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Dear Friends, Namaste, jai shree krishna, radhe radhe & om namah shivay,

Hi I am MK Agrawal Promoter & Founder of Venture9.In I came up with a idea to convert one of my Facebook page into a brand and also launch a tech company facilitating the same, on 24 October 2104, Facebook page for my tech company Venture9 was created, followed by a website for them same, years went by, my tech company was going on its own pace and in the meanwhile work on various brand development started.

In 2020 When First Wave Of Pandemic hit us all, it was decided to come up with blogging and not only blogging through 1 blog but with various blogs. so with website development, brand development, content creation was also started.

today we have a number of blogs which publish user friendly content on various niches also our tech blog which is hosted on main venture9 website is now AdSense approved.


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