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why i love and hate apple both @ the same time

My facination with apple products is not new, early in the 2000, when i got the news that apple is coming up with a iphone 3g smart phone that too completely touch based. omg, i want one, i wanted one desperately,

years passed on, now, every year they are launching, a new so called improved modles and if you ask me, if i want one, yes why not.

but dear friends, the hard fact is, as attractive it may be, it lacks features, it lacks basic features which you need in the long run but it hardly does matter.

apple has got a world renowned fan following and its based on good promotions rather than good values.

today i not ready to invest any money in any apple products ? why ? for the hard fact that my daughter needs it.

more to come in this story … keep coming back .. this will be sort of a tech journey of one of our co founders.


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