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Welcome to V9.Digital

Intro about V9.Digital

Venture9 ( is a digital company with interests in web development, digital assets, and vlogging. It operates a host of other blogs and websites and is focused on in-house development, while also doing limited client work. The company is bootstrapped and has interests in startups, and is an active participant on social media platforms. As a digital arm of the AGR group, maintains the web presence and updates the social media profiles of AGR group companies and other branches. is also interested in hosting events such as e-gaming and digital awards for excellence in the tech field. The company is focused on establishing a tech campus and a institute that provides training in accounting software (such as Tally) and WordPress, with the aim of helping individuals become quality accountants and web developers. & Its Services and Products

In the web development field, provides services such as domain registration, hosting, graphic design, content creation, and WordPress-based website development, along with social media promotions and profile creation and management services. has interests in 3D printing and startups. The company is constantly looking for new opportunities and ways to innovate in the technology and startup space, and is dedicated to promoting and advancing digital technologies like 3D printing, which has the potential to revolutionize the way products are manufactured and bring about new and exciting possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. The company’s focus on startups and its commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and supporting startups that have the potential to grow and make an impact in the world makes it a valuable contributor to the technology and business communities.

Company & People Behind V9.Digital

Venture9 ( is a startup and a tech company that is promoted and curated by MVK Agrawal. It operates as one of many family-owned businesses, and MVK is involved in multiple startups including Sochoco, MayCapital, and more. MVK is also an investor looking for opportunities in crypto assets, including digital currency, NFTs, and the metaverse.

MVK Agrawal, who is promoting and refining, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and investor with a focus on startups and emerging technologies like 3D printing and digital currencies. He is actively seeking new opportunities and investing in startups that have the potential to grow and make an impact in the world. MVK is dedicated to promoting and advancing digital technologies and helping to drive the growth of these cutting-edge industries. He is a valuable contributor to the technology and business communities and his interests are aligned with driving innovation and growth in these exciting fields.

mvk firmily believes in make in India and made for the world in this regard he also wants to grab the opportunities arising in semicoundouctor manufacturing and also coming up with data centers.

Summing up the story of V9.Digital

In conclusion, Venture9 ( is a comprehensive digital company with a broad range of interests and initiatives that are focused on advancing and promoting the digital realm. By offering a suite of web development services, hosting events and awards, and investing in education and training, is working to build a more knowledgeable, skilled, and capable workforce in the tech field and to foster the growth and development of the digital economy.

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