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8 Hacks to Write Product Descriptions that Bring Sales

Product descriptions are crucial for marketing a product. It explains the details of the product and why it is worth being purchased. The product descriptions are necessary to make the customers aware of the features, benefits, and essential information. A perfectly curated product description can be very effective in building a network of buyers from your audience. The way you write a product description can determine the increased sales. 

Introduction: Why are product descriptions important?

8 Hacks to Write Product Descriptions that Bring Sales

To brutally speak the truth, most of the product descriptions in the market are terrible. The customer sticking to your website is only a matter of 50 milliseconds. A glimpse of your description for such a small duration can determine if the buyer stays on the page. Your page should only contain information that makes the customer buy your product. Hence, you should eliminate any factor that forms an obstacle to the purchase by the potential buyer. 

One has to understand that product descriptions don’t have to be all about the information about the product. Information about the product has to be an integral part of the product description, but is it all about reading what the product has to offer? The answer is no. Product descriptions should be able to generate leads and accelerate sales. A well-crafted product description should tell the following things to your customers: What customers get, what problems are solved, and why it is better than other available choices. 

When we wish to optimize sales from websites, we very often undervalue it from websites. One study suggested that the reason for approximately 20% of unsuccessful purchases was a result of insufficient knowledge about the product. There are multiple mistakes that people often make while writing product descriptions that make a failure. In this blog, let us learn about 10 hacks that will help you in writing product descriptions that bring sales. 

1. Incorporating SEO keywords

If you have incorporated SEO principles in your product descriptions, it can make you stand out from the crowd. The recent SEO strategy does not mean a blog loaded with keywords. The SEO strategies used in modern times take keywords, keyword saturation, impressive UX, and a fast website into account. Your growth for product descriptions can depend a lot on how you make use of SEO tools. 

With almost half of the population depending on the virtual purchase, it becomes essential that you maintain the quality of your product descriptions. SEO, along with bringing a crowd that is a potential buyer, will also improve the quality of your product descriptions. With boosted search rankings (with the help of SEO incorporation), your product sales can easily be increased.

2. Make it all about your potential buyer

8 Hacks to Write Product Descriptions that Bring Sales

If you focus on writing a product description and thinking of bringing sales from everyone, the result might be zero sales. To generate leads it is essential to understand the importance of the target audience. Put yourself in the shoes of the ideal buyer. Visualize what the ideal buyer might think of, and what the ideal buyer would appreciate and dislike. 

If you curate a product description that addresses the buyer on a personal level, aren’t your sales gone up already? Understand what tone, what kind of humor, and what words can make the ideal buyer buy my product. Filter your target audience (based on your product, age group, demography, etc.) and give them what they might be looking for. 

3. Delight your audience with benefits

When we start writing about the product, we never miss the long list of features of the product. But the question is, is the long list of features really captivating the audience? Reading a list of features is boring, we say! 

Let us take an example of a water bottle. “The bottle uses nanotechnology.” “The fabric of the bottle is made of so and so material.” The potential buyer generally will not be intrigued by listening to the complex features of your product. If we say, “Let your cold beverages stay cold for days in our bottles that use nanotechnology.” 

Genuinely a buyer is interested in knowing the benefits of the products, rather than going through the technical features of the product. To write impressive product descriptions, it is essential to how you represent your product to appeal to the audience. 

4. Generate quality product descriptions

8 Hacks to Write Product Descriptions that Bring Sales

The quality of product descriptions can be doubted if the content is not great. Your product descriptions should be readable. Read your product description aloud. Does it sound like an automated text? If so, your audience will fail to connect with what you wish to convey. Avoid using intricate words. Make sure your sentences are short, simple, creative, and readable. 

Try to minimize the usage of superfluous words and in replacement, you can make use of stronger affirmative and positive words. Poor product writing might include overuse of promoting language, asserting that the product is good, or unnecessary superlatives. For curation of perfect product descriptions, explain the features, benefits, and how the products will be beneficial for the customers. Keep your points in short sentences rather than adding a long description.

5. Product descriptions should be a reflection of the brand’s voice

Brand voice reflects how you present your brand to the world. The branding world often contemplates that logo, and the visual aspects of the brand are solely the factors determining how people see the brand to be. Let us understand the importance of brand voice here. 

Brand voice, in simple words, is the personality of your brand. Some brands use an informative and serious tone, while others incorporate humor in how they convey their services. Brand voice provides a unique way of how people are perceiving your brand. To add consistency, your brand voice should be incorporated in your product descriptions as well. 

6. Using superlatives with justification

Superlatives in English grammar are words that describe the highest degree of an adverb or adjective. For example, the superlatives are tallest, best, and fastest. Product descriptions make use of a lot of superlatives. It is not insincere to use the superlatives, but you really should describe the use of superlatives in your product description. 

If you do not justify the used superlatives in your description, it may drive away the customers. This is because random usage of superlatives reflects insincerity and can make it look artificial. If you mention the product being the best in its particular domain, you have to prove to them why. This can be aided by a review of a previous customer. 

7. Connect with your audience

8 Hacks to Write Product Descriptions that Bring Sales

No person will be intrigued if he feels like he’s reading a monotonous flow of information. It is necessary that you are directly connecting with the audience when you are building a product description. Keeping it simple rather than complex one can make the customers connect with your product. 

Make sure you don’t use a robotic or monotonous tone to write a product description. People find it easy to connect with reads that are written in a friendly tone. Let your customers feel that they are being talked to while they read your product descriptions. Adding reviews from past users too can help in gaining trust from customers. 

8. Is your product scannable?

The Scannability of a product description is a great content strategy to attract buyers to your products. To understand what it means, we will consider an example. When you started to read this blog, you probably scanned the title and subtitles to look over the desired content. This is what scannability is. 

Long content with poor scannability makes it a boring read and can make the customers exit from your blog. If the audience doesn’t find the desired information about the products, it is very likely that they will quit reading your description further. With such high competition, we all understand what effects that will have on the sales of that product. 

For better scannability, you can use titles and subtitles, use paragraphs for long content, and make use of bullet points. For highlighting, different fonts (Italic or Bold) and underlining can be taken into account. For knowing if your text is scannable; there, there are multiple tools available for checking the scannability of your descriptions. 

Wrapping It Up

Customer experiences are crucial in the marketing of a product. The presentation of your product depends extremely on your product descriptions; hence building product descriptions becomes a pillar for increasing the sales of your product. A better customer experience can be initiated from your product pages. The right product descriptions provide confidence to the buyers and allow them to make informed purchases. 

When writing a product description, make sure you don’t make it a long and boring read. Make the audience stick with your descriptions, and persuade them to buy your services. That is what the main motive of product descriptions is. To curate, a killer description with the correct methods shouldn’t be troublesome.

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