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Last Minute Diwali Gift Ideas For Family & Friends

Diwali is one of the year’s most awaited festivities and Diwali gift is the most awaited commodity. Everyone, young and old, enjoys the festival of lights and sweets. The event commemorates the triumph of virtue over evil and hope over despair.

However, it also implies expressing your love and admiration for your loved ones by giving them presents. We are all aware that it is a time-consuming effort; therefore we have compiled a list of 17 such Diwali gift ideas that you may absolutely offer to your loved ones this Diwali!

Here is a list of the top Diwali gift ideas:

1. 3D Illusion Lights

Diwali Gift

Try these 3D illusion lights if you want to try something different this Diwali. These LED lights are available in a variety of designs and effects.

You may customise your home with any theme you choose, from ships to globes to other patterns. These lights produce 3D patterns and lighting effects that may be modified.

The 3D illumination is both appealing and one-of-a-kind. Its vibrant colours and patterns will set you apart from your friends and guests. You may select from a variety of styles available on Amazon and other places. Place your purchase as soon as possible before the celebrations begin.

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2. Hot Air Balloon

Diwali Gift

Hot air balloons, often known as floating lanterns, may provide a dreamy and brilliant touch to your Diwali celebrations. For the past several years, this traditional Diwali paraphernalia has carved out a niche for itself. These paper lanterns may be ignited and launched into the sky to float. This Diwali decoration will truly make your celebration picture-perfect.

Giving these floating lanterns to your loved ones would be a joy because this item will be appreciated by both children and adults. If you’ve ever wished for a gorgeous lit-up sky like Rapunzel in the movie Tangled, have a look at these lanterns and brighten up the festival of lights.

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3. Diwali Diyas

Diwali Gift

Diyas are linked with the Diwali festival. And what better present than some lovely diyas for family or friends? Not only are simple clay diyas accessible nowadays, but they also come in a variety of forms, colours, and decorations. You may go over the many possibilities at any neighbourhood store or on a helpful website.

Blue, red, orange, pink, yellow, and a variety of other diyas are sold in stores in various shapes such as matkas, flowers, swastikas, and so on. These diyas will enhance the beauty of your home while also serving as an excellent gift choice for others.

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4. Magic Cups

Diwali Gift

Coffee mugs have long been a popular Diwali gift among youngsters. However, these magical cups are a cut above ordinary coffee mugs. The contents of these magical cups cause the colour and design to alter. The colour and image of the magic alter depending on whether you are drinking a hot or cold beverage.

You may show your fandom by purchasing these magic cups in Avengers, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, cartoons, and other themed variations. With these amazing cups and mugs, you may spice up your daily tea or coffee.

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5. Laser Projection Light

Diwali Gift

Projection using lasers Lights can prove to be a one-stop solution for all of this festival’s lighting demands. It functions as a projector, directing light to the desired surface, which might be a wall, a floor, or something else. These lights come in a variety of colours and designs.

You may create a lovely wall background for your house or a fun dance floor for your Diwali celebration. These are also available in disco ball and sparkling variations. These lights are an excellent present idea for anyone who wants to have a spectacular Diwali party at their home. The lights are fairly priced and have a sophisticated appearance.

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6. Nano Leaf

Diwali Gift

LED panels known as nano leaves are utilised to beautify your house or space. It is a variation of Aurora Lights that can be easily built and hung on the walls. It may also be designed to work with music and other frequencies. For ease of installation, they include double-mounted pads.

These leaves may be arranged in many ways to look stylish, adorable, or sharp, as desired. Some of these include microphone improvements so you can jam out to your favourite tunes.

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7. Firework Show

If you enjoy fireworks but are concerned about their negative impact on the environment, this Diwali gift idea is ideal for you. These firework displays are not composed of real fire and gunpowder; instead, they are eco-friendly alternatives with LED lighting systems and launching mechanisms that provide a joyful atmosphere.

Fireworks displays may be purchased via Amazon to link with any of your Alexa devices, or they can be purchased independently from companies such as Disney. All you have to do is enable the skill and wait for the magic to happen. Your ecologically concerned pals will never be able to thank you enough for this kind present.

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8. Adjustable Flame Lighter

Despite the fact that this is essentially kitchen equipment, these lighters may be a practical and tasteful holiday present. Moving beyond standard kitchen lighters, they are available in a variety of lengths and styles for a more fascinating experience.

Some lighters resemble guns, and you can ignite the stove by pressing the trigger. Some of them also include bendable nozzles that may be bent or twisted. These lighters add a little levity to everyday duties.

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9. LED Tea Light Candles

Say farewell to traditional oil diyas, and welcome to these new interesting ones. These battery-powered LED candle lights resemble their conventional counterparts. However, upon closer inspection, they are flameless.

As a result, these are extremely safe if you have children or dogs roaming about the house all the time. Furthermore, these candles produce a genuine flickering flame impression. So, get a few of these for yourself and some for your friends and family to surprise them.

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10. Hanging Lantern Candle Holder

This gorgeous hanging lantern candle holder will add a touch of elegance to your outdoor design. Its distinct look will draw attention to any garden. The nicest part about this expensive-looking gorgeous little item is that it is reasonably priced.

This lovely lantern is constructed of iron and will last for a long time in your home. Furthermore, it comes with a wooden shelf, giving it a more elegant appearance. The present set includes a lantern, a wooden shelf, and one candle. So, purchase this one and light up the worlds of others this Diwali.

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11. Lakshmi Ganesh Idol

Are you looking for a traditional Diwali gift? Then don’t look any farther than this one. According to tradition, the celebration evening begins with the pooja of the goddess of riches, Lakshmi, and the remover of impediments, Lord Ganesh.

The showcase has a traditional vintage appearance and comes with a diya burner. The complete showcase is set on a stunningly crafted metal pedestal and may be displayed anywhere in the home. So, give this metal idol duo to someone you care about.

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12. Silver or Gold Coins

During the Diwali season, precious metals such as silver and gold are considered auspicious. Buying something made of metal on Dhanteras is seen to be a harbinger of wealth, success, and good luck.

Furthermore, it is said to keep bad energy away. Thus, bestow good fortune and wealth on your loved ones by presenting them with silver or gold coins of your choosing.

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13. Dry Fruit Hamper

Are you at a blank for what to give? Then this is the gifting choice for you. Dry fruits are high in antioxidants and are less perishable than traditional Indian’mithai.’

This is an excellent present for your fitness-obsessed and diet-conscious pals. When it comes to acquaintances, this is also a common present choice. This lovely dry fruit hamper is filled with the finest cashews, almonds, pistachios, raisins, figs, dried apricots, sun-dried kiwis, and papaya fruit. These dried fruits are all vacuum packaged. Nitrogen is also flushed to retain its freshness.

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14. Diwali Pooja Thali

Give this silver-plated puja thali to a close friend or family member to make their occasion more holy and enjoyable. This attractively designed dish arrives in a red velvet box.

It also includes a bell, diya burner, incense stick holder, kumkum Katori, and a panchamrut set with a spoon. So, by providing this item, you may assist set the correct Diwali atmosphere.

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15. Sky Lantern

As we all know, Diwali is known as the “Festival of Lights.” So, if you want to brighten up the dark Diwali night sky, hang a few of them in the sky. It is composed of colourful paper and is also known as a Chinese lantern.

When lit, it transforms into a miniature hot air balloon with an aperture at the bottom, ready to fly away into the sky. Also, instead of using hazardous crackers that are horrible for the environment, try a handful of these eco-friendly alternatives.

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16. Toran

Give your loved ones this finely created hanging metal toran as a present. It is thought that tying it at the door of one’s house or business keeps evil and bad energies at bay while bringing in good luck.

Furthermore, this toran has a longer lifespan than the classic flowery toran. On the auspicious festival of Diwali, let this present of yours enliven the decor of others.

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17. Gift Cards

Still undecided on what to give away this Diwali? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And you might begin by giving Diwali gift cards to your loved ones. There are several Diwali gift cards on the market right now, such as Amazon gift cards, Myntra presents, and so on.

You name anything; they’ve got it. Give individuals the freedom to purchase themselves everything they want, from clothing to silverware. This is a great present choice if you don’t know what the individual loves or hates, or if the person in question is really picky! So, this Diwali spread some love and joy by gifting lots of them.

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