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Indian economy in 2021

The state of Indian economy in 2021

firstly, a boycott of all china products was called from a wide section of Indian society on social media platforms.
Some one on the social media platform coined a fresh new term which suites the people engaged in the moment “wallet wale sanik” where as Global times of China reported that “Indian people can’t live without chinese products”

Total business between India and china is 6 lakhs billion
In this
1.17 lakhs billion is value of exports from india to china
4.92 lakhs billion is in form of imports from china
In Total china exports 190 lakhs billion worth of goods and services across the world. Which is far more than total of whole Indian economy.
In total imports from china, the share they have in some products categories is very huge
Medicine raw materials 90%
Toys 100%
Telecom 12000 corers 25%
9 out 10 mobile phone used here made in China
Television 45%
Consumer products 15 %
China is far ahead in terms of production and exports.

Despite all this there is positive prediction that there will be a over all development in the Indian economy in 2021 and the development index GDP will show 9.5 % growth

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