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Wix Vs. WordPress – Which Is The Best In 2021?

Wix Vs. WordPress – Which Is The Best In 2021?


The internet today is packed with a wide range of websites. There are so many websites on every topic you might think about today. In 2016, the number of pre-existing websites almost doubled from around 900 million to a total of 1.7 billion.

We all use a lot of websites during the day, but have you ever thought about how these websites are made? What kind of tools and technologies do they use?

Well, I can most definitely say that most of them are created on sites like WordPress & Wix. In today’s post, we’re trying to demonstrate these two platforms in depth.



WIX is a web services company based in Israel. It allows users to use cloud-based features for web development and lets them create HTML5 and mobile websites. It provides users with over 500 industrial models and encourages convenient web development.

WIX is a very reliable website development tool known to be trusted by 180 million users worldwide. All the awesome features make WIX one of the best software resources to make a website for yourself.

Best Features Of Wix

Wix has his own set of cool features. Let’s discuss its amazing features one by one.

  • This website is a kind of all-in-one because it takes care of all the needs from scratch and all the other specifications, such as website management.
  • The most critical and obvious aspect is that a person does not actually need to learn to code for using WIX. Due to its user-friendliness, any layman with no previous knowledge of coding will effectively use the website.
  • When you download the tool, you will be given a selection of plans to select from. The pricing ranges from a free option to an $18 version. The price ranges for various features, as the pricey one has more sophisticated features, whereas the free one has comparatively primitive features.
  • You get 24×7 assistance from the Customer Service Department, and this makes the software more user-friendly and simple to use.
  • Any layman can create a website using WIX; only basic computer knowledge is required.
  • WIX will also help you build an e-commerce website! If you’re trying to set up your own online shop, you can do it with WIX.
  • WIX will also help you create your own blogging website. With WIX, you can quickly import all your blogs and handle your blogging websites without any problems.

Benefits Of Wix


The benefits of Wix are mentioned below:

  • WIX’s key plus point is that a person does not need to leave the WIX platform for any of the tasks on the website. Anything occurs on the same platform, which makes it easy to use.
  • You may not require professional assistance or experience in the writing codes of various languages.
  • Wix software makes it much easier to host an e-commerce domain and to host an online shopping website similar to WordPress.
  • It has a special feature called drag and drops site-building, but there’s no such thing in WordPress.
  • The web creation process in WIX is much simpler and hassle-free compared to WordPress.



In simplest terms, WordPress is software. Now let’s look at this tech framework and try to get a deep understanding of it. It is essentially an open-source content management system.

The language used to write this software is PHP along with the MySQL database. There are enough benefits of using this software, which we’ll be able to do in a short time.

Best Features Of WordPress

WordPress comes along with plenty of fun and helpful features.

  • The content management capabilities of the software are unbelievable and have all the functionality required for website owners and developers.
  • You have a wide variety of themes, fonts, and colors to make the website highly appealing and eye-catching.
  • You have several plugin options, and most of the plugin functionality found on WordPress is free of charge.
  • WordPress cannot be used effortlessly by any layman. You need some prior experience in web development to use WordPress.
  • While the software is free to download open-source software, you need to spend your money in purchasing a web domain and then running a website.

Benefits Of WordPress


Let’s discuss the benefits that you will get with WordPress.

  • It’s open-source software, but it’s free to use for anyone.
  • The amount of templates, backgrounds, and plugins available is a lot more than WIX. So if you’re trying to create an appealing and catchy WordPress website, it should be your first pick.
  • It’s easier to find more appealing styles and colors on WordPress compared to WIX.
  • The number of updates is also higher in WordPress because the culture we find on WordPress is a very engaged and interactive community.
  • Content design skills are more effective than those of WIX.

Difference – Wix vs. WordPress


The main difference between the two is that WordPress is software that you can be installed from a website on your PC or laptop. At the same time, WIX is a platform or tool you sign up for. WIX takes care of all your needs as it supports web hosting, maintains the website, and also assists you in designing the website and all your other professional needs.

Another significant difference is that someone who has absolutely no understanding of coding, web development, web management, and web hosting can effectively run WIX as it is the same with WordPress. If you do not have previous coding experience, you will find it difficult to use WordPress to create a website.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best In 2021?

Like we’ve noticed, both WIX and WordPress have their own benefits. Finally, it’s difficult to tell who wins?

It varies from person to person, as WIX & WordPress can be helpful to some and disadvantageous to some.

If you’re a tech-savvy individual who’s well versed with coding and web development, we’d suggest that you go to WordPress because it has more themes and a lot of choices, but if you don’t have previous coding experience, then you can actually pick WIX to start with because you don’t need to be technically sound to use WIX.

Rest assured that the decision is finally yours, but both software is perfect for creating a website or blog.


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