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9 Reasons Why Every Website Must Have SSL Certificate

Websites offer information according to the query entered by the user. Websites also collect data that should be protected because of the privacy purpose. SSL certification is a way to ensure the security of data on your website. Let us understand what SSL certificates are.

What are SSL certificates?

9 Reasons Why Every Website Must Have SSL Certificate

SSL certificate, an acronym for Secure Sockets Layers certificate, plays an important role in your website. Why is this certificate important at all? The main reason it is essential every website should have an SSL certificate is that it renders security to the information contained or exchanged via the websites. Security aided by these certificates also makes transactions more convenient.

It provides encrypted security between systems. How to identify a secure connection with this certificate? If the URL of any website has a padlock icon along with it in the address bar (next to the URL), the visited website is protected by SSL. There is one other way to check if the website has SSL protection or not. If the URL of a website has “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS,” it indicates it lacks security granted by SSL certification.

An SSL certificate has different purposes. Along with rendering security to a website, it also ensures authentication of server and client. This provides verification of ownership of the website. SSL certification has been mandatory in recent times. A website not having an SSL certificate can reflect the absence of professionalism which might result in customers not trusting the website.

You can extract some information regarding the SSL certification of a website. To do so, click on the padlock icon. It reveals the organization and domain name to which the SSL certificate was issued. The authority which issued it, subdomains, date of issue, etc. are also mentioned. There also exists information about the SSL certificate regarding the date of issue and expiration date.

Things to consider before buying an SSL certificate

The need for an SSL certificate is important. It can either be because you wish to eliminate complaints of your users or compliance. No matter what the reason is, an SSL certificate becomes essential because it enhances security levels. Some web browsers also nullify or mark the website with no SSL certificate as spam. In the hour of need, it must be considered what factors you should keep in mind to own an SSL certificate.

There is a variety of SSL certificates you can choose for your website. Some of the very popular choices are single-domain SSL, multi-domain SSL, wildcard SSL, and multi-domain wildcard SSL certification.  Multi-Domain SSL certification is beneficial for the requirements of multiple domain names using one single certification. For blogs or small businesses, a single domain SSL certification is optimum. Wildcard SSL certification has multiple subdomains.

We showed how aiming for an SSL certificate is important if you own a website. Let us tell you 9 reasons why every website must have an SSL certificate in the coming section.

1. Encryption aided by SSL certification

Websites include sensitive information hence it becomes important that the information is kept secure. Data encryption is a way to protect data using decoding information. Only authentic users with encrypted and decrypted keys can access data. SSL certificate uses encryption to prevent any leakage of information.

2. SSL certificates save you from phishing attacks

9 Reasons Why Every Website Must Have SSL Certificate

Phishing attacks are practices that involve data stealing and its misuse. Phishing is a concern for businesses and websites as it involves a threat to the safety of information. The data can include information like login credentials, details of the card holders, or credit card numbers. SSL certificates can be a protective measure in such scenarios. As already mentioned, SSL certificates aid the security of websites. By using encryption while exchanging information, data and information can be protected and secured.

3. Aiding security for all your subdomains

A subdomain is a part of your domain’s name that lets you organize separate content for your website. Security of a website A secure website ensures the security protocols on both levels, i.e., domain and subdomain. If subdomains are not secured, the security is threatened. Hence, it is justified that securing all your subdomains along with primary domains is equally crucial.  For a convenient and cost-effective way, it is recommended to gain a wildcard SSL certificate. It also is cheaper than other options. A common SSL certificate prevents you from the hassle of gaining individual SSL certificates for all your subdomains.

4. Enhancement of brand image and brand reputation

Lack of sufficient protection and security on your website can give an ill impression to your customers. SSL certification is a basic requirement nowadays. Because security protocols are mandatory, it has become almost possible to filter a website having no SSL certification. SSL certificates can not solely protect you from online fraud or threats.

But these certificates can protect the necessary information of users. With added security, the customers can trust you and our website. Some people nowadays consider websites that have no SSL certification to be unprofessional. The security aided by SSL certificates is enhanced, and hence customers find it more reliable, and ultimately, the brand image is improved simultaneously. 

5. Essential for PCI compliance

9 Reasons Why Every Website Must Have SSL Certificate

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, which is crucial for information shared during transactions via websites. PCI refers to various sets of security standards that aid in securing information like card details. For websites based on e-commerce domains, it is mandatory for its operation. Because it protects information about the cardholders, it helps in preventing any data breach caused by fraudsters. If your website is not PCI compliant, it is possible that data can be misused. Missing PCI compliance also means you can not allow transactions on your website. SSL certificates are a crucial part of PCI. 

6. Enhanced search engine ranking 

There is no doubt that SSL certificates carry value to your website. Another benefit of gaining a SSL certificate for your website can also mean better ranking. Improved ranking is important because it gains more audience, and as a result more sales or revenue. Having a website with a SSL certificate, that is encrypted and secure, gives a benefit when it comes to google rankings. There are multiple freel SSL certifications and yet there are websites in abundance that are not encrypted and secure. The algorithm of google that ranks the websites considers the security and encryption for ranking of a website. A SSL certificate is a new standard set for all websites nowadays. 

7. Authentication of a website

SSL certificates can be used for authentication of both client and server. Most SSL certificates are used for the authentication of servers generally. But their role is not finished only in server authentication. Both of the certificates are useful in validating identities, be it the identity of the server to the customer or the identity of the client to the server. A client certificate ensures the server is used by a legitimate user. SSL server authentication ensures that the clients are using the authentic server that ensures security. Hence, both SSL authentication certificates are beneficial.

8. Inbuilding trust in customers

9 Reasons Why Every Website Must Have SSL Certificate

Internet users, because they are well-aware of the Installment of security systems, prefer sites that offer SSL certification. An SSL certificate can be one effective way to convince your customers to trust your website. This is because an SSL certificate protects information and data on a website resulting in aiding the security of the website.

The audience is cautious of scams and frauds in the virtual world, hence they would choose a website that promises them More security. It makes the customers believe that their data and sensitive information are safe rather than being vulnerable to any hacking or malicious activity.

9. Security aided by SSL certificates

9 Reasons Why Every Website Must Have SSL Certificate

The transfer of websites from HTTP to HTTPS makes the data more secure. SSL certificate is one of the ways to protect and secure your data. Security aided by SSL certificates is rendered by protecting the information exchanged between systems, criminals not gaining access to gain or modify data, and protecting sensitive information.

Usually, data is exchanged in the form of plain text, which makes the related security vulnerable to mischief. It uses algorithms that prevent any unauthorized access or gain of data in transit. Data here can refer to login credentials, contact numbers, card details, medical history, documents, or security numbers. SSL certificates allow the secure transmission of sensitive data.

Wrapping It Up

What if the details you enter on a website can be accessed by an unauthorized user? To protect your data from falling into the hands of unauthorized users, you need security aided by SSL certificates. Here to mention an SSL certificate does not protect you from every cybercrime existing, but it acts more like a part of data security. Offering a lot of benefits, getting an SSL certificate for your website is the best thing to secure data on your website.

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