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9 Ways UTM Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

Generally, it might be difficult to pinpoint the precise origin of your website traffic when you promote the pages and items on your website through emails, social media, and paid advertising methods. Particularly considering how frequently links are copied, duplicated, and used elsewhere than their originating sources, it becomes even more overwhelming.

33across data revealed that more than 82% of links are simply copy pasted. They would appear as direct traffic in your analytics if they were entered on a browser or accessed from chat platforms. To quantify the impact and success of their marketing initiatives and provide meaningful responses to the primary concerns of what exactly is functioning and what is not has become one of the most prevalent issues faced by several marketers today. 

Moreover, for any website, traffic is unquestionably crucial. Not only it helps the company become more visible online, but it also makes it possible for prospects from different countries to find the website.

However, it is a daunting endeavor to be strong enough to stick in this rapidly expanding market and draw in the targeted people. As a marketing expert, it becomes crucial for marketers to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in order to gather the highest value and outcomes possible.

Even though Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for gathering data and crucial metrics, like how many people arrived at the website, remained, glanced at each page, navigated there, and their demographics, etc., these still only provide you with very essential information regarding your website.

This is exactly where utilizing UTM parameters is a great approach. To obtain more detailed, precise, and comprehensive data on every one of your marketing initiatives and their potential effect, UTM does wonders. Suppose if you are wondering how you can determine which tweet or post is generating more traffic for you or where your visitors are coming from, UTM parameters are 100% relevant in this situation.

The initials UTM stands for Urchin tracking module. Generally, when someone clicks on your URL, a straightforward link attached to it transmits information back to Google Analytics. In the end, you will be able to identify the specific source of your traffic in this method.

How UTM Benefits Your Marketing Efforts? 

9 Ways UTM Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

Let’s look into the advantages of employing UTM Parameters in social media and marketing efforts, such as Facebook Ads, PPC campaigns, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, given that you are now aware of what they are. Below are 9 benefits that UTM provides when it comes to marketing campaigns. Have a look. 

1. Monitor CTAs on Your Websites

Even though there are a lot of CTAs on a page, such as a social media share link, a sidebar notification, or a link leading to an item page on your website, you can still see which pages are bringing in traffic. You can track which are the top CTAs on your websites with the use of UTM parameters. As a result, you can focus harder on developing better and more creative CTAs for your websites or try running UI/UX A/B tests.

2. Keep Tabs on CTAs in Your Emails

9 Ways UTM Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

This is applicable if you routinely send emails for promotional purposes. You can track information that your automated email program won’t cover by including several UTM parameters in your email text. If you include multiple links in your email, it becomes quite simple to determine which one is doing better. How great is that! 

3. Monitor CTAs on Your Social Media Platform

You may determine which of the following call-to-actions is generating greater traffic to your website by adding UTM parameters to the various CTAs on your social media platforms like on Twitter/Facebook bio page. Here, you also include a link to your site or to a promotional page.

They might be utilized for links that are included in postings on your social media profile. You may also learn which among them are the particular items that are drawing more visitors in this manner.

4. Identifying Website Traffic

9 Ways UTM Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

The most extensive but practical use of this data is to identify the sources of website traffic. Now, this is the most exciting part of it. Yes of course, you can also utilize Google Analytics’ ‘Source/Medium’ report to determine the sources of your visitors’ traffic, but UTM parameters provide you even more information. To be more precise, they aid in identifying which individual social media post of yours, or which advertisement or profile (in case you hold many social media accounts) is solely/highly responsible for that traffic.

For instance, by utilizing UTM parameters on a social media platform, say Facebook, you can discover more about the following factors that affect website traffic. Few include, 

In general, you can use UTM parameters on sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. However, the only limitation is that due to the character restrictions of tweets on Twitter, you can utilize these parameters in a similar but constrained way in Twitter. 

TIP: In case you are not sure about posting a somewhat long URL in your Facebook post, try using a link. This will eventually shorten your URL with the help of UTM parameters and will obviously leave a significant and clean look on your Facebook post.

5. A/B tests can assist in determining the efficacy of your marketing strategy.

The outcomes of your content A/B tests all over channels can be effectively comprehended using UTM parameters. Now, the optimal form of communication for your intended audience or target audience subgroups can be something you wish to experiment with. Here, UTM parameters allow you to identify the social media platforms or material that links back to the site.

6. For Clarifying Your Influencer-Based Marketing Plan

9 Ways UTM Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

To know how much traffic each of your influencers and major contributors brings to your website, you can establish unique links using UTM parameters for them. Now this is another major benefit of UTM. This is especially helpful if you want to advertise new products through bloggers or influencers given that you possess a lot of blogs, announcements, and launches.

7. To Evaluate the Performance of Your Sponsored Search Keywords

These metrics assist you in identifying the most clickable and engaging advertising. Apart from this, this also helps you to identify those that lead to longer visits to website pages. It can assist you in determining the types of search terms that customers generally use to find your offering of particular goods or services. This benefit literally does most of the work that many marketers struggle with. Knowing the keywords and providing goods/services is a dream for all marketers

8. In order to Understand the Revenue Produced by Those Campaigns

9 Ways UTM Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

Here’s another cherry on the cake. UTMs not only assist in identifying traffic but also show you which marketing or sources are profitable for you in terms of bringing in customers or increasing engagement. While many marketers are into the thought that identifying traffic is enough, catching the revenue out of the campaigns is yet another significant part of marketing campaigns. 

You may analyze the actions your audience engages in on your website and determines if they are consistent with your objectives by setting up “Goals” (for instance: Form download, submission, or Purchase) on your Google Analytics account and then integrating that data with UTM parameters analysis. The process might be overwhelming, but the results are unbelievable! 

9. In order to enhance conversion targeting

You can see and study whether your ad targeting is performing when you comprehend your traffic. You may also determine if your targeting is too broad by noticing these metrics in Google Analytics, which are higher bounce rates, high CTRS, and low conversions. Alternatively, if your targeting is extremely specialized, as shown by a high rate of clicks and conversions but an insufficient number of them, know that your campaign’s potential reach will be restricted.

Wrapping It Up

The devil, ultimately, is in the details. Knowing what call-to-actions are functioning well while also gaining consumer insight and data may be done by deeper analyzing your traffic sources and identifying your traffic black regions. As a result, you can make the required adjustments to strengthen your marketing initiatives and eventually have a beneficial impact on your revenue.

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