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our web site / – A Product still in Development.

This website of our’s is a work in progress from the past three or even more years, what took us so long, read here (our story)

Well we belief what ever happens, happens for a reasons there is proverb that “you are now able to do things, that you were unable to think about three years ago.” this kinda fits.

This has been a journey sort of a roller coaster ride. (to read about some real roller coaster rides do visit this lifestyle blog)

Our website is spread over few pages and divided into lot of sections. Main highlights though are our blog, products & services and the marketplace.

Blog and products and services may be clear to all but a market place? For what, Well find Here, domain for sell, free lancers content writers graphics designers etc can post for work, publishing houses, developers can make their offers, recruite right people for the work, get other various other work done at best possible prices. Special section is about venture capital, one, here you can submit a detailed project and we will look for funDS interested in them. Our market place is community workplace.

We also run a facebook group and a web site to empower content writers developers and publishing houses and freelancers. It is a non profit effort from our side to bring and built out a common community of like minded people.

Besides above mentioned pages we a have detailed about us page


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