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The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

Launched internationally in 2017, TikTok has amassed over 1 billion active monthly users quickly. Although it’s still a little fish in the social media sea compared to behemoths like Facebook and YouTube, it’s surpassed Twitter and Facebook Messenger in popularity.

The popularity of TikTok is unquestionable, and several businesses have already begun advertising on the platform. Learn the ins and outs of using TikTok in your social media marketing plan.

An Overview of TikTok

The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

The most crucial step after launching a company is attracting customers, for the primary reason that no one would purchase from you if they didn’t know who you are.

Given the many other options available, why should clients choose your business? That’s right; there are innumerable. Some of you may believe that your offerings are unparalleled, but the reality is that there will always be another company providing something quite similar. For this reason, your ongoing mission will be to attract ever-greater market interest.

Advertisements in newspapers, billboards, and television are all traditional possibilities, but they are costly and limited in scope compared to digital marketing. Since competition is heating up for ad space on Google, Facebook, and even Instagram, your best chance may be to try your luck with TikTok Marketing instead.

Hundreds of new users join TikTok’s daily ranks, bringing the total monthly active users to 689 million. Then why do a billion people say they have it?

TikTok is a video-sharing app where users may upload, view, and discover new short videos from other users. The software has gained notoriety as a platform for users to showcase their talents in areas as varied as singing, dance, comedy, and lip-syncing. TikTok simplifies making and sharing films among a group of people. Because of the increasing number of users from all around the world using Tik Tok, it has become an excellent venue for advertising your company’s products and services.

Who Uses TikTok?

The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

Knowing who you’re trying to reach with your marketing efforts is crucial. The majority of TikTok’s early users were teenagers and young adults. People who joined the network in its infancy are still more likely to be active users, suggesting that the average age of users has increased over time.

Only 31.8% of users were under 24 in 2018, with another 23.4% between the ages of 25 and 30 and another 23.4% between the ages of 31 and 35.

The COVID-19 epidemic has been a boon for TikTok’s user base, demonstrating that the app’s fun and creative qualities appeal to a wide audience. Several companies have begun using the site to advertise their products and services. What follows is a discussion of current TikTok marketing methods and trends that will put you ahead of the competition.

How exactly does a music app allow you to market your business?

TikTok users share an increasingly wide variety of video content as the app’s popularity rises. People from many walks of life, including startups, aspiring comedians, skateboarders showing off their skills, pranksters, singers, fashionistas, aspiring hairstylists, and art enthusiasts, make use of the medium of short films to showcase their work. If you’ve ever tried to advertise on Facebook or YouTube (or any other platform), you know that shorter films do better since they’re easier to watch and retain an interest in. In this way, the short-video-optimized TikTok platform will provide the advertising boost your company need.

TikTok’s ability to let users watch videos from anyone’s account without following them is revolutionary. Anyone can open the app, go to the For You tab, and immediately begin watching movies tailored to their tastes or pique their interest. Your users have a great tool to search for videos by utilizing hashtags.

If appropriately used, TikTok Marketing has the potential to bring in millions of views for your company’s films, giving you a massive audience to demonstrate your superiority to and convert into paying customers. With only a few quick films (or even just one! ), your company is exploding with success. TikTok Marketing’s best deal is right here.

How TikTok Works?

The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

Let’s quickly go down how TikTok works for those who aren’t familiar:

  • Users are allowed to post videos up to three minutes in length. As of February 2022, this was increased to 10 minutes. However, not everyone has had access to this.
  • Dancing videos are particularly well-suited to the app because of its user-friendly video editing tools, such as adding transitions, transitional effects, and music.
  • Videos may be liked, commented on, and shared through viewers’ preferred chat platforms.
  • That settles the matter. In comparison to other social media sites, TikTok is easy to use. While many companies post videos, the vast majority still need to be edited or produced to a good standard. The authenticity of the film’s authenticity is a big part of the platform’s appeal.

TikTok as a Platform for Marketing

TikTok’s youthful user base sometimes makes companies disregard the platform. While this is a valid issue for companies aiming to reach a senior demographic, it’s essential to remember that social media giants like Facebook and YouTube were previously thought to be fads. Only the most traditionalist of customers still don’t use them.

With the right approach, TikTok may be a very effective advertising medium. The number of people interacting with a given post on this network is far more than any other social media network. Creating a TikTok For Business account is simple, and once you do, you’ll have access to detailed analytics and information about your target audience in real time. It saves money since it doesn’t need much technical know-how to operate, unlike other video editing programs.

Ways To Promoting Your Brand on TikTok

1. Find Out What’s Hot In The Media

The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

Market research is the starting point for each successful advertising campaign. TikTok’s popularity is difficult to predict since it is constantly shifting. They share the traits of being lively, impromptu, and somewhat campy. How the platform evolves may change, but it is now as it is.

Even a high-end automobile manufacturer like BMW has a TikTok account, so you should try it even if your brand doesn’t mesh with the upbeat, casual vibe it projects. They employ behind-the-scenes footage in their films to demonstrate the production process for their advertisements. 

In contrast to its more corporate severe image, this account has over 700,000 followers because of its humorous and lighthearted videos.

2. Take part in TikTok challenges

TikTok users are encouraged to participate in the challenge by posting videos with the given hashtag. This information is readily available to audiences. Even if your account doesn’t have followers, it isn’t considered when making recommendations. That is why the only criterion for a successful post is amusement.

There are many challenges, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to participate in them all. There will always be something you can sometimes do.

3. Hashtag Marketing

The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

Making funny and engaging videos for TikTok takes a lot of imagination and insight into your target demographic’s sense of humor. You can’t teach someone to laugh. Therefore it takes work to maintain a steady output of humorous stuff when you need to.

It’s okay for you to create only some material that represents your company. Inspire your audience to join in with a customized hashtag. Choose a hashtag that best represents your company.

If one of your cafe’s cakes is very well-liked, consider making a TikTok challenge by using that cake in a movie. Promote your business with little effort and expense by having consumers use a branded hashtag in their social media posts.

4. Partner with Influencers

TikTok stars have a tremendous impact, and seventy percent of young people trust them more than conventional celebrities like actresses and musicians. TikTok can help you locate content producers who may be a good match for your company by searching for material connected to your goods or services.

TikTok has a built-in feature called the Creator Marketplace, where you can locate influencers to promote your company. You needn’t even contact the most well-known artists to make an impact. Your business might get significant exposure from even the ones with a lesser following.

5. Advertisements

The Beginner-friendly Guide to TikTok Marketing

TikTok, like other social media sites, allows advertisers to pay to have their content seen. This is less successful than gradually growing your audience, but it may provide quick benefits in the short run. This is what you can do:

  • Video advertising displayed in users’ feeds is known as in-feed video adverts.
  • TopView commercials: one-minute-long full-screen spots
  • Effects that advertise: individualized labels, tints, and glasses
  • Consumers’ first interaction with the TikTok app will be a series of three- to five-second-long video commercials.
  • Video-sharing app TikTok is only one of several channels where you may promote your business. Use Aniview’s video ad exchange to learn more. Your perfect publishers will be found, and you may communicate with your desired audience effortlessly.

Wrapping It Up

What more could you want? A full-fledged introduction to advertising on TikTok.

Feel free to experiment with different combinations of these strategies to see what works best for you and your team. With the correct techniques and content, TikTok Marketing can bring in millions of clients for your company. Consider how much exposure your company may get from just one viral video.

Then let’s save time and buy TikTok right now! Always try to think beyond the box.

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