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Online Shopping is Here and it’s Going to Stay

friends, today we are going to discuss a very interesting topic “Online shopping, is here and it’s going to stay

Let me first start by explaining the term online shopping, In this goods are brought online using a virtual link. There is no need to personally visit the store, look for one, etc, just search online and within few minutes it will be ordered. believe me, it saves a lot of time and effort. Also there a benefit of review and ratings, which is impossible in offline world and many times we have to suffer a lot due to lack of all this. Purchases and services transactions which are done online involve little or no cash at all all you need is a valid pan, Aadhar, bank account, personal mobile no, and your done. it is very easy to keep records of income and expenditure using this method.

let me ensure you that, it does not mean all online portals are based abroad and all money we spend online goes abroad, it is a misconception, today even local businesses are doing quite well online. This misconception that it should be disapproved, is completely beyond understanding.

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