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Top VR Experiences and Theme Parks From Around The Globe

There are so many VR experiences around the globe from where you can witness virtual reality with all the thrill. I will describe a few of those experiences which you can really enjoy in your vacation time, along with their ticket pricing, ride duration, location, the VR setup used, as well as the experience of other people. Which will surely excite you to enjoy the ride as soon as possible. Let’s move to the rides now-


Burj Khalifa Dubai (Virtual Reality Ride)

However, the tallest building in the world is also the most expensive. And there will never be a shortage of all sorts of adventure sports. If I talk about the trip, that’s the best thing I can say, but still, I’m going to let you know why and how? At the Peak, Burj Khalifa has unveiled a new virtual reality (VR) experience that stimulates the true feeling of ascending 160 habitable floors of the world’s tallest structure, as well as ascending to its highest point, the spire.


Named ‘Mission 828,’ the new attraction also offers tourists the chance to witness a spurred, four-minute parachute-jump down to The Dubai Fountain to give them a taste of what it’s like to climb up and down the tower in an exciting way. It can be encountered from six VR pods situated at Level 125 and Level 124.

The ‘mission commander’ can reach users in VR mode during their elevator ride to the tower’s 160th level. They then collect suction gloves to ascend the spire, a pinnacle at 828 meters. Then, they grab the parachute for a free-fall VR ride into the dancing fountains.

The experience uses ‘room-scale’ monitoring technology and the VR technology that enables users to travel in three-dimensional space and communicate with the world with motion-tracked handheld controls. The pods also have wind-effects that make them as ‘actual’ as possible.

Mission 828 was produced by a team of experts working with the Philharmonic Orchestra, UNICEF, the British Fashion Council, and Rotary International, as well as promoting film productions such as Harry Potter 6 and 7.
The ticket charge for Mission 828 is an additional AED35 per person on a daily basis. At the peak entry rate, currently at an average of AED125.

  • Location- Dubai
  • Ticket price for one person each- AED125(Arab Emirates Durham)
  • DurationYou will be spending around an hour in the whole Virtual reality session because it varies from block to block.



This is the experience of a tourist who visited here a couple of months ago-
A fantastic view and the ‘telescopes’ not only showed you the real view, but you could adjust the view to see what the skyline looks like at night, an iconic view or a ‘clear day’ view-only in case the day you go isn’t clear.

I would recommend that you take the time before you leave to sit down and listen to the different stories of the people who helped to create and clean (the window cleaner was great) the house. With a teenage kid, we couldn’t have missed the chance to make use of VR. We pre-booked online, but there didn’t seem to be a queue. It was completely worth it because it was a wonderful experience.

Hyperspace Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland


Space Mountain in Hong Kong Disneyland was the fifth edition of the outer space-themed roller coaster enclosed in Disney Parks using VR experience. The newest Space Mountain (not to mention the four latest refurbishments of Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Magic Kingdom) is based on the refurbished Space Mountain in Disneyland, with a similar soundtrack and the same layout. It also contains modern display features not seen in California’s renovated edition (i.e., a “hyperspeed” tunnel). The configuration of the Rockin’ Space Mountain was not included in Disneyland’s Space Mountain in 2007.

Unlike most of the Space Mountains, the boarding area for attractions is very limited. The two most similar space stations in Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland are not present. Instead, the field is adorned with a dark queue showing neon earth-tone colored planets along with star patterns. The station walls are lined with colored neon light bars used for illumination and decoration.
It’s the only Space Mountain to feature Single-Rider using the VR technology alongside its standard standby and FASTPASS.

As part of the Hong Kong Disneyland, Haunted Halloween festival from 2007 to 2013, Space Mountain underwent a Halloween overlay. At its 10th anniversary celebration, Space Mountain was turned into a Hyperspace Mountain with a Star Wars theme to go along with it.

Safety Spiles

Before the rocket launches, this ride has a mission control with a person providing safety instructions:

“Space travelers, for your safety, please remain seated with your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the rocket and supervise children. You are cleared to go.” It says the same thing in Cantonese before this and Mandarin after that. (2005–current)

This line plays in the line before entering the station:

“Welcome, space travelers. Space Mountain is an exciting, fast-paced, turbulent roller-coaster trip in the dark that involves abrupt twists, unexpected drops & stops. Before you embark on your journey, please put all your helmets, glasses, and loose belongings inside the storage bags immediately in front of you. To prepare for the launch, pull the lap bar towards you

  • Location- Hong Kong
  • Ride duration At least 15 mins
  • Ticket price – $ 639HK



Up to the attraction itself, set up the Hyperspace Mountain. Still, I don’t think that’s a bad thing because as soon as you get into that ride vehicle, something changes.

The whole VR experience of Hyperspace Mountain is nothing short of breathtaking. From the movement of the vehicle to the music to the lighting and visual effects to the smoothness of the journey, all fit together so well that not only are you completely absorbed in the Star Wars World; the overlay is so good that it’s hard to imagine that Hyperspace Mountain is not the original intention of attraction.

I rode Space Mountain numerous times until it turned into Hyperspace Mountain, and the attraction and VR effects was also good. However, the overlay has tenfold enhanced this attraction. I’d go out on a limb and say Hyperspace Mountain might be the most successful “overlay” of any Disney Park ride.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Lovers of red, fast, and shiny Ferrari are ready to rock for some more fun with the Ferrari World. Yeah, you’ve read that correctly. The Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi gives you complete freedom to offer entertaining, fun, and excitement to your family. The Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is one of the largest theme parks witch VR experience in the world. Locals love to enjoy all their hectic schedules at Abu Dhabi’s famous getaway spot. Ferrari World allows you the opportunity to break your own land speed records.

From rides to attractions to events, the Ferrari World has everything you need to indulge in during your tour. The pace of Magic, Tyre Twist, Made in Maranello, The Racing Legends, and Paddock using the VR effects are some of the highlights of the Ferrari World. These are designed to increase the total level of your Ferrari craziness. The Ferrari World authorities are sure to leave you spellbound by their live appearances and shows.

Over the course of 365 days of the year, Ferrari World organizes a number of events and performances featuring optical illusions, acrobats, gravitational-defying stunts, VR experiences and more. If you think that’s all that your Ferrari World has to offer, wait until you feel hungry. The food outlets here offer local and foreign cuisine of the highest standard.

While you’re about to leave this wonderland, don’t forget to pack your bags with some great souvenirs. Right from Italian fashion accessories to Ferrari memorabilia, you’ve got a range of stuff to bring back.

Inside The Ferrari World

These are the stuff you need to look at and learn inside the Ferrari world-

Formula Rossa

For pace lovers, Formula Rossa is the place to be! The extreme height it covers or the swirls of the stomach are strong enough to scare you to death. So, it’s a smart idea, don’t try to get here while you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Here, you’ve got to do a challenge while riding one of those F430 spider-shaped four-wheelers. Going all the way along the tracks that run parallel to each other, the twin roller coaster cross paths come to the foreplay.

Scuderia Challenge

For those who love to spend long hours watching virtual racing games, Scuderia Challenge is the place to stop. This competition is nothing but a six-man speed race that takes place around the Yas Marina virtual circuit.

Speed of magic VR

This ride is a secret treat for you. Well, be sure about this one! As soon as you start feeling lethargic at this level-one looking roller-coaster train, there’s a simulated character right away. As he travels through various exotic destinations, you begin to follow him religiously within a few minutes.

In addition to those mentioned above, Ferrari World has G-Force, Bell’ Italia, V12, Flying Aces, Tyre Twist, and finally, a real Ferrari Ride. Isn’t it amazing? Well, that’s not all! Once you are done with your family outing at this Ferrari World, there’s a lot more near it for you to explore.

  • Location – Abudhabi
  • Ticket price – AED245
  • Duration Varies block to block and ride to ride



Live the dream and feel the magic of Yas Island full of VR effects behind the wheel of a Ferrari, be transported on unforgettable journeys through captivating virtual environments in state-of-the-art simulation apps, and sharpen your driving skills on an epic 290-meter-long track inspired by the famous Yas Marina Circuit.

It’s scary and totally, absolutely exhilarating. My heart is so tumultuous; I think it might have been temporarily transplanted from an overly happy puppy. Formula Rossa at the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the fastest roller coaster in the world.

Using the kind of hydraulic launch system that launches aircraft from aircraft carriers, it achieves 240 kilometers per hour from a stand-up start in just 4.9 seconds. Before I have a chance to find out what’s going on with me, I’m shot to the top of a vertical tower, and I’m about to crash down into a sharply twisted curve.

At the top, the comparatively mundane reality of the rest of the ride doesn’t seem to be an option – I’m being shot into the next life, and there’s no better way to go. The Formula Rossa is unquestionably excellent. The concern is not that it’s that it’s the highlight of the Ferrari World – it’s the magic moment of most theme parks across the globe – it’s that it’s the highlight of such a long stretch.

Ferrari World is the largest indoor amusement park in the world, and it’s an architectural wonder. The red roof is built to look like a Ferrari badge and includes a web-like metal lattice that sprouts geyser-style from the central point before softly creating an enveloping mushroom cup over the rides, restaurants, and red cars. There’s a lot of the above. It depends on how enthusiastic you are about Ferraris if this is a positive idea.

Universal Studio Singapore


Recognized all over the world, Universal Studios in Singapore is lighting a fire of entertainment in the hearts of adventure-seekers and fun lovers alike. Located inside the Resorts World Sentosa, this is the first-ever Hollywood movie theme park in South East Asia.

The park is divided into seven film-themed areas, each of which is specially crafted. It features 24 rides and attractions that promise excitement, a lot of fun, and enduring memories. Fit for any age group, Universal Studio is our top recommendation.

The Hollywood Zone


The Hollywood zone will take you to the glamorous world of Hollywood, where you will come across the stunning art nouveau buildings of the 1940s.
The avenues are lined with a multitude of exclusive shops and restaurants.
The Hollywood Star Attractions are

Lake Hollywood Spectacular

Spectacular fireworks are shining in the skies with flashing lights. A strong and uplifting musical score is played during the fireworks display. Definitely not to miss it.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

From the glamorous Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, a meeting and greeting session with the most popular superstars along Hollywood Boulevard will leave you like a star. Click on a few photos of Sesame, Minions, and even more Universal movie stars.

Minion Mart

Buy minion toys, stickers, merchandise, and more. The shop is influenced by the popular movie franchise Minion created by Universal Studios.

Hollywood China Bistro

One of the most popular food shops in the theme park. Enjoy lip-smacking Chinese cuisine in a comfortable setting.

Universal Studio Store

You can purchase any article related to Universal Studios all under one roof. This massive shop is a dream come true for fans and a must-see.

The New York Zone


This zone brings you back to the iconic New York of the 1940s, with its cobbled-stone streets and fake gas lamps. Here you go to a movie-set that replicates the Big Apple.

The Star Attractions in New York

Lights Camera Action!

Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is a show that follows the story of a hurricane striking New York City through the VR effects. It’s got the right flavors like a Universal Studio movie.

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

An exciting coaster that’s sure not to lose out on the adrenaline rush. The characters and special effects of Sesame Street complete this journey.

Big Bird’s Emporium

A shop that sells all of the sesame street characters related items.

Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

This is your destination if you’re hunting for a classic NY-style pizza. Choose the best of authentic Italian pizzas that are served in combinations.

Sci-fi City


At the Universal Studios in Singapore, you can visit Sci-Fi City’s fabulous world, the ideal spot for science fiction lovers. This is where you’ll witness the next generation 4D motion-based thrill coaster having VR trends.

The Star Attractions in Sci-Fi City

Battlestar Galactica – Human or Cyclone

This is the world’s tallest duel roller coaster at 42.5 m in height. It is designed for a maximum adrenaline rush with diversions and loops. This is the greatest obstacle of all the 24 attractions, and definitely not the faint-hearted.

Transformers – The Ride VR

A 4-D ride that takes you through all the dim, scary loops and whirls. Apart from the 4-D and VR effects, many other special effects such as clouds, water, warm air, and several more are used to finish the enjoyable trip.

Starbot Cafe

Starbot Cafe is a cafe that serves fantastic soulful food. Hog on junk food and the latest soft-serve ice cream.


A ride that can be enjoyed similarly by teenagers, senior citizens, and children. Keeping up with the tradition of loops and twists, Accelerator is not as terrifying.

Ancient Egypt


After spinning on the exciting rides of the Sci-Fi world, walk into the world of ancient Egypt. It’s a heaven for archaeologists and Egyptians. Explore The Mummy and Hog’s lost secrets on the fiery Mediterranean and Malay food at the Oasis Spice Cafe.

The Star Attraction of Ancient Egypt

Revenge of the Mummy Roller Coaster Ride

Inspired by The Movie Franchise Mummy, this ride incorporates all the elements of the film. It’s a complete adventure ride, from dim lighting effects to track variants.

Treasure Hunters

Discover the treasures and mysterious artifacts of Ancient Egypt in a treasure search. Hop on the ride and discover Egyptian replicas and antique car models.

Jurassic Park Singapore – The Lost World


Now walk into The Lost World and go back in time for prehistoric adventures. The slides and activities primarily focus on the two most famous movies in the world – Jurassic Park and Waterworld. It also features a lot of dining and shopping options.

The star attraction of The Lost World

The Jurassic Park River Rapids

The ride is based on the idea of Jurassic Park, and you can drift, rush, and plummet across the rapids of the river. Riders begin with a structure similar to that seen in the Jurassic Park River Adventure. The ride starts quickly, and then unexpectedly, flash floods strike, and that’s when things get really fun. The rides ride through a range of jungles and terrains that exceed various dinosaurs along the way. This water-based Jurassic Park ride is full of fun-filled with a lot of suspense and scares.

Amber Rock Climb

Vertical wall studded with skeletons of Dinosaurs, ideal for beginner and experienced climbers. There is also a pint-size wall for kids.

Dino-soaring and Canopy flyer

Although Dino-soaring will let you ride your own dinosaur and control its vertical motion, the flying Canopy will let you climb high and give a bird’s eye view of “The Lost World.”

Water World


Water world loads the action extravaganza, particularly for the die-hard stunt fans. The aerial acrobatics, the explosions, the boat, and the Jet Ski stunts will get your jaws down in amusement.

  • Location – Singapore
  • DurationDepends upon the blocks
  • Ticket price – $ 45



A family visited Universal Studios Singapore last year and shared their experience.

We finally visited Singapore’s very first theme park -Universal Studios Singapore. Here are the attractions that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Super Rides
  • Battle Star Galactica – A double roller coaster which was unfortunately closed when we visited due to some technical glitch
  • Revenge of the Mummy(Ancient Egypt) – Just to let you know how exciting it is, my son Niles and my husband rode it three times. For me, once is enough, I wouldn’t want to suffer from backache due to its twists and turns, but definitely, a MUST ride attraction.
  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure(Lost World) –The fun is on getting wet; even the sudden drop at the end of the ride wasn’t that exciting.
  • Canopy Flyer(Lost World) – This would have been exciting if the ride was long, but it was faster than a bolt of lightning(less than 3 minutes)
  • Enchanted Airways (Far Far Away) – it’s a mini roller coaster.

4D Adventure Land Sentosa – VR


4D AdventureLand is a theme zone that allows you to explore 4D Magix, VR effects, Cineblast, and Desperados forever. 4D Magix includes the most amazing stuff you’re not allowed to overlook when it shows visual, auditory, and environmental effects. In the first 4D film in Asia, Journey 2, you’ll feel the film’s virtual elements with VR technology, such as wind or water. This 4D movie is about Sean interpreting a signal that’s going to ‘Mysterious Island.’

Let’s follow Sean’s adventures and see how fun this movie is. CineBlast is like a new adventure you’ve got to explore. The widescreen is going to be in front of you, and you’re going to be on the log trip. You will witness the spectacular real-life scene of swimming between the rocks, leaping over a waterfall, and dipping into crocodile waters.

Desperados – witness a simulated shooting scenario and ride saddles. You’re going to gallop through the animation movie while firing the gangster with your laser pistol. Being like a cowboy and trying to be on top of the shooter in this town.

Keep these things in mind if you are visiting here-

  • Child ticket – Age 3-12 yrs old.
  • There is free admission for children aged 0-2, but no 3D glasses will be provided for the VR effects.
  • The minimum height required for Journey 2/Extreme Log Ride is 90 cm or 2 feet 11.4 inches.
  • The minimum height required for Desperados is 110 cm or 3 feet 6 inches.
  • Children who do not meet the height requirements need to be seated on their parents’ lap.
  • Guests are encouraged to refrain from any activities should you have any of the following conditions: pregnancy, physical disabilities, intoxication, heart and cardiac conditions, back and spinal problems, motion sickness, and vertigo.
  • Lead traveling party holding the E-ticket redemption voucher must present valid photo identification for this exchange.
  • E-ticket may not be copied, resold, or duplicated.
  • The E-ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed and is valid only for the event and date for which it is valid.
  • Location – Singapore
  • Duration Depends
  • Ticket price – Changes season to season but on an average is $ 80



Attention to all the thrill-seekers and fun lovers out there! Here’s Sentosa giving you the most thrilling ride that makes you feel alive. Sentosa 4D Adventureland is a high-tech VR Adventure theme park that acts as an amusement area for four thrilling activities at Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa Island.

This is considered to be Singapore’s biggest amusement park. Sentosa 4D Adventure Land provides four activities perfect for all age classes. Each experience is special and can beat the other in terms of excitement and fun, and it is undeniably one of the best attractions in Sentosa.

Shrek- 4D Adventure – VR


Shrek 4-D (also known as Shrek 3-D for DVD release and The Ghost of Lord Farquaad for Netflix and streaming release) is a 4D simulator and VR ride attraction with motion-based effects and water sprayers found in numerous theme parks around the world. It is now being seen at Universal Parks & Resorts in Florida, Japan, Singapore, and formerly in Hollywood, where it closed on 13 August 2017 to make room for the DreamWorks Theater attraction.

Outside the Universal Parks, the film was shown at Movie Park in Germany from May 2008 to July 2011 and at Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia from September 2005 to August 2010. A spin-off attraction called Donkey’s Photo Finish is located in Florida, while Meet Shrek and Donkey are located in Hollywood.

In Universal Studios Japan, the attraction is seen in the same theatre as Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic, the Shrek 4-D film is seen in the first half of the day, and the Sesame Street film is seen in the second half of the day. Although the animation is 3D, the ride is a 4D video that includes physical effects, including motion seats that tilt forward, backward, vibrate, and up and down during the performance. Water sprayers are mounted to the back of each seat to spray the rider’s face behind it—water sprayers sitting on the ceiling spray runners’ front row.

  • Location – universal studios Singapore
  • Duration 15- 30 mins
  • Ticket – Around $ 50



In Universal Studios Singapore, Shrek 4-D resides within the wider Far Far Away theme field. Other attractions in the region include Donkey Live (an immersive live display incorporating digital puppetry technologies featuring entertaining and engaging Donkey visitors in an intimate theatre setting via VR technology), Enchanted Airways (a junior roller coaster featuring Dragon-modeled trains), Puss on Boots’ Giant Journey (a roller coaster featuring Puss in a suspended ride) (a miniature Ferris wheel for children which is themed to be a part of a potion assembly line). During the attraction’s time at Warner Bros. Movie World, a short-lived live show named Shrek Live was shown in the park’s Show Stage.


These are some of the best rides and locations where you can spend your holiday and, at the same time, enjoy so many things along with VR Experiences, such as cultural performances and so many other things. All the rides and amusement parks are situated in the southern part of Asia, excluding that of the Ferrari World.

The Ferrari world is one of the most exclusive parks of its kind. If I’m talking about Universal Studios Singapore, then that park is a whole set of entertainment where you can enjoy almost any trip along with the Hollywood and Virtual Reality experience. In the end, I would suggest that every park has its own charisma that you really should try to visit. I’m sure that’s going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life.

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