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Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life 

Pls Note that this article is originally published on our network blog A small Part Is published here and rest can be read on Happy breathing blog.

Often, we all say “Sans lene ki bhi fursat nahi hai” means we don’t have time to  breathe even, as today’s lifestyle is so fast that usually we are in hurry and have to  do all the daily activities like eating as quickly as possible. 

Same we are doing with the greatest pleasure of life i.e. breathing, which is the  topmost requirement of living too, but we ignore it completely, isn’t it? 

When last time you focused on your Inhalation and Exhalation process, breathe  going in deep and one coming out slowly. I guess many of you don’t remember. 

If you dedicate a few minutes daily on deep breathing, it can boost your Physical  and Mental health without any investments, let’s have a look at its benefits …

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