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Royalty Free Music – A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a content creator, especially on platforms like YouTube, after you finish creating a perfect video after editing, you will need perfect audio for your content. If you fail to pick the right track for your content, it can be tiresome to grasp your content for your audience. Music plays a key role in video marketing. Video marketing can not survive without a touch of music in it.

Music can help in connecting with your audience on an emotional level and can make your content more dynamic. Music is no longer just limited to movies, shows, and advertisements; audio has been used extensively in video games. If you play video games on a regular basis, you might have been impressed by the sound effects for different scenarios. 

That’s where royalty free music might have been used. Royalty free music can be a cost-effective and legal way in which you can make your content more intriguing. In this article, we will comprehend what royalty-free music is in depth.

What do we mean by royalty free music?

Royalty Free Music - A Comprehensive Guide

People have been revolving around different ideas about what this term actually means. Your choice of music in any of your projects greatly determines your success. By blindly understanding the term, people assume free of royalty is free of cost, which is absolutely untrue. Similarly, royalty-free music does not mean free from copyrights. Royalty-free music neither gives you all the rights nor makes you the owner of the song. 

Royalty means a sum of money a consumer has to pay to the owners. It allows the usage of any particular type of property the owner owns. Property here refers to the ownership of the music. Royalty-free music simply means that you can use the music without having to pay the person who owns the music. It does not provide you with the copyrights of that specific audio. 

No matter if you need to use just 5 seconds of the song or the whole 4 minutes of the music of any particular song, you legally will not be able to use any song that has associated copyrights with it. Royalty free music allows you to use the music without gaining copyrights. Unlike the generalised concepts about royalty-free music, paying the required royalties for that particular music helps in gaining the license to use it in your desired way.

Royalty-free music can be categorised into two types: Free Royalty Free Music & Paid Royalty Free Music. Free royalty-free music required no royalties linked with its usage. You can use free royalty free music without paying any money. But while using free royalty free music, you have to be cautious and carefully go through the terms & conditions. 

Existing expanded providers usually do not provide free royalty free music, whereas independent artists or people new to this domain are more likely to provide free royalty-free music. For using paid royalty-free music, you are required to pay a particular amount of money as royalty. After paying the royalties, you can easily get a license. The license allows you to use that particular music for any of your tasks.

Stock Music VS Royalty Free Music

One of the commonly used terms which is very much similar to royalty-free music is Stock Music. Stock music is a synonym for production music and refers to all rights owned by a specific company. The company gains a variety of music items from independent artists. A lot of times, these companies also hire professionals for the creation of music. 

Why choose Royalty free music?

Royalty Free Music - A Comprehensive Guide

Without music, marketing and the digital world will become extinct. If you wish to add copyrighted music to your content, it is crucial you understand how to properly manage the incorporation of licensed music. If you somehow add music that has copyrights in your content without a license, your content might be deleted from different platforms. 

There are chances that your revenue generation from social media platforms like YouTube might also get affected. To combat outcomes like the deletion of your content or your content being muted, purchasing royalty free music proves to be the easiest method.

To save yourself from disputes originating from legal sources or violation of any policy, you should follow the correct procedure for gaining the license for the music you wish to use. Once you have cleared the royalty for any music, you can use it without any further charges implied. Choosing royalty-free music is the best option, as it is eventually. In the long run, it becomes a cost-effective option, especially if you opt for a license for a lifetime.

If we consider royalty free music, one of the benefits it offers is its huge variety. You can listen to music from every genre and subgenre. The libraries offering royalty-free music are now providing easier access to the clients. Another plus point of using royalty-free music is that you no more have to be afraid of additional fees or hidden charges. After paying the required amount, you can easily get the license to use the audio in whichever form you want.

The best sites for royalty free music

Royalty-free music can be used for various purposes. Royalty-free music is most commonly used for commercial purposes or personal use. Royalty free music can be used for the monetisation of videos, film projects, or video advertisements. Royalty-free music can also be used in various film projects or can be added to podcasts. You have to purchase any music file rather than make a payment every time you use it. 

Once you have purchased a song, you can use it without any restrictions on the number of times you want to use it. There are multiple sites that allow you to purchase royalty-free music without having to go through tedious protocols. Some of the best sites that help you in purchasing royalty free music are Artlist, PremiumBeat, AudioJungle, Audiio, and SoundStripe. Apart from the listed sites, there are multiple sites that will provide an effortless experience. 

Why hire a composer rather than buy royalty free music?

Royalty Free Music - A Comprehensive Guide

If you are in need of music for your content, advertisements, or any of the projects, one of the options you are left with is to hire a composer. Even though the libraries offer a great variety of music and artists, the music libraries let you choose the best options for your music requirement. But considering some of the factors, you might want to hire a composer.

Composers can be very helpful if you want to curate unique audio specifically for your project. A composer will recognise the relationship between the music and the content. Hiring composers can also save you a lot of time. You may be wondering how. To choose the perfect audio for your requirement, you will have to go through the vast library of music. 

Finding the best suitable music for your content will take a considerable amount of time. By hiring a composer, you can save your effort and time, as a composer will exactly curate the best music for you. If you are looking for composers, you can easily search for the best of them on freelancing platforms like Fiverr. LinkedIn is another platform where you can easily get potential composers.  

Wrapping It Up

Royalty-free music has been one sphere that is miscomprehended by most people. You are offered a choice of opting either for paid royalty free music or free royalty-free music, depending on your needs and requirements. Once you gain the license, you can make use of the royalty free music for either commercial or personal use.

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