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is it viable to see dreams ? visualize the future and make move a for whatever our heart and mind feels good at, isn’t it. Started as a side hustle, all we wanted to make some websites and a lot of money.
When started we had no previous exposure to a live website, all all we knew was a bit of html and some java script and that’s it. Which wasn’t enough. But instead of giving up we decided to stick.
Gradually we started moving on with one website, learning and growing along with it.

Due to dedication to learning, we launched one site after another, practicing.
Now came a time that we had so many domains and website in our hands and we were not sure what to do with all this, also, we were still not making any money from it.
This is the time when we decided to foray into e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and blogging.
We have made an attempt and yet we to achieve something out of it and make a mark soon.
The first professional website we started with was for this our very own digital media company work on this website started three years ago and we are still working on it everyday and yet are not satisfied and long to do more with it.

Do note is a completely bootstrapped company I,e without any borrowing, we started with our Own funds and have decided to remain like same in the time to come. Our capital requirement infrastructure and overhead costs are met through internal funding only. We at are mostly dedicated to in house brand development work with limited client work.

from starting only we wanted to develop into digital marketing agency which could provide all kinds of services related to web. be it development of websites, graphics creation for it content creation, promotion on social media and so on. we are glad to share that this vision of us has paid of and today this brand of our’s is constantly moving forward in the right direction. read more about our website in detail here : “our web site

In e com we have started with showcasing : Is our effort in the field of affiliate marketing here deals coupons and discount along with cashback’s (offered by us) compare & shop from multiple shopping websites is available at single place or say website.

We are also committed to social Change through activism for which we run a blog called here breaking/trending news, news in Hindi, editorials on topics that matter, our ups guest posts from writers who are experts in their respective fields, and much more can be found.
This is not at all the end near or the climax soon we are beginning.
We are into more things, some bigger things and we will update it all here very soon.

Till then… Happy reading (we have other more interesting content, read here.)

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Milte hai.


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