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What is Blogging – complete blogging guide for beginners Yes guaranteed to make you think

What is Blogging – complete blogging guide for beginners. 

What is Blogging – complete blogging guide for beginners Yes guaranteed to make you think
Blog, blogging and bloggers

Doing blogging in the right way can give you life-time earning. Righty heard !!

Blogging isn’t the easiest to do, but the best thing is anyone can do it. Everyone talks about blogging but have you ever thought how does blogging work?

Here, in this article, we will share complete details about 

  • What is a blog?
  • Who are bloggers?
  • What is blogging?
  • How to start a blog if you are a complete beginner?
  • How to choose a blog topic?
  • How to increase your blog traffic?

Let’s take a step ahead towards extra earning from blogging.  

What is a blog?

A blog is about sharing and writing your opinions and views with the people. Compared to a typical full-fledged website, blogging works as a better way to present large amounts of content.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a collection of skills that you put down on a website. It includes a web page with tools like writing content, posting, and sharing to make it reach to the audience. 

Who are bloggers?

Bloggers are those who write blogs on the blogging platform. There are mainly two types of bloggers you will find in the market, such as:

Hobby bloggers: They are the bloggers who have a passion for writing, and they write their personal blogs for branding and enjoyment. And, usually not much interested in making money through blogs

Money making bloggers: They work on a particular niche to provide information. It is like starting your small business and make money online.  

How to start a blog if you are a complete beginner?

For starting a blog as a beginner, you don’t need tech knowledge, but you need a website. So, you have two options:

Free blogging platform:

You can use free platforms to create your free blogging website. Free platforms are best for casual bloggers, and if you are a beginner. However, you will get limit customization with free blogging platforms. Another thing is that your blog URL will be

Best blogging websites:

Create your own website:

Another option is to create your own website for that you need to buy the domain and hosting plans. Here, you will get complete customization options; you can put the affiliate links, etc. Even you are not from a tech background, but you can still easily set up your website in 20 minutes. Further, with your own website, you will get your own URL like “”

How to choose a blog topic?

Choosing a topic or niche is the most challenging part of blogging. Niche means a particular topic on which you are in planning to start your blog. It may be finance, fashion, health, reviews, news, etc. But, here, new bloggers make mistakes by choosing a competitive niche. 

Tips for choosing a profitable niche:

Research on other’s blogs: Before starting blogging, it is suggested to explore other’s blogs that are successfully and getting good traffic.

Search Q&A forums: Forums like Quora is the platform where people ask questions and look for the answers. You can explore what type of solutions mostly people need. This will show in what type of information people are interested in?

Check out current trends: You can register yourself for Google trending to provide you daily trending topics. Here, you need to be proactive in publishing about the trending topics. You can also use Twitter to take the latest trending topics.

Identify your own interest: Mostly, bloggers are successful because they follow their passion for writing the topic of their interest. For example, if you are interested in health and fitness, you can start blogging on the fitness niche. It can include topics like “Tips to lose weight,” “Tips to stay healthy.” Etc. So, choosing the niche in which you are not interested and having no knowledge can quickly make you bored and you will quit.

Still, confused about the niche? No problem. Now, here are some examples of what type of blogs niche you can start with:

Expert roundups: In expert roundup contents, engage with 10 to 20 influencers, having a huge audience in your industry, and ask them a few simple questions, such as:

what are your 5 favorite methods for …….

what’s the biggest mistake you have done as a beginner ……

What advice you would like to share with beginners …….

One you will publish the article on your site, there are chances that these influencers will share it on their social media, and you will start getting traffic.

Long informative Guides: Long content sharing guides to the customers are another good way content to generate huge traffic, and the best thing is such type of content gets ranked soon at Google. You can do affiliate with such guides as well.

Interview posts: Interviews articles get viral soon. Take the live interviews and publish a link on your website. Write key highlighted points of the interview and let the interviewee also share it to get traffic on your site. 

How to increase your blog traffic?

Once you have created your website and start blogging, now you need traffic. Traffic means visitors who are interested in reading your blogs. 

So, the question is “from where to bring the reader?”

1. Promote blog on social media platforms: Almost everyone is now active on social media, and promoting your blogs on social media is one of the best methods to bring readers on your website. Here, we suggest you create your presence on the following social media platforms:

Along with that, if your budget allows, you can also try paid advertising on the above platforms that help your blog reach a wider audience. 

Tip: Try to make branding of the same color or same design; this will help people recognize you just by seeing your posts. 

2. Engage with other bloggers of the same niche: Connect with other writers who write blogs of similar niches as you are writing. Although it can be competitive, but if your content is awesome, there are chances that you will steal other’s followers as well. Further, it plays an important role with your website’s SEO that will rank your website on Google.

3. Create viral content: We all know the power of viral content. It helps to reach the wider audience of the new market. You can add some controversial or highly-discussed topics related to your niche blogging field and make it viral. 

What is Blogging – complete blogging guide for beginners Yes guaranteed to make you think
blogging takes its time and resources.

How to earn money from blogging?

Now, we have come up to the main part of blogging, i.e., “How to earn money from blogging?”

Once your website and blogs started to get good traffic, it is time to start monetizing your website. Here are the ways to monetize and earn from blogging:

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the highest-earning ways from blogs. In affiliate marketing, you can add affiliate links into your text, and whenever any reader buys the product from your affiliate link, you will get the commission. Various affiliate programs are available to join.

Top 5 affiliate marketing sites:

  • Amazon Associates, 
  • Click bank, 
  • Share a Sale,
  • CJ Affiliate,
  • Hosting providers like Bluehost

For this, you have to register yourself on the company’s affiliate website and start promoting well-known brands worldwide to earn a million dollars.

Sell digital products on your blog: Another option is to charge a fee for providing access to an Ebook, video tutorials, digital products, etc. Focus on selling digital products as an affiliate also because they often offer much higher commissions than physical products.

Add banner adverts (Google Adsense): In the add banner adverts, you can sell banner advertising space on your blog page that are related to your blogs. You can place them anywhere at your site. Usually, you will find it across the top of blog pages or in the sidebar.

From the ads banner, you can earn income in two ways, i.e., CPC and CPM. CPC (cost per click) means you’ll get paid whenever any reader clicks the advert. And, CPM (cost per thousand) means you’ll negotiate a set payment for every 1,000 ‘impressions’ the ad gets.

Sponsored social media posts: If you have a strong social media presence, and have high traffic, then you can also approach brands to promote their products. Here, you can charge per post/re-post, and the fees of posting are very high. Build on focusing followers and show your analytics to the brands to attract them.


A complete glance on the key steps for how to start a blog for beginners:

  • Choose your niche
  • Select a platform
  • Pick a domain name and hosting
  • Choose a theme
  • Write your first post
  • Generate traffic
  • Make Money Blogging

We hope you got a good idea now what is blogging and how you can earn from blogging. Those who still want to ask can we really make money from blogging, then yes !! But after how much time your earning will start, it depends upon various factors such as niche is chosen, consistency, SEO, a definitely patience level.

So, blogging is an excellent side income, and you never know how much income you can generate with blogging. Ready to start yours now?

Share your blog links at comments and let us help you to grow your blog’s traffic !!

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