagement rates to discover what people are saying about your stories. You may use today’s stats to help you plan your future content!

10. Stick on Brand

Even though Instagram Stories tend to be more casual, keeping your brand in mind is crucial. Consistent branding elements, such as fonts, colours, and tone of voice, should be used in your social media posts. Take a step back and think about how you might incorporate your brand’s beliefs and purpose into the material that you produce. 

11 . Build experiences using the multi-capture mode

13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

Adding numerous photographs to a single Story is now possible with the addition of the new multi-capture option. Teasers, picture shoots, or a technique to capture several perspectives of the same Story might benefit from this.

Add photos, rearrange them, and then add text or other components to get started.

12. Use a Slider Sticker to Showcase Your Products or Services

Want to know what others think about a product or service right away? Use the slider sticker in your next Story to get feedback. An emoji-enabled slider allows you to customise it to fit the mood or vibe you’re trying to convey.

13. Tease upcoming launches or events using countdown stickers

13 Interesting Ways To Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories in 2022

Since the dawn of time, the countdown sticker has been a staple of the promotional content industry. This is a great way to get people talking, though. As a countdown to a new release, the countdown may be set at any moment you like.

After the countdown, post a new Story to introduce your new product to the world.

Branding your Instagram Story might help your followers quickly identify and follow you. Brand recognition may be increased via the use of stories. Seize the opportunity!

Wrapping It Up

Instagram engagement may be increased by taking your account to the next level, spending whatever it takes to develop your content schedule, and putting all your creativity into it. Increasingly, Instagram Stories have become an integral element of any marketing plan and a fun, creative, and original method to communicate with your followers.

These are just a few ways you can enhance your Instagram engagement, but there are a lot of other things you need to keep in mind. Increase your Instagram engagement by scheduling posts to go live at the busiest times in the day, incorporating user-generated material, holding competitions, crafting compelling captions, and more.

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