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What Are Web Stories And How Websites Can Benefit From It?

What Are Web Stories And How Websites Can Benefit From It?

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Google Web Story is one of the modes used for Accelerated Smartphone Pages. This is the current edition of the AMP Stories. You need to create Web Stories here using the AMP framework. Google’s official WordPress plugin for WordPress websites would make it easy to engage in those events. Google’s web stories are an immersive, full-screen format developed by Google to respond to taking stories to the open web.

It’s really easy to communicate with stories. Only tap the story in Google Search, and you’ll get an experience that’s full-screen and immersive. As a reader, you can determine whether to click on a link in the article or right or left to navigate through the next page and the stories from other sites that fit the subject you searched for in Google.

The Google Web Stories plugin can be downloaded easily. Google unveiled a new beta WordPress plugin in May 2020 that will allow authors to take advantage of Google’s web stories. It is known to be the way to rank first in Google search results, photos, apps, and discover.

What is Google Web Stories?

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The Google Web Story is designed to focus on mobile websites in this way. It’s comparable to the Instagram stories. You can now also build and connect stories directly to your WordPress websites without using any other application. The content created with the aid of AMP will not be added to the application. Rather, the contents are placed in the outcome of the search.

Features & Benefits of Google Web Stories

web stories
  • Separate URLs for each Google web stories help to incorporate the best SEO practices. If they follow those requirements, Google will score them in Google Search, Google Photos, and Google Applications.
  • You can create more desirable and wonderful content with ease. Web stories help us to build content as quickly as possible from a technological point of view.
  • The web stories format comes with versatile layout templates, consistent user interface features, and content that can be conveniently shared.
  • Each Web Story can contain up to 30 words of relevant and meaningful content only.
  • It is known to be part of an open web, and you can spread it across sites without being limited to a particular ecosystem.
  • You should know that web stories have very fast loading times. As it provides lightning speed, you can remain linked to your audience and entertain them.

Google Web stories are a new way to reach out to existing readers or users.
It unlocks the ability of publishers to monetize with the aid of full-screen immersive advertising as well as affiliate links. It’s not only helpful to publishers but also to advertisers. They will hit their viewers with a fresh and modern storytelling experience. So, without delay, take full advantage of the innovative interface models by using the Google Web Stories.

Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Web Stories

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Web stories are a cool new addition to your content arsenal. It’s a totally different method with a slightly different target. Of course, not everyone is going to have a use for these stories, but they’re going to look at the possibilities. It’s easy to get started, but it’s strong! Here are a few things you need to bear in mind:

  • Make sure the URLs of your stories are visible in your XML sitemap.
  • Add structured schema data to make it easy for Google to understand the stories (Yoast SEO does this for you)
  • Link to stories from other (relevant) sections of the site
  • Making sure the stories are valuable and of good quality.
  • You should add the ads; please don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t add too many links to outside sites to distract readers.
  • Keep the story brief and snappy (Google says 5-30 pages, with a sweet spot between 10-20).
  • Keep the title short.
  • Don’t have so much text on your pages.
  • Add alt text to explain accessibility images.
  • Stories are perfect for video; just keep them short.

Steps To Follow For Setting Up AMP For WordPress

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In a fast-moving world, getting pages loaded rapidly is key to pleasing the customer. The effect of slow page speed is associated with a reduction in net profit and a rise in page abandonment. Here are the quick steps to enable the WordPress AMP:

  • Firstly, install and activate your AMP plugins.
  • After this, set up Google analytics.
  • Now, you have to configure plugin settings.
  • Test your AMP arrangement/setup.
  • Then, submit your essential AMP URLs for indexation.
  • Error thrown on the screen, then use Google Search Console to troubleshoot those errors.
  • Eventually, test page speed and compare the results.

Validate Your WordPress AMP Site Today

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Wanna validate your WordPress AMP? But don’t know how to do!!!

No need to worry!! We’ve listed the steps to validate your WordPress AMP site below.

  • A successful way of doing AMP validation includes using the developer tools of your browser. You will need to open an AMP page in your browser.
  • After that, open the Developer Tools Console of your browser. If errors are present, they will be tinted in red along with an analysis of what caused the bug.
  • Finally, fix the validation errors for improved results.
  • Another efficient AMP validation process is the use of the Google Chrome AMP validator extension. It’s a useful way to navigate the functionality on your web that prevents WordPress from showing correctly.


web stories

Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages offered by the Google Web Story:-

This new, fast-loading Google Story format can’t be overlooked. At least, it would be best if you wanted to play with this visual storytelling format (we have the reason to believe that your competitors are doing that too).

A few seconds of loading time could reduce the search engine rankings of your site and the conversion rate. Use Google AMP to load the site at the fastest speed on mobile devices now! Hurry up to build the first web stories to see an increase in traffic and customer loyalty, and develop your monetization capability in an instant.


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