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New Year Resolution: 10 Enthusiastic Ways To Kick-Start Your New Year

What are you going to do today to ensure that this is your best year so far? What one factor will make the difference between truly reaching your objectives and writing them off as another year’s unmet new year resolutions? What can you do to improve a part of your life that has suffered as a result of your obsessive pursuit of the elusive brass ring? Consider this.

We asked a slew of experts, readers who follow SUCCESS on Twitter and Facebook, and our own SUCCESS staff what they planned to do to kick off the new year. We received a wide range of responses, anecdotes, and advice. Our goal is to start you thinking and to motivate you to go further, faster, and achieve more than you ever have before.

Is this prospect exciting to you? Or perhaps you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed? Then, start small, concentrating on just one goal. This life is yours to make anything you want of it, so get started today!

New Year Resolution #1: Get Some New Experiences

New Year Resolution

Commit to doing something new every month for 30 days in a row, something you have thought about doing but has not done, and observe how it changes your life.

Some ideas include: doing aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, listening to only positive music, not reading the newspaper, not watching television, eating only vegetarian or raw food, verbally appreciating at least 10 people per day, getting eight hours of sleep, meditating for 20 minutes, visualising your goals as already completed, doing 20 minutes of yoga, reading a self-help book every morning for 30 minutes, planning your next day’s schedule and prioritised to-do list before leaving work.

Begin this month by doing one action for the next 30 days in a row, then reflect on how it has influenced your life. I began doing this in July 2009, and it has resulted in the most beautiful year of my life.

New Year Resolution #2: Commit Towards Your Fitness

New Year Resolution

Don’t just make a resolve and join a gym you won’t visit after February—make a commitment and include fitness into your daily routine. Participate in a fitness club class, an exercise group, or a team sport. Alternatively, if you can afford it, employ a trainer. Any of these items will not only make your exercises more productive but also more enjoyable. You also have the benefit of having people hold you accountable for your fitness commitment.

New Year Resolution #3: Seek To Build Value Every Day

New Year Resolution

Relationships with a high level of touch and trust are essential in business. It’s especially easy to forget in this day of dramatic distraction. Individuals conduct business with people they trust and who treat them with respect. Make it a habit to contact three potential or current customers every day.

This isn’t about requesting an order; it’s about adding value. The more individuals you assist, the more money you will make. Please send them an article. Make a connection between them and a business opportunity. Do something to assist them in achieving their loftiest ambitions. They’ll quickly assist you in closing in on yours.

New Year Resolution #4: Work On Improving Awareness Of Your Thoughts

New Year Resolution

Record everything you say for at least an hour each day for the whole month to become conscious of what comes out of your lips. Words have tremendous power! When you pay close attention to your words, you will be able to tell whether or not you are going forward with momentum and purpose toward your vision.

As you become more conscious of your communication, you have the ability to intentionally select the language that inspires and enables you to accomplish your goal. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore for answers and opportunities if you find yourself speaking about restrictions or issues. Holding oneself to a higher quality in your language choice is essential for attaining consistently exceptional achievements.

New Year Resolution #5: Conduct A Self Analysis

New Year Resolution

You do it for your job, so why not apply it to your life? Take time to reflect on how the previous year went for you. Despite the fact that 2020 was full of surprises, hopefully, you were able to find time to complete the objectives you set for yourself at the start of the year.

As the new year begins, consider what went well for you individually and what you’d like to do better. What new talents or connections did you build this year that was a highlight of your year? What was the source of your anxiety this year? A self-evaluation like this may help you better comprehend the highs and lows of the previous year and set the stage for a successful year ahead.

New Year Resolution #6: Look Out For Your Loved Ones

New Year Resolution

Although quarantines and social distancing tactics are expected to continue into 2021, take some actions in the new year to encourage better connection with your loved ones. Set aside some time to send a few brief texts or contact family or friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

Update them on your progress and request the same in return, and if one of your goals for 2021 is to enhance your relationships, make sure to do so frequently throughout the year to keep those ties healthy.

New Year Resolution #7: Make New Objectives

New Year Resolution

Of course, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to create some new objectives for yourself. Set SMART objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. All of these characteristics make it simpler to achieve a goal, paving the way for future accomplishments.

New Year Resolution #8: Create A Not-to-do List

New Year Resolution

There is a distinction to be made between being busy and being productive. What are you squandering your time on? What are you doing that isn’t generating revenue? Here’s a great workout. Keep track of your actions during the workday in 15- to 30-minute chunks. Try it for a week.

The entire amount of time spent on each activity that does not result in a sale or enhanced cash flow is then annualised. How much more money would you make each year if you stopped doing those things? How much more time would you have for your family if you had more free time? In terms of health? Put those items on your to-do list and hire individuals to help you with the ones that don’t yield the sales and lifestyle success you want.

New Year Resolution #9: Engage Yourself In Financial Investment

New Year Resolution

Savings, whether large or small, are always beneficial and useful in times of need. So, if you haven’t already invested in financial savings plans for the new year, now is the time. Determine an appropriate, risk-free savings strategy based on your budget and begin investing for a prosperous financial future.

New Year Resolution #10: Try Not To Repeat Your Past Failures

New Year Resolution

Another way to keep your New Year resolution is to avoid making the same new year resolution year after year. People who believe they can do it will most likely succeed; yet, if they have previously tried and failed, their self-belief will be low.

If you decide to pursue the same ambitions you’ve attempted in the past, take some time to assess your prior results. Which techniques were the most successful? Which of them was the least effective? What has kept you from keeping your new year resolution in previous years?

Consider making a little change to your new year resolution to make it more achievable. You will be more likely to achieve actual results this year if you change your approach.

Wrapping It Up

The yearly practice of making new year resolutions does not have to be an annual letdown. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is as simple as selecting the correct objective and the technique for accomplishing it. Most importantly, remember to be gentle and forgiving with yourself and to rejoice in any and all progress made along the path. It is not just the final objective that is important, but also the route to get there.

Without a question, the new year is the ideal time to make a change in your life and focus on self-improvement. So, use the new year resolution ideas above to make some positive changes in your life in the coming year.

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